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The Hype

Discover sensual new sexual positionsusing our remarkable props and sexual position guide. Liberator ® Shapes will make everyday positions better and your fantasy sexual positions a reality. With this new comfort comes longer-lasting sex, more intense sex.

Initial Reaction

My initial reaction when the boxes arrived was “Holy Shit these are huge!” I wasn’t too sure of where these babies were going to live because unlike the Love Swing, the Liberator Shapes don’t break down flat. But, I opened up all the boxes and was pleasantly surprised to see what high quality they are and how much thought was put into making these cushions and making them last a long time.

What I Liked

Each cushion comes in it’s own nylon bag with strap for easy storage and travel. Each cushion also comes with a velvety type cover that can be easily taken off and washed in the washing machine, so that rocks! And there’s actually another nylon cover under the velvety covering to protect the actual cushion further, giving you a lot of mileage.

I loved how inconspicuous they looked. The sex swing actually looks like something, but these are just cushions, nothing naughty appearing about them. You can keep the cube as an ottoman. The ramp can easily be stored under your bed or in a closet, and the wedge can be kept on your bed for a pillow and no one would know the difference. The stage, however, is almost as big as a twin size bed. We have the larger one because Larry is over 6’1″, but I figure I have another bed for guests to sleep on when they come over and I have a Queen size bed, so it slides under there nicely, although I had to find a new location for all my other storage boxes that were hiding under my bed (I stow everything!)

Between the detailed pamphlets, the video and the extremely informative website, there was no way Larry and I were not going to know how to use these babies. Ideas are a plenty! I do highly recommend the video, it shows all the possibilities and shows you how to get from one position into another.

The hype is absolutely true, you can very easily and very comfortably get into positions with the Liberator Shapes because all you have to do is lie down on them or lay back against them. Either way, these foam cushions support you. They’re made of a firm foam. They’re not solid as a rock, but the nice thing is they don’t mash down when you lean on them, so you stay in position.

What I Didn’t Like

There’s not too much that I can say that I didn’t like about the Liberator Shapes. I can’t say that I was disappointed after any of my experiences with them. In the beginning, I kept them in their storage bags to keep them from getting dusty, but then I realized that I wasn’t using them as much because I had to pack and unpack them. So now, I keep the ones that I use the most, the Ramp, Cube and Wedge, unpacked so that I can just grab them when I’m ready to use them. Other than that, I can’t say they are a waste of my hard-earned-dollars, or yours either.

How I Handled the Reviewing Process

My original thoughts was to include mini reviews of all the cushions. I can’t go through all the possible positions because there’s just too many, and the descriptions and pictures on and on their video explain all you need to know, much better than I ever could. What I did do though, is test all the cushions together and then all of them separately. I realize that these babies are not cheap, so I wanted to see how well they performed on their own and then, I tried to decide that if I could purchase one cushion, which one would it be or which one would I purchase first.

If You Can Only Have One Sex Cushion

After rigorous testing, I’ve decided that the Ramp is the 1st and best piece to have. Like I said above, all the shapes are wonderful. They work well together and they all have their advantages as separate pieces, BUT if I could only choose one, it would be the Ramp. It seems as though the Ramp works in more ways for both Larry and me. You’ll see in the discussion over at All Sex Advice that not only was I able to lay against it, bend over it and lay on it, but it seemed to worked very well and very comfortably for Larry as well. If he laid back against it, it propped his upper body up just right so that I can look deeply into his eyes when giving him oral pleasures. It was a wonderful addition when I was on top during intercourse, allowing us to keep a very comfortable closeness and intimacy with one another. It was way too fun for me to bend over and be naughty. Not only was it comfortable for me to stay in position, but it revealed me nicely and put me at the perfect height for Larry to penetrate. So, the Ramp has many, many positives. I would suggest that one first.

Okay, Which Liberator Shape Next?

I would say that the next best shape would then be the Wedge, because there’s many other positions that the wedge will nicely complete and compliment. After that the Cube, because it’s perfect for setting beside the bed or at the end of the bed and I love it’s bounciness. The foam is not quite as firm as the others and that’s a good thing because for me to sit on Larry and ride him, the bounciness added quite a nice effect. It had a little give to it, but the foam still felt like it would keep its shape for quite awhile.

Overall Thoughts on the Liberator Shapes

I think we have a winner here. The folks at One Up Innovations have come up with a wonderful addition to any couple’s sex life. And they really personalize the shapes just for you and your lover. In order to help you select which Liberator Shape is right for you, the folks at One Up Innovations gives you the different sizes that are available and which would be best for you and your lovers’ body type. As I said, my boyfriend is over 6’1″, so we needed the larger size on all the shapes.

I feel that any couple that purchases one, two, three or all of these shapes will not be disappointed. They make the comfortable postions, even more comfortable and the more difficult positions to get into easily obtainable. I can see them working well for all personalities and all body types. Truely a great addition to sex!

Where It's Available:

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