The Submission of Emma Marx

97out of 100Excellent

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Studio: New Sensations
Director: Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell
Cast: Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, Riley Reid, Van Wylde

This is another Jacky St. James film, so of course it’s smart, emotionally sophisticated, and highly erotic. From the moment The Submission of Emma Marx began, I was hooked.

It’s seductive, explicit, and erotically powerful

The story isn’t so much about the hardcore kinky activities but an elegant and beautiful exploration of the psychological aspect of the dom/sub relationship. A theme rarely explored in your run of the mill porn fare.

Jackie St. James co-directed this with Eddie Powell. As with so many titles that Eddie Powell is involved in, it’s well cut together, the shooting is beautiful, the pacing is great.  Eddie Powell crafted a gorgeous movie that looks great without necessarily calling attention to itself.

It’s not only a treat for your eyes, but to your ears. The movie is expertly scored, an often underused ingredient in mainstream porn in my opinion, and serves to support the mood of the story and adds a special ingredient to all the sex scenes.

Penny Pax as Emma Marx

Penny Pax delivers a believable and nuanced performances

Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun make this movie, forming a dominant/submissive relationship that is genuinely appealing. It’s no surprise they received nominations for Best Actress and Best Actor.

Penny Pax is a naturally pretty woman that gives a solid and believable portrayal of Emma. Her performance is nuanced and she is able to convey so much with even just a  fragile facial expression at an introspective moment.

I wonder if her past experience in the realm of BDSM allowed her to bring an authenticity to this submissive character. Watching her transformation is enjoyable and inspiring.

Richie Calhoun is proving over and over again that he is a true talent in the adult industry. Not only does it look like he knows exactly how to please a woman in the bedroom, but he shines in his non-sex portrayal of the dominant Mr. Frederick.

This character could very easily be 2-dimensional and unlikable, but thankfully he’s complex, firm, charming and sexy.

Emma Marx Dining Room Scene

Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun in the tension filled dining room scene.

Enough about the acting, story and quality film making what about the sex? The movie breaks down into four sex scenes. While most porn titles have their lengthy cast of stars, another interesting thing about The Submission of Emma Marx is that it primarily focuses on two characters.

So three of those four scenes are with Richie and Penny. Their sex scenes are not only varied in theme, feel and setting, they move the story along. Kinkier sex is featured like spanking, whipping, restraint, blindfolding, hot candle wax and anal sex.

Each is presented with an elegance and style. The sex feels natural and there’s some steaming chemistry between all the actors. If you surrender to the story, like I did,  these steamy sex scenes become several degrees hotter because of the context.

This movie does a great job building and releasing tension. Following the opening scene with Riley It’s a slow filled build to Penny and Richie’s first scene together in the dining room. This engaging tension reaches a crescendo with this scene.

And this isn’t the only time Jackie strings you along. You experience this same kind of “OH GOD YES!” moment just before the last sex scene as well.


Penny and Richies scenes are filled sexy surprises, tension and uncertainty

The first scene with Riley Reid and Van Wylde was a scene I would have never missed if it wasn’t there.  Don’t misunderstand me It’s not a bad scene. Riley drives this scene and brings the hotness to it, but it’s the least captivating.

It just felt extraneous like the appendix of the movie. It was good. It just wasn’t exceptionally hot and it didn’t help to move the story along. All it seemed to do was add an additional standard 20 minute sex scene to the movie.

I guess in the current movie landscape there are certain minimums that a movie needs to be marketable. If the price I have to pay is an extraneous sex scene to have a great movie like this then I’ll take it.

Van Wylde and Riley Reid

Riley Reid and Van Wylde in a good but potentially unnecessary scene

 Overall Thoughts:

The Submission of Emma Marx is extremely solid. Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun are extraordinarily good. Their interaction is infused with subtlety and nuance.

The Submission of Emma Marx is a well written adult movie that beautifully handles the psychological aspect of a modern day BDSM relationship.

It’s presented in a fresh and sophisticated way that moves beyond the cliché zone occupied by other movies tackling a similar storyline.

I didn’t expect to actually be moved by the story, but that’s what happened. The Submission of Emma Marx is a porn that ranks high with the very best of the genre.

I’m so excited there’s a part 2 and I can’t wait to see how Emma & Mr. Frederick’s story evolves. That excitement is a rarity to see with a porn movie. Recommended highly !

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