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Our cockring of choice has been the Bo from Lelo (scoring a 88%). It is a great product but it is on pricier side of products. We are always on the lookout for well designed wallet friendly alternatives to the high end products.

This brings us to the  Ovo’s B11 Waterproof Silicone Vibrating Cockring. It has a  modern look, it’s wireless and affordable, we decided to spend some dollars and give it a try. Modern design is where form and function meet and unfortunately his product falls flat on the function.

Because this is for couples, we’re going to give you Mister’s take on it and then mine in order to accurately reflect how both a man and woman will experience this toy.

Very stretchy and easy to apply.

Very stretchy and easy to apply.

From Mister:

The B11 was easy to apply in the middle of sex, even without applying lube. It just slid down his cock. Once it’s on, the on/off button is there front and center and just push and go.

It was comfortable to wear, it didn’t strangle him. However, one big issue is that the design makes B11 top-heavy causing it to spin around his cock, so we had to keep pausing to put it back in position.

Even with the cock ring wrapped around his cock, he couldn’t really feel the vibrations, so he doesn’t see men using this on their own. If you can’t feel the vibrations, what’s the point of a vibrating cock ring?

Removable vibe is just not powerful enough.

Removable vibe is just not powerful enough.

From Her (Me):

While Mister had a few positive experiences with this cock ring, my experience was mostly negative. First of all, with any cock ring, the woman experiences the most vibrations in the woman on top position or any position that allows the couple to stay connected so the lady feels constant vibrations.

In looking at the photo of this cock ring, I misunderstood what part I would be grinding against. I thought I’d be grinding against the top part, which looked rather large and comfy. That’s not the case. Once the cock ring is put on the penis, the part you grind against is the side with the button. It’s much smaller and since you’re grinding up against the bullet vibe, even though it’s encased the cock ring, it’s still a hard and uncomfortable spot to grind your delicate bits on.

Plus, the vibrations aren’t that strong, at all. I was really surprised because I have a good amount of toys that have little, battery operated bullet vibes and those vibes can be super strong. This one is just a fail for me.

And to echo Mister’s thoughts about the cock ring moving around. Not only were the vibrations disappointing, the fact that we had to keep pausing to re-position it, just made it worse.

From Both:

We were excited that it was wireless cock ring that was very affordable, so we had high hopes for this one.

We were also impressed with how quiet the vibrations were. I don’t think I heard it at all when I was grinding up against it.

Even after using it, we took the bullet vibe out of the cock ring and played with it and the bullet vibe on its own was disappointingly weak. So it’s not like you’ll pay $15.00 (at time of writing) and get a really strong bullet vibe.

Overall Thoughts

We were disappointed by the Ovo B11 Vibrating Cockring. It looks slick. It’s made of silicone so it’s a toy could potentially last for a long time because it won’t get all stinky and disintegrate. It’s super quiet and super affordable.

However, the vibrations are weak. Mister didn’t feel them and neither did I. Even out of the cock ring, the bullet vibe is weak. The cock ring moves around so much that you have to keep pausing to re-position it.

Finally, it’s uncomfortable to grind up against. So it’s a slick looking, vibrating cock ring in which the vibrations are barely noticeable to either partner. Even at such an affordable price, what’s the point? Skip this one.

Where It's Available:

  • Order Ovo B11 Vibrating Cock Ring from sextoyfun
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