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[alert type=white ]2013-07-15 – An update on the longevity of this product. Despite my past issues with the marketing of this product, as it turns out, the rechargeable battery life on the Womalia was poor. It would take many hours to charge it. This was necessary after each use because if it was left uncharged it may adversely affect the battery life and its capacity. Since the initial review I have dropped the review a full star.[/alert]

[highlight ]This company is no longer in business and this vibrator discontinued.[/highlight]

My current recommendation of a rechargeable vibe, and my favorite, is the Form 2 from JimmyJane.
When Emotional Bliss contacted me about reviewing the Womolia, a non-sexual, spa-like vibrator, I was looking forward to receiving it. Doing further research on their website, I learned that this vibrator has some special features: warm vibrations, made of anti-bacterial agents and quiet operation. I was intrigued; would it stand up to its marketing claims?


The Womalia is a rechargeable vibe, so you don’t have to worry about batteries and cords during use. And like most rechargeable vibes, it doesn’t arrive already charged, but plugging it in overnight will do the trick. And the blue LED light will blink alerting you to its charging status.  By the next morning, the blue LED stopped blinking alerting me that it was fully charged.

I like to have a practice run with the vibe when I first get it to learn all it has to offer before I want to get pleasure from it. Between my practice test drive and sexual test drive a month had passed. When I finally had to time to give it a go, the charge was gone. It had to be recharged. So the charge doesn’t last forever on this vibe, if you don’t use it for a while, it will lose its power anyway. Not a major issue, but just so you know.

Lots of options that are easy to get to

In the instructions l learned that there are 9 different settings that can be easily scrolled through by simply pushing the “+” button and you can easily go back to a previous setting by pushing the “–” button. You start with low constant vibrations, then move to medium constant vibrations, then high constant vibrations. A 4th push of the “+” button will treat you to low pulse, then medium pulse, then high pulse. If you continue through to the 7th push of the “+” button, you’ll experience a fast escalation, an 8th push is slow escalation and the final setting feels more like a double pulse, slow pulse sensation. And if you push a 10th time, you go back to the beginning, low constant vibrations.

You can easily go back

If you’re in the middle of the settings, say at the 5th one, medium pulse, and you want to go back to constant vibrations, just push the “–” button. So it’s easy to operate. Once you learn where all the settings are and get a feel for how you can get back and forth through the settings, it’s a piece of cake. I appreciate the fact that they included the “–” button and that once you scroll through all the settings the vibrator doesn’t turn off, you just start at the beginning. Besides the operation being easy to understand, it’s easy to do. The buttons are all right at your fingertips as you hold it against you; so there’s no fumbling about to find the right button.

Delivers some serious power.

It’s not as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but it’s damn close on the high constant vibe setting; I was impressed! The only downside is that on the high constant vibration setting, the vibrator is loud, louder than my Hitachi Magic Wand, an electric powered vibrator. For a vibrator that is so discreet in its appearance and touted to be among the quietest vibrators on the market today, I do not rate this as quiet, very disappointing.  Even the other high settings deliver some serious power, but can be quite noisy in the process. Sure something playing in the background will cover up the sound, but you really need to turn the volume way up; so you can’t sneak around with this one.

Special heat technology

The angled tip gets nice and warm, adding to its special pleasure. I live in a chilly townhouse in the winter, so I was looking forward to experiencing a toy that gets really warm on its own. Reading the instructions I learned that to experience the full warmth of the Womolia, you have to run it on its high setting for at least 10 minutes. I was perplexed that this special technology would take so long. In my experience with other vibrators, they’ll also get warm after 10 minutes because the motor heats up the longer you run it & in addition to your body heat, it all works together to create a warm experience.

Not ready call shenanigans yet

I wanted to experience it all first hand. Following the directions, I turned my Womolia on high constant vibrations, put in a porno and figured I’d wait at least 10 minutes, as per the instructions, before using. It’s a powerful vibe so if I used it before then, I’d probably climax before I can experience the all the warmth it had to offer and that would suck. As I’m waiting for the vibrator to heat up, as per the instructions, it was loud. I had to turn the volume of my porno pretty loud so I could hear it. After 5 minutes the Womolia felt slightly warm, but I knew it could do better and according to the instructions, I hadn’t waited the full time. After waiting another 5 minutes, the tip had gotten significantly warmer. However, I couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment wondering…

How is this practical or discreet?

