Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 2: Fellatio

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The Hype

(From box cover) Sex Ed for a new generation. You’ll learn the hottest information, explicit techniques and incredible sensuality, in an innovative new format: Scenes can be viewed with or without instruction, by sex expert and columnist Tristan Taormino.

Initial Thoughts

Full disclosure, I can’t lie, I’m a fan of Tristan Taormino. I loved the Guide to Anal Sex for Women DVD that she put out years ago. I recommend it all the time and when I learned about this DVD, I wanted to give it a full viewing so I could possibly recommend it to others.

What You’re In For

This DVD contains 4 explicit scenes demonstrating how to give a great blow job. With the exception of the first workshop scene, the other scenes have the option to watch with or without Tristan Taormino’s narration. Also with the exception of the first scene, the viewer is shown various positions for the couple to experience blow jobs in. There’s lots of extras providing more information: a mini feature on prostate stimulation, uncircumcised penises, safer sex and behind the scenes.

What I Liked

First and most importantly, I LOVED the massive amounts of information that was on this DVD. Giving a blow job is no longer a mystery. Not only does Tristan give clear instructions on how to pleasure the penis in various positions, she explains why things work and why you should be trying these things. Plus the camera operator gets some very helpful, long close-up, shots so you can really see what the stars are doing, giving you a full understanding of what’s going on.

If you’ve never given a bj before, watching the first 20 minutes of this DVD alone, the workshop scene, will have you giving a very hot, very successful blow job. You’re given techniques from warming up all the way to climax.

Tristan taorminooral sex couple

The workshop scene gives answers to some very important questions. You’ll learn how to deal with and/or overcome your gag reflex, how to improve the taste of cum and what to do when the giver doesn’t have enough saliva to keep things nice and slick. In other scenes you’ll also learn methods to delay ejaculation, what to do when your mouth gets tired, how to communicate with a new lover to find out what he likes, how to handle it when guys can’t orgasm from oral sex alone, what to do when you don’t want to swallow, how to deep throat, how to stimulate the prostate and how to stimulate an uncircumcised penis. Having encountered these questions before on my advice site, I was happy to see them dealt with in such a positive and realistic way. These are real techniques, not for-the-camera, porn star techniques that don’t really work.

Fellatio coaching

Speaking of uncircumcised penises, there’s also a mini feature that you can watch separately. It contains some very basic but very awesome information. This is something I know many women fear or are anxious about pleasuring the first time around. Tristan clears up the mystery and shows how fun it can be to encounter this special member. Also male star, Marcos, gives his own pointers and shares stories about what’s been done to him in the past by women that didn’t really work. It’s very enlightening. While this part of the DVD focuses on the uncircumcised penis, the third scene features Marcos, so you get even more demonstration on how to pleasure the uncut penis.

Whether you’re watching the scenes with or without the narration, they’re still hot! So once you’ve learned how to give a great bj, you’ve still got some hot bj porn to watch and when you develop some bad habits you can pop it in, no pun intended, and get a quick refresher course.

I think it’s very valuable that each scene explores different styles of blow jobs and positions you can both get into for this very pleasurable act. Tristan also gives you the benefit of explaining how each position can be enjoyable for each person, man and woman. For instance, my boyfriend and I haven’t been in the 69 position for years and after watching this, I gave it shot again and found that I really enjoy it and its variations.

Also very important is the plethora of information on the very popular deep throating. Adrianna and Alec demonstrate the positions that will allow you to naturally get the penis farther into your mouth. You’ll see the demonstrations and also hear from Adrianna how she acheived this feat.

blow job instruction

Cutest Bit

If you’re familiar with VHI’s Pop Up Videos, they have something similar on this DVD to give you further instructions, reasons or friendly reminders. It’s a great idea and way too cute.

Disappointing Bits

With the detailed information already contained on this DVD, I thought the Prostate Stimulation mini feature was a little too quick and lacking in the information department. Yes, the stuff is hot, but I don’t think the amount of care one should take when going near the anus was stressed. I would recommend her anal sex DVD for further information.

The interview segment with the two stars in the workshop was awkward. It seemed like they needed more time to think about what they were going to say beforehand. Fortunately, the other interview segments are much better.

Most Amusing Bit

The Behind the Scenes footage is very enjoyable. I’ve seen too many DVDs where the stars have no personality and nothing to say. The cast on this DVD is lively, informative sharing more information, funny stories, outtakes and you get to hear Adrianna’s story about her 1st date with a rather strangely built man (You won’t find any spoilers here).

Lube Testing

In the Behind the Scenes footage, you get to watch an actual flavored lube taste test. If you really watch it, you can learn what flavored lubes taste like crap, leave a chemical after taste and which ones are quite yummy. I bought their favorite and loved it.

Overall Thoughts on Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 2: Fellatio

This is THE instructional DVD on giving a blow job. The amount of information within is tremendous, but not at all overwhelming. Many people think instructional DVDs are a snore or would make one feel like they’re a dumbass, but that’s not happening here. It’s not overly instructional where the blow jobs don’t seem real or aren’t arousing to watch. There’s just enough narration and information to allow the action to progress smoothly so you can see how all the techniques come together as a whole to create an enjoyable blow job for him and her. And that’s an important point, Tristan doesn’t want a blow job to feel like work. She has created a DVD in which both lovers learn how to experience pleasure during this very intimate act.

Even though it’s instructional the hotness factor is not lessened. For the most part the cast is attractive and hip. The women are hot, most of the guys are attractive too. There’s sensual, erotic scenes and more rougher, hardcore scenes so there’s a little something for everyone.

Important questions and concerns are answered and whether you’re a professional or a novice, this DVD is definitely worth a watch. We can all benefit from giving better blow jobs and we can all benefit from learning how we can enjoy giving them. A great DVD, I highly recommend it.

  • Starring: Roxy DeVille, Christian, Kaiya Lynn, Alec Knight, Adrianna Nicole, Lindsey Meadows, Marcos Leon, Tristan Taormino
  • Studio: Vivid Ed
  • Director: Tristan Taormino
  • Movie Run Time: approx. 90 minutes

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