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This is our first exposure to anything from West Coast Productions. They sent us an entire box of titles to review and I must admit, this wasn’t our first choice. However, once we saw the trailer for Boooty Shop, we had to watch it right then and there. It had us laughing and looked like such a hoot, we couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad we didn’t.

What Do You Get in Boooty Shop

It’s not promoted this way, but with some surfing online, I found out that this is supposedly a parody of the Beauty Shop movie.  Boooty Shop stands on its own because we understood everything without having seen Beauty Shop.

It has a strong storyline that it sticks to, moves along and resolves at the end. Plus you get 5 sex scenes featuring a mostly African American cast and one Caucasian woman. You’ll encounter a lady/lady/man threesome where the ladies are into each other, 4 lady/man scenes, 1 interracial sex scene, lots of oral sex, deep throating (only one scene with the gagging type) and lots of vaginal intercourse. There’s no anal and no toys.


Boooty Shop has a strong storyline that’s ultimately funny and entertaining. Leave all your seriousness at the door because this flick will make you laugh and get you all hot and bothered at the same time. We knew from the trailer that this movie was a comedy and we were ready to have some laughs. Some of the stuff had us laughing out loud and laughing hard. There’s fun made of common stereotypes, so if you’re easily offended, this movie is probably not for you.

You get a good amount of story up front to get things set up. The first sex scene comes about 10 minutes in. Then you have another 15 minutes or so of story before the next scene and then things start moving along with sexy moments in between too. Basically, once they really get their shit together in the beauty shop, the sex scenes happen more frequently. Speaking of sex…

Favorite Sex Scene is Misty Stone in a threesome

Hands down, our favorite scene was the first one, a threesome with Misty Stone, McKenzie Sweet and Rico Strong. It had all the elements. It looked and felt like there was genuine chemistry among everyone, which makes any sex scene steamy. The ladies seemed genuinely into each other, which always enhances the enjoyment of a lady/lady/man threesome. They also get into some pretty cool positions and there’s LOTS of dirty talk.

2nd Favorite Sex Scene

This flick was our first exposure to the delights of Misty Stone. She gets it on pretty hard with Lexington Steele in this scene and again there’s lots of chemistry between them making for a hot scene. Misty seems like she’s genuinely enjoying herself. There are a few moments where her moans and groans seem a bit over the top, but then again she’s having sex with Lexington Steele and that man has some serious equipment. She’s also a bit of a dirty talker, but nothing too over the top and because of that it’s sexy as hell. At one point Lexington stands up and bangs her while holding her. It was pretty hard, damn serious and really hot.

Roughest Scene

The 4th scene with Anita Blue and Nat Turner wins this one hands down. This is the scene where you can satisfy that interracial sex craving. The scene starts out with one of those eye watering, face turning red, gagging kind of blow jobs. Those tend to annoy me but it fit with Anita’s character and Nat was a bit dominant in the beginning so his more forceful fucking of her face made all of it make sense. It’s gotta make sense to me or I’m calling shenanigans.

Anita’s a dirty talker, but she doesn’t just talk trash, she uses some very clever vocabulary and phrasing, which I always appreciate. There’s one point where she’s riding Nat so hard, it looks like he’s holding on for dear life! They were both really into it and into it hardcore. There’s lots of fun and with a bit of crazythat makes it a good scene and our third favorite scene.

Least Favorite Scene

That would have to be the third scene with Ms. Platinum and Jon Jon. It came after two really hot scenes with loads of chemistry and that’s probably why this one got fast forwarded through. We didn’t feel the chemistry. At times, they both looked like they were just going through the motions. Also the sex seemed pretty standard compared to what we already saw.

Au Natural (for porn at least)

My tastes are changing as time goes on. I’m not looking for uber pretty, super model type ladies anymore. Of course, I don’t want trolls either, but I’m looking for attractive without crazy fake nails and boob jobs and that sort of thing. I want some real lady feel to my porn these days and while these ladies have on lots of makeup and fake lashes, they are for the most part, natural. No boob jobs, no wacky long 80’s fake nails that look so silly and annoying…and that my friends is a plus.

Overall Thoughts

All in all, Booty Shop was a fun and sexy watch. Out of five sex scenes, we only fast forwarded through one. The writing was fun and entertaining. They saw the storyline through and resolved issues at the end and there were some seriously funny, laugh out loud moments.

A movie with such a strong storyline needs a good cast and Boooty Shop has it. All the stars stayed in character in and out of their sex scenes and the supporting cast that didn’t have any sex was a great addition in helping to move the story along while keeping things fun and sexy.

This was our first exposure to Misty Stone and we like her a lot and are searching our current library for more titles with her. For only $22 at the time of writing, it’s a funny, entertaining and sexy porn. Plus you get another whole disc giving you options of how to watch it: Story only reel (it holds up without the sex), sex only reel and cum shot reel. Options, we love options especially for such a fair price.

So if you’re looking for a movie with a strong storyline that has lots of laughs and some hot sex to go along and you don’t want to break the bank, Bishop’s Boooty Shop is a good choice.

  • Starring: Misty Stone, Ms. Platinum, Anita Blue, McKenzie Sweet, Ryanna Sky, Rico Strong, Jon Jon, Nat Turner, Tee Reel and Lexington Steele
  • Studio: West Coast Productions/After Dark Pictures
  • Director: Bishop
  • Run Time: Approx. 2 hours
  • Extras: Sex only reel, story only reel, cumshot reel, bonus scene, behind the scenes, photo gallery, trailer

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