The folks at Emotional Bliss took the time to create a pretty vibe, marketing an almost spa like experience with all its warmth and personal settings to find exactly what you like, yet you have to wait for it to heat up on a loud setting that is the exact opposite of discreet. I normally don’t mind the sound of a vibrator while I’m using it and I have no issue with it being heard or me being heard, but I know there are many women and couples out there looking for something like what the folks at Emotional Bliss are marketing, but with what you have to do to get to its specialty, doesn’t feel or sound discreet at all.

Was the special heat technology worth it?

Absolutely! The Womolia warmth was a treat for me. Toys can be so cold and impersonal, but the heat was a welcome change, however, I would have loved for it to be quieter in the process and not have to wait so long for the full heat. It’s important to mention that the Womolia will also warm up as you use it on quieter settings but to experience its full potential you have to use it or have it running constantly for at least 10 minutes.  If you don’t mind the wait, the warming sensation is divine. It warmed up my whole vulva. Plus, by adding a little lube to the angled tip and slowly rubbing it against my clit and vulva, the vibrations felt intensified. So I’m a fan of the heat; not a fan of how you get there, but a fan of the heat.

Good design for pleasure

The tip is narrow and bulbous and that narrow, bulbous part fit right at the opening of my vagina, nestled snugly between my inner lips, and the wider part allowed the warmth and vibrations to spread to my outer lips and clit all at the same time. Adding some lube, putting some pressure and rocking the Womolia a bit, teased my vaginal entrance which was also very enjoyable.

Other settings add to a great experience

I scrolled through all the settings, getting a feel for each.  Besides the constant vibrations which I always prefer, I really enjoyed the fast escalation. The whirlwind of sensation that you get from that is quite a ride when paired with the heat.


Comes with lots of extras

The Womolia comes from Europe, but don’t worry, they supply you with various electric plug adaptors for the charging cord to work in whatever country you’re located.  You also get a small container of lubricant and an instructional booklet with lots of information not just on how to use the Womolia, but how to get the most out of your vibrator by providing information about women’s four phases of sexual response, how to incorporate it into couple’s sex and an additional section for the boys. Plus the box that it comes in can be transformed into a sectional storage box, so you can keep all your cords away from your vibe.

Another unique feature is that the angled tip is supposed to be made of a special anti-bacterial agent so that a few minutes after using, wiping it down with a damp cloth will make it totally sterile, clean and ready for use again. Not being any kind of scientist, I cannot prove or disprove, although they also state in the instructions that you can use mild soap and a damp cloth to clean it too.

The Womolia is a pleasurable vibrator but…

When I review a vibrator, I look at what it offers, how it performs, what it comes with and how it’s marketed. While the Womolia did well in performance department: serious power on the high settings, the warmth that the heat technology provides is divine, different settings to provide a custom, personalized experience, easy to operate, fit with the contours of my body, comes with a lot of extras and well written, easy-to-understand instructions. From this part of the review process, this vibrator did well with me.

My biggest issue is the marketing of this vibrator. Sure you get a range of delightful heat; but you have to wait for it to heat up, as long as 10 minutes, which is something that’s not said in the description. Not only did I find that to be a bit misleading, I also felt it to be somewhat impractical too. Plus, it’s touted as being, “…the quietest massagers on the market.” I found the Womolia to be louder than my electrical powered Hitachi Magic Wand. If someone is looking for a quiet vibrator, I can’t see them being satisfied with their purchase because it’s not quiet to use on its high settings and you have to wait for it to get warm on its highest setting which doesn’t feel congruous with what they’re marketing.

At the time of writing, the entire Womolia Heat package that comes with storage box, lube, instruction booklet and adaptors is priced at $99.95 US plus shipping on Emotional Bliss’ US website. You can also purchase the Womolia Heat vibrator only, which does not come with any extras or adaptors for $60.00 US plus shipping.

  • Size: Approx. 8 inches long x 2 inches wide.
  • Company: Emotional Bliss
  • Water-Friendly: No
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable
  • Extras: lubricant, outlet adaptors, recharging cord, instructional booklet, box can be used for storage.
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