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I’m not really a fan of people be taken by force in any way it doesn’t matter if it’s a woman taking a man or a man taking a woman it’s just personal taste. However, in the 17 years or so that I’ve been watching porn, I also understand that sometimes the things that you wouldn’t do in real life, can actually get you hot when watching or reading about it. Our minds can be so silly that way. So when this, the first in the series of porn from Tristan Taormino arrived for review, I was intrigued.

The title doesn’t lie; the sex gets physically and verbally rough.

There’s lots of choking, slapping, hair pulling, scratching. There’s some smothering with various body parts, snowballing, rough, gagging to the point of almost vomiting blow jobs. As you can imagine there’s lots of watery eyes and smeared eye makeup plus lots of hard fucking in every position. There’s even some play with stamina and holding out.

A must see: Sasha Grey and Danny Wylde

I was pleasantly surprised that I had a favorite scene in this flick. First you see them negotiate their rules and boundaries while playing pool. It was an interesting and educational way to open the scene. Sasha and Danny were clearly very into each other, the chemistry was Ahhhmazing. The sex starts with Danny slapping Sasha across the face, she gives a bratty smirk and kisses him and they ravage each other. It was mutually respectful and this is the kind of sex I get off on.  It clearly gets her off and that gets me off. Then there is lots of hard fucking on the pool table, on the floor, against the wall and dirty talk all during it.

It happens… Sasha’s one and only rule is broken by Danny.

You see Danny recoil in horror as soon as he does it. Sasha stops all sex and handles it brilliantly. She could’ve stopped everything, the scene, the sex, even the movie, but she didn’t. I loved how she handled it, it was a simple rule that was broken and she let him know with her body language. Right up until Danny broke Sasha’s rule the pace was rolling along like a freight train, after it immediately slowed down until Danny gave her a sincere apology, and then she was more than happy to get back to business as if nothing ever went wrong.

I applaud Tristan for not editing this out; it didn’t hurt the hotness of the scene, if anything it made the scene stronger because it felt so real. It shows viewers that sometimes things go wrong, not out of malice, and things can be resolved and the hotness can continue.

Satine Phoenix and Derrick Pierce’s scene romanced me into it

The flirty talk in the beginning was hot because the chemistry between them was ahhhmazing! They started things off slowly with lots of making out which is always a winner for me. They couldn’t get enough of each other. She does state in the beginning of the flirty stuff that she’s not having sex with him and as things get hotter, Derrick takes control and ultimately sex happens. Sure Derrick was the dominant one, but as he asked her things and told her to do things, she would confirm that she liked it, but didn’t know why. So it started to feel like an opening up of the senses kind of thing instead of just being taken by force.

The sex in and on the jeep was hot. Satine getting so excited and begging Derrick to cum was really hot. The outside s

etting on a beautiful day was a pretty change of pace instead of the all too often seen house or hotel room.

I can watch Adrianna Nicole soap herself up all day

Adrianna and Marco’s scene opens up with Adrianna in the shower getting all soapy. Adrianna is one of those naturally sexy ladies. Her boobs don’t look fake and she’s not overly made up which I like and appreciate. And boy does she have nice boobs…Anyway, that’s as much of the scene that I liked, because after Marco comes in as the stranger taking her by force, the premise got to me, but I hung in there.

While this scene didn’t work for me due to premise and how it was being played out, I can’t say it was a bad scene. I actually think it was really well done. It went into and stayed in a territory that I was not comfortable with, which means the scene stayed within the genre of the movie as a whole. Plus for me to stay uncomfortable the whole time means it also stayed true to its premise. They didn’t drop it midway through, they played out the whole scenario and if that’s something you’re into, then you should really fancy this.

Petite Francesca Le dominates burly Christian

Francesca plays the frustrated housewife whose husband pays no attention to her because he’s so busy with work and this scene is his wake up call. It starts out fun, while he’s on a work call; again, she’s in the background changing into her dominatrix outfit. I enjoyed this petite lady, dominating Christian, who looks like a really big guy.

Francesca talks…A LOT. Whether she’s ordering Christian around, insulting him or moaning and praising him for fucking her so well, she doesn’t stop and I loved that part of the scene and some of the sex was really hot too, she was really into him, but what kept me from getting wet on this one was that it appeared like Christian looked uncomfortable with the punishment he was receiving.

At times when Francesca smacked his face or his head, it really looked like an owie. When she smothered his face in her tits on the bed, it looked like he was coming up for air just in time. When she was sitting on his face and then quickly got up and pounced on his stomach that looked uncomfortable for him. She had no mercy on him at all.

And then at the end of the scene, he came in her mouth, she spit it back in his and then she sucked it off his tongue back into her mouth and then made him swallow it. That was totally out of the realm of hot for me. However, this was definitely not a bad scene. The movie’s called Rough Sex and she was rough, super rough with Christian and that’s something that can be very appealing to others, just not to me. For rough sex this scene delivers in spades.

The weakest scene was Marie Luv and Julius Ceazher

This didn’t work for me on many levels and it had nothing to do with the premise of it. We start with the premise that Julius, Marie’s husband, finds out that she cheated on him and he’s pissed. When he confronts her about it, she lies to him even though he has proof. The sounds she makes constantly sound like she’s being killed. The moans aren’t even exciting to hear and the style of them doesn’t change.

Even when she’s supposed to be enjoying herself, she still sounds like she’s being killed. It was just difficult to listen to and that’s something I would complain about in any porn, whether the sex is rough or not. Then to end it all, Julius cums on the mirror and Marie is more than happy to lick it off and swallow it. While I understand what they were going for, which could have been good, I don’t feel like it was successfully executed.

My Overall Thoughts

While I’m not a fan of the “forcing someone to have sex” scenario, I am a fan of rough sex. I enjoy incorporating different rough elements into my own sex life and I really enjoyed the scenes when the sex felt mutually respectful, enjoyable and consensual between the couples. With rough sex scenes that run the gamet from male to female domination, featuring hot, passionate and engaged actors that clearly have lots of chemistry, Rough Sex is well cast. It stuck to its rough sex premise through and through. If these fantasies sound hot to you and sound like something you’d like to see, then this movie’s for you.

  • Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Christian, Danny Wylde, Derrick Pierce, Francesca Le’, Julius Ceazher, Marco Banderas, Marie Luv, Sasha Grey, Satine Phoenix
  • Director: Tristan Taormino
  • Studio: Vivid
  • Running Time: approx 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Extras: Behind The Scenes, Full Motion Chapter Menus, No Regional Coding, Shot in High Definition, Trailers

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