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Since Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was set to come out, many of the porn studios jumped on the bandwagon to get a piece of the action. With such a cool storybook setting, there are all kinds of fun porn things that can be done. While I’ve not seen all the Alice porn parodies, I can say with certainty that Miss Lucifer Productions has not just made a simple XXX parody of Alice in Wonderland; it’s been totally re-imagined into something modern, hip and totally sexy.

I am a fan of Miss Lucifer Productions’ last flick

Since Hell Is Where the Party Is also by Miss Lucifer productions was so enjoyable, I had high hopes that this movie would be just as exciting, however, I was concerned. When I saw the featured cast of this movie, there were some names that have not impressed me in the past. Just about every exposure that I’ve had to Sasha Grey in porn has not been the best. I also was not impressed with Andy San Dimas’ performance in This Ain’t Glee XXX. Then I learned that Sadie West was in the cast too and I was nonplussed with her performance in This Ain’t Charmed XXX. So the main star and other cast members didn’t quite do it for me in the past, could this movie overcome?

So what do you get?

Malice in Lalaland is a full feature film, heavy in storyline with 7 hot and sizzling sex scenes. There’s heterosexual sex, lesbian sex, threesomes (lady, lady, man and man, man, lady), foursomes, anal, vaginal, oral, dildos, strap-ons. There’s sex in hotel rooms, in laboratories, cars, strip clubs, sex clubs, diners. There’s a lesbian threesome down by the fire and a lady, lady, man threesome with costume bunny heads!

While the storyline is heavy, it doesn’t lack in good sex

You can have your cake and eat it too with this movie. The terrifically hot sex scenes move the story along and make total sense within the story. And it doesn’t feel like the writers, Lew Xypher and Nikki Heartache, went too far out the way to make sex scenes in storybook places. Each scene and setting has its own unique world feel without feeling out of place in the movie.

Did any of the cast bring this movie down?

Not at all; in fact, these over the top starlets were absolutely in their element in Malice in Lalaland and added to the overall hotness of the scenes. You absolutely need a foundation of good sex scenes to work with when making a good porn, however, with the fantastic filming and editing of this movie, the various actresses that I spoke of earlier did not have to carry the scenes by themselves like they did in the other movies I saw them in.

For example, Andy San Dimas plays Queenie, she’s a dominant female character. Queenie is the one in charge of Malice’s stay at the psychiatric ward. She’s powerful; she’s mean and dead on balls serious. This character is over the top, so Andy San Dimas was a perfect fit.  Even in her sex scene there’s this heavy, metal music playing during the sex scene, so being slow, gentle and fading into the background just won’t work. Andy’s over the top facial expressions and acting worked really well here, plus there was another couple in the scene as well, so it wasn’t up to her to carry the scene. It turned out to be a really hot scene.

Big Surprise

The bunny sex scene that Sadie West was in turned out to be one of my favorite sex scenes. Sadie West and Juelz Marie take on Keni Styles in this luxuriously set pink room. Again, the music is great! It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s intense and so is the sex. There’s even some threesies positions that I want to try with Hubby and our lady friend. Getting new ideas always makes a scene a winner for me; but what makes this scene so smokin’ is the chemistry. The ladies are really into each other, they’re really going down on each other, not the porno griffin tongue that when you see, you know isn’t enjoyable for any of the ladies involved. Also, each of the ladies had a great chemistry with Keni. All the elements were there: pretty & interesting setting, lots of chemistry, fabulously rockin’ music, and what looked like really enjoyable sex for all involved. By the end of the scene they were all sweating and both Sadie and Juelz’s eye makeup were running down their face. Whether that was real or fake, it doesn’t matter because it all felt believable and it all felt seriously hot!

Another surprise

My 2nd favorite scene was the lesbian threesome with Sasha Grey, Alyssa Reece and Kristina Rose. The setting was what seemed to be a very warm and cozy room with a fireplace. Again, the music, filming and editing make this scene the sizzler that it is, but without there being what appeared to be genuine chemistry among all the ladies, this scene could have fallen flat.

Instead, it turned out to be one of my favorites! There was even a point in the scene where Kristina Rose is banging Sasha with a strap-on while Sasha is banging Alyssa with a strap-on. Now, you can clearly see that practically this not working out because Sasha can not bang Alyssa while she’s being banged by Kristina. You just can’t get that all in sync. Alyssa is clearly responding enthusiastically to pleasure she’s probably not really receiving.

However with the pacing of the scene, the music, the editing, the energy between them all; it’s not something that feels fake. In this scene it worked. Her excitement of being involved, in being excited by what’s happening overall is hot and sexy and totally fits in the scene. And to be honest, even though what they were doing would not actually be pleasurable in real life, it looked damn hot in the scene and was actually one of my favorite parts of it…Go figure.

The only shame

Kagney Linn Karter played Mary-Ann, the ditsy blonde in the car sex scene with Alan Stafford. The sex in the car was totally hot and was really well shot. Since we were watching some of the sex from Malice’s point of view, peering through a window of the store, there were elements of the filming that felt very peeping tom-ish which ultimately added to the sexiness of the scene and the art of the creation. The only shame is that Kagney was doing some dirty talking, I was able to get bits and pieces and of it here and there, but the music was loud during that scene, as it is in all the others, that I couldn’t hear all of her dirty talking greatness. However, it was still a great scene.

All in all I loved Malice in Lalaland.

It’s cool; almost Quentin Tarentino feel brought this story into modern times, while still containing lots of sweet retro aesthetics throughout.  Malice is heavy on storyline, but an interesting storyline, without taking away from the sex scenes. The sex scenes fit perfectly into the storyline and even helped to move the plot along. I didn’t feel the need to fast forward through any of the sex scenes; I enjoyed every minute of them. Plus, I really got into the story and wanted to see how it all played out at the end.

The chemistry among the stars in all the scenes was not only there, but felt strong. I really enjoyed the filming of the sex. It wasn’t the typical porn filming with mostly close-ups on the genitals. There were peeping tom kind of shots, there were

long distance shots so you could enjoy all the action too. The sex not only looked real, but felt real. If I don’t feel like the sex feels good to all those involved, or if they’re just playing for the camera, the sex scenes are not enjoyable for me and the movie ultimately sucks. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case here. All the scenes with lady, lady sex felt like all the ladies were really digging each other, resulting in some really hot scenes. Even the lady, lady, man scenes had that extra sizzle because the ladies felt totally into each other.

Before I close up this review, I also have to give kudos to Dirty Fred who played Jabbowski, the orderly who chases Malice after her escape from the mental institution. Even though he doesn’t have any sex in this movie; he’s the driving force that keeps it all together. He’s well cast as the character that is somewhat subordinate and wants to please the Queenie, but eventually goes all badass when Malice keeps getting away. He’s the geeky guy that looks and sounds innocent, but he’ll go postal on you if you really piss him off…really well done!
When I saw the marketing for this film, it looked different from what the other studios were putting out and I was hoping it would be different and something that stands on it’s own. Miss Lucifer Productions puts out some very artsy and very sexy porno and this one is no different. Great art and very, very sexy!

  • Starring: Alyssa Reece,  Andy San Dimas,  Billy Glide, Chayse Evans, Chris Johnson, Danny Mountain, Jesse Capelli, Juelz Ventura, Kagney Linn Karter, Keni Styles, Kristina Rose, Mackenzee Pierce, Phoenix Marie, Ron Jeremy, Sadie West, Sasha Grey, Tommy Gunn
  • Directed by: Louis Xypher
  • Studio: Miss Lucifer Productions, Vivid
  • Running Time: approx. 1 hour 38 minutes

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