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Hubby and I go to lots of parties, bars and clubs, so I thought this would be interesting, fun accessory to wear out and about. If anything it’ll at least be a good conversation piece and if I get to buzz a lady or two, even better.

It’s discreet

The Pirate’s Pendant Vibe is basically this is fancy bullet vibe on a chain, but it’s got a cool design and is available in a variety of metallic finishes and most importantly, doesn’t look like a vibrator at all.

I wore this to a party and unless someone specifically commented or inquired about my groovy necklace, they had no idea it was a vibrator. And when they found out it was, they couldn’t wait for me to turn it on and show them how it worked.

It’s easy to use

A simple push of the button on top, like a click pen, will give you access to five different styles of vibration:

  • Low constant vibration
  • High constant vibration
  • Pulse
  • Fast pulse
  • Quick pulse, quick pulse, long pulse

Each push of the button brings you to the next style of vibration and the last one turns the vibrator off.

The chain is long enough that you can easily put it on and take it off without undoing the chain, easily lifting over your head. The chain is easy to undo if you prefer not to have it on while using the vibrator.

Discrete fancy bullet vibe on a chain fits in the palm of my hand

It’s powerful

I like powerful vibrators and the high constant vibration was more powerful than I expected and did bring me to orgasm. If you put the bottom pointy tip against your bits, all those vibrations coming through that tiny little area makes it feel even more powerful.

There’s also a good difference between the low and high setting so if you’re sensitive to intense vibes, the low should be fine for you. The pulse feels like the low intensity pulsing and the fast pulse feels like the high intensity pulsing.

The long pulse on the last setting feels pretty powerful; however, I’m not really a fan of those. I like the constant vibration much better.

Can’t turn off without scrolling

You have to scroll through all the settings/styles before you can turn the vibrator off. Plus, all the pulse settings that are good for warming up are at the very end, so if you use those first, you have to turn the vibe off and on to get to the constant vibrations which are usually necessary to reach orgasm.

I don’t know why most of the companies make them this way, but it seems silly to have to turn your vibrator off and on again as you’re getting more aroused and closer to orgasm.

It’s loud

While the Pirate Pendant Vibe is really fun and discreet in its appearance, its operation is not. Compared to the Tantus Touch Little Secret Vibrator which was almost silent in its operation, the pendant vibe has a much higher pitch.

Loud music or TV will cover the sound, but if you want to use it in a quiet room, you’ll hear it. And if the chain hits the vibe, that only makes it louder. It’s not the loudest vibrator I’ve ever used, but it’s not the quietest either…I’d say it’s mid to quiet vibrator.

Made of safe materials

This vibe is phthalate free, meaning it’s made of materials that are safe for you to put on and in your body. It’s made of ABS hard plastic with a metallic coating which is a non-porous material so there are no cracks and crevices for germs and bacteria to build up in after multiple uses.

When you clean it, it’s really clean. Even though it has a raised design on it, the whole vibe is smooth to press and rub against your body.

Easy to clean

I’ve used my spray toy cleaner with success. You can also use a warm, soapy washcloth. I’ve cleaned mine a few times and the finish is holding up well.

It’s splashproof

Generally splash proof means that water can be splashed on it, but you can’t submerge it in water like in a bath or shower.

Push button operation and easy to replace battery.

Push button operation and easy to replace battery.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

The Pirates Pendant Vibrator is an attractive, discreet looking vibrator that works well for a fun night out. It’s a naughty pirate costume accessory with the skull and crossbones design on it. It makes for a great conversation piece.

It has a good range of vibrations that can get quite powerful within its 5 settings and can be easily operated by pushing a button, like you would a click pen.

While it’s discreet in appearance, it’s not that discreet in volume. It runs on 3 watch batteries that are included so you can play with it as soon as it arrives.

It’s made of safe, body friendly hard ABS plastic, so it’s easy to clean and should last you a while as long as you don’t abuse it.

Since I go to a lot of parties and events, I have found this vibrator to be a fun accessory and if you’re looking for something fun that you can wear out, this is great.

However, if you’re looking for a small discreet vibrator to hide away in your nightstand, there are better options for you.

  • Pendant size: 2-1/4″ x 3/4″
  • Chain Length: 26”
  • Power: 3 watch batteries (included)
  • Water Friendly? Splashproof (don’t submerge in water)
  • Extras: 3 watch batteries to get you started, chain for pendant

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