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I love vibrators

I especially love insertable vibrators that look different. When the folks at LELO contacted me about reviewing their newest release, the Insignia Soraya, I was quite pleased because it looked very different. I couldn’t really tell the size of it from the photos, but I was ready for anything. When it finally arrived and I took it out of the box, I thought, “Shit, this looks big…looks like it could be a weapon with all the shiny, shiny on it.” I’ve learned in the past though, not to judge too quickly. The funkiest, weirdest looking toys can be the most fun. So what do you think this one was?

Is it too big?

I’m glad I didn’t permanently judge before 1st use because LELO’s Soraya was a great fit for me! The girth and length is quite nice. The shaft has a bit of angle to it, so I was able to rock it as I penetrated myself to get some pleasurable g-spot stimulation. G-spot stimulation and tapping depends on how much you rock or press down on the handle. Even the girth was good, more of an in-between, not too thick and not too thin.


Yep, the LELO Soraya packs quite a punch if you want it to. There’s great range from low to high on any of the settings, so if you’re a fan of gentle vibrations or just like to start things out real slow, then this is a great vibrator for you. However, if you’re a fan of some serious power, you’ll get that out of this too. It almost brought me to orgasm sooner than I wanted to and that was after I already had my first orgasm of the evening.

Speaking of vibration settings…

The LELO Soraya comes with 8 vibration settings. Each one, offers a full range of speed from low to high, whether it’s constant vibrations, escalations or pulse, you can choose the intensity that it delivers those sensations to you. So there’s lots of versatility in this vibrator.

Unique Vibration Settings

While I am a fan of the classic, constant vibration setting; I found of the settings offered to be unique from most vibrators I’ve played with and to be quite enjoyable too. On several of the settings, the shaft and the clit stimulator vibrate differently, intermittently or not at all.

  • The constant vibration can be just in the clit stimulator and not in the shaft or you can have both parts vibrate together.
  • The Pulse setting has an intermittent vibration between clit stimulator and shaft, so both pulse, just not at the same time or in sync.
  • The Escalate setting starts in the clit stimulator and then moves into the shaft. Fun!
  • There’s even one that feels like the beat of a song. It feels like it combines all the settings into one, that goes from shaft to clit and back and forth again. This one I really got a kick out of, it’s really different!

Flexible Clit Stimulator

Sometimes the issue with these multi-function, rabbit style vibrators is that the clit stimulator doesn’t line up with your clit. The clit stimulator is not rigidly set on the Soraya flexes so it can fit adapt to many different bodies.

Ease of Operation?

For the most part, yes. It did take some playing with in the beginning to get used to. The handle at the end is very helpful; making it easy to hold on to and maneuver when there’s lots of lube or water play happening.

The buttons to control it are on the top and in the right place. The only issue I have is that I think the buttons are little small and little too close together when in the heat of passion. It took me a little bit to get to them.

Rechargable…and quickly too

The Lelo Soraya is a rechargeable vibrator, so there are no cords or remotes to deal with or batteries to change. It fully charges quickly too, just about 2 hours and I had full power.

It’s Waterproof

That means, it’s easy to clean in the sink with soap and water, the hole where the rechargeable plug goes is protected. So you can play with it in the tub, shower or hot tub.

Safe for your body

It’s made out of Body Safe PC, ABS and covered in silicone so it should last you quite some time because it won’t get all stinky and filled with bacteria. The material is non-porous, meaning you can fully clean it.

Share with your friends

If you have any lady friends that you’d like to share your Soraya with, feel free since it can be fully cleaned and with it being waterproof, it makes a great group sex water toy.

LELO provides you with Extras

  • Full instructions
  • Discreet storage box
  • Charging cord
  • Satin pouch
  • Insignia brooch
  • 1 year warranty

Final Thoughts

Even though upon first encounter the LELO Soraya looked big and even dangerous, it’s turned out to be a great toy. It’s unique looking for an insertable toy, pretty too. It offers a variety of unique vibration settings that I’ve not experienced with other vibrators that I actually enjoyed. So the Soraya offers something new to the novice and professional sex toy lover. It offers the user versatility in providing not only various vibration settings, but the ability to greatly control the range and intensity of those vibrations, so whether you’re a fan of strong vibrations or soft vibrations, this toy will work for you. It offers internal and external stimulation.

Rocking the handle or pushing down on the handle once all the way inserted will provide g-spot stimulation and if you don’t desire it, don’t rock or press down. More versatility! It’s waterproof, so you can play with it just about anywhere. It’s recharageable and quickly recharges too. It’s easy to clean and once you spend some time with it, it’s easy to operate.

LELO is definitely a company to watch, they aren’t afraid to do something different in order to stick out from the crowd. They’ve got good designers that are creating toys that not only don’t look sexual, but are works of art too. This toy would not only be a great addition to the novice’s or seasoned pro’s collection, but makes a great gift too!

Vital Stats:

Size Length: From tip to tip is approx. 8 1/2″ long. Insertable part is approx. 4 3/4″ long. Clit stimulator is just under 2 1/2″ long and flexes.
Size Girth: 1″ to 1 1/4″ thick.
Company: LELO
Power: Rechargeable
Water-Friendly: Yes, waterproof!

Where It's Available:

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