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The Limon from Minna Life offers revolutionary squeeze technology. I’ve learned over the years that being different isn’t always better. When I was offered a complimentary one for review, I jumped on it. Squeezing a vibrator to make it buzz is definitely different, but is that a good thing?

Easy to Use Squeeze Operation

Surprisingly, the squeeze technology is it’s best feature. I’ve spent some time with the Limon and I’m happy to report that squeezing it to make it buzz is not a bad thing. Just press the raised button to turn it on. A little light comes on and you’re powered up. When you want vibrations, squeeze it and you don’t have to squeeze that hard. When you stop squeezing, the vibrator stops vibrating, but it’s still powered up and ready to go.

Doesn’t vibrate your hand off

My first thought was that it will become annoying and vibrate your hand off if you have to squeeze it the entire time you’re using it. Surprisingly, that’s not true. I didn’t experience any discomfort or annoyances using it.


Range of vibrations

I always appreciate when a vibrator gives me the ability to experience a range of vibrations. Squeeze just a little and you get subdued vibrations, squeeze a lot and you get the full power.

Now of course it’s not as powerful as the electrically powered Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s also not quite as powerful as one of my favorite vibes, the Form 2, but the Limon offers deep, pleasurable vibrations that I’ve become a fan of. It’s not too much and not too little. For those of you with sensitive clits, this is a vibrator you should be able to enjoy with just a little squeeze.

Amazingly Quiet Operation

I thought my Form 2 was the quietest vibrator on the planet, not any more. The buzzing sound is reminiscent of a  low cell phone vibration. I can barely hear the buzzing, even in a quiet room. And I don’t feel the need to cover up the sound with music or TV, it’s that quiet.

Great for Sex with Your Partner

Hubby and I have found it’s a great addition to sex. We don’t need the vibrator to vibrate during our entire sexual encounter. We use it a little bit here and a little bit there, but there are times when just toss it aside and we both love that when it’s tossed aside, it stops vibrating. And the best part is that it’s still powered up and ready to buzz with just a simple squeeze.

Also, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a little vibrator in the blankets of our bed during sex and I have to try to feel all around to find it. There have been times I’ve had to abandon my search altogether and got another vibrator. There’s a little power light on the Limon that helps you to quickly find it.


The Limon has the ability for you to record and store the kind of vibrations you want. If you want pulses, you can have it. If you want just constant vibrations without needing to squeeze the whole time you’re using it, you can record that and lock it in too. While I’ve not been a big user of the customization, I appreciate that the folks at Minna have given us options and I like options.

Soft, Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Yep, this one’s waterproof making it possible to use anywhere and super easy to clean with some soap and warm water. It’s made of a medical grade silicone, so it’s super soft to touch your delicate parts with. Plus there are no cracks, pores or crevices for bacteria to stay around and fester in. When you clean this toy, it’s clean.



No batteries or cords to worry about, just keep it in its charger and Limon will be ready to go when you are.

Know Your Power Level Immediately

When you first turn it on, you’ll find out how much power you have because the vibrator will tell you by the amount of times it pulses.  It’s a useful feature if you can’t always keep the vibrator plugged in.

Lots of Yays, but Now Some Minor Nays

When charging, the Limon lights up like a little nightlight. This can be slightly annoying to some if it’s close to you when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re sensitive to light, simply unplug it before going to sleep. Or put something in front of it, like a box of tissues, to subdue the light.


The Limon charges by USB cord. You get the cord with the vibrator, but if you want to plug it into the wall, you’ll have to get a wall adapter. With the amount of technological gadgets we all have these days, I’m sure you have one or two of those in your home already. If not, they’re easy to get and then you can plug your Limon into any wall outlet.

These technologically advanced vibrators tend to aggravate me. They can be difficult and confusing to use and/or program. When it came to the customization offered here, the Limon was no different. It took reading through the instructions several times before I understood exactly how to do it. Then again, I like my old school on/off vibrators without all the fancy programs and to be honest, that’s all I use.

Overall Thoughts

So this time, different is better. The Limon’s revolutionary squeeze technology makes it worth the higher price tag alone. When I turn it on, it’s on. When I want it to buzz I squeeze it and when I don’t, I toss it aside and it stops. There are no buttons to find in the middle of sex to turn it off  and no annoying buzzing bed to deal with when you can’t easily turn it off.  I didn’t realize how great a feature this is until I used it with Hubby.

It’s not the most powerful vibrator I’ve used, I’d say it sits comfortably in the middle, not too much and not too little, but I’ve never had a problem getting off with it and that’s ultimately the bottom line when it comes to power.

The Limon is the quietest vibrator I’ve ever used.  It’s easy to use just about anywhere and under a variety of conditions in which discretion is necessary. That makes sex and masturbation even more enjoyable, no worries about anyone hearing you getting at it.

Over the years of reviewing vibrators, I’ve learned it’s my behavior after that is telling. If it gets thrown out, it obviously sucked. If it goes back in it’s box and gets stored away, it was just okay. If it stays on my nightstand, it’s a winner. Well, I’m happy to report that the Limon has earned a place next to my Form 2 on the nightstand. It’s definitely one I’ll be using again and again.

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