Hell Is Where the Party Is – Miss Lucifer

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85out of 100Very Good

Hell is a new breed of porn.

To me it has the pleasing to the eye appearance of Andrew Blake but with a faster pace, sleeker look and more hardcore sex. This flick isn’t trying to be anything but porn. It’s very well edited to some heart pumping club style music, featuring gorgeous women AND men in sexy, naughty settings. Every shot is a hot photo. The colors are saturated and there’s this incredible glossy effect applied to the vid making everyone look so smooth, sleek and wet in all the right places. It’s eye capturing and you just WANT to watch it.

The sex is hardcore and you get to it quick.

There’s no weak dialogue to get through before you get to the sex. The sex is not methodical in any way, so not every scene opens with the standard bj, then pussy eating, then intercourse. A scene can start with some hot lady porn stars giving you what feels like a sexy lap dance and then in the next edit, there’s a cock or dildo fucking a pussy. In most porn, that would seem like a bit of a jump in the action but because there’s no storyline to follow, no dialogue and it’s basically a music video of sex, they can do whatever they want. Speaking of sex, the party people in this flick have some serious sex, lots of anal, dp’s with fingers and cocks, with dildos and fingers, with 2 cocks, with 2 dildos. There’s lots of lesbian strap-on sex and double dildos, which I love! And some of the positions? Wow! In one of the scenes, 2 guys double penetrate a lady with their cocks while both standing up and holding her between them. Hot stuff!


I’ve been to a good amount of sex clubs, be it swinger, kink or SM clubs and some of the scenes had that kind of feel to it by how the stars were dressed in pleather, vinyl and latex and in that there were others watching the sex in the background. You didn’t see them all the time, but there were very specific shots reminding you that those people were there. One of the scenes had a great fourgy (2 ladies, 2 men orgy) and I swear with some of the shots, it seemed like there were even more people involved. Really hot!

At first I was skeptical

I thought that too many edits would ruin my enjoyment of the sex, not enough time to get into any specific action, no moans, groans, whimpers or dirty talk from the stars, no sound of hot bodies pounding together. And in a way, for me, that’s a bit true. Watching this flick to get excited like other porn, I’m missing those elements in the music video style. Maybe at 35 I’m getting old and can kick it old porn style better. However, this flick absolutely has and has had a place in my life. Often, I’ll play it while I’m having sex with my husband and other playmates because it provides that non-stop sex and sexiness in the background to complete my sexy atmosphere.

So while I was missing the sounds of sex I love to hear, this vid filled a special desire for me. I love kissing during sex, the more passionate, the messier the better and this movie filled with it, making them my hottest moments throughout. Most of the kisses were full out tongue, licking, passionate kisses and I know this may sound silly, but everyone’s tongue looked really moist and shiny. It works with the look of the flick and is also VERY hot to watch!

I really appreciated that while there are close-up shots of the genitals; they’re not the typical porn fare, no gaping butt holes or stretched out vaginas so far that you can see the lady’s grand kids. It’s interesting while the sex is totally hardcore, the movie still has an erotic feel to it.


The sexy music and hot action keep you pumping

The first 3 scenes are fast paced then things get a little more sensual in the 4th scene then picking up again for the next 3 scenes. It’s well paced when watched through and through because you can’t keep that fast, club pace for an hour and 40 minutes straight. The more sensual 4th scene is the perfect place to slow things down a bit and then bring the viewers back up to end on a high note.

Each scene stands alone, so you can watch the whole thing thru and thru, which is quite a ride or you can watch 1 scene at a time and whatever order you’d like. It’s a great flick to play in the background while you’re having sex. It’s also a great movie to play in the background for naughty sex gatherings and swinger parties whether you use the great music or not. When I’ve been at naughty parties in the past and there’s porn playing on the TVs with the volume down and music pumping, there’s always this awkward pause in the sex because of the dialogue portions. Hell is Where the Party Is offers you non-stop sex and sexiness for 1 hour and 40 minutes and if you can loop it or get another one of Miss Lucifer’s titles, you’ll be set with a hot background for a whole night of partying. This studio’s titles definitely have a place at swinger events and naughty parties.


If this is the party happening in Hell, sign me up!

Hell is Where the Party Is an expensive looking, well edited, well produced, highly arousing and unique porn flick. This is one product where the hype and description on the box is exactly what the product is. That is a difficult thing to come by these days. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with it and I say experiences because I’ve played it more than once over the past few months. The sex is hot and hardcore, ALL the stars, women and men are attractive and with gorgeous bodies. It’s the perfect finishing touch to complete my naughty atmosphere for sex and sexy parties. If you’re looking for porn that offers beautiful people having hardcore sex without going through all the hoopla and porn dialogue and story before getting to that good stuff, this is what you’re looking for. Let’s face it, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives these days, our attention spans have dwindled and for those that want just the sex with non of the fluff, this flick fills the need. I also think it can be a good flick for Noobs because it gives you a taste of many things in porn, but is well produced, pretty and is not an ‘in your face’ kind of porn movie that can be overwhelming. Hell is Where the Party Is is a new breed of porn that I welcome and hope to experience more of in the future.

  • Director: Louis Xypher
  • Studio: Miss Lucifer Productions
  • Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Extras: 2 full versions of movie included 1 version with the music and vocals and 1 version with music only, trailer, pictures, information about Miss Lucifer  Girlz

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