Palm Ballers for Men

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90out of 100Very Good

Most of the male sex toys we have given high ratings to have come with with a hefty price-tag. This led us to wonder if we really need to spend so much to get great sensation and durability. The answer is simple. No.

Affordable,  durable discreet design

What you get with the Palm Ballers from NS novelties is a simple discreet design that is easy to handle and a cinch to clean. At first glance, this travel size odor-less bulbous toy made of super-soft Phthalate free TPE rubber could be confused for a brookstone/sharper image executive stress ball.

It has two openings that supposedly give different sensations. Visually one side looks smaller than the other but unfortunately, the difference in sensation was just not that noticeable for me.

There is a difference it’s just not something I would promote as a major feature.This is a minor quibble and really had no bearing on the enjoyment of the product.

I did discover that if you cover the smaller hole with your finger as you stroke a vacuum suck effect is created and offers a completely different sensation.


It’s light and easy to maneuver.

Fits comfortably in your had and it doesn’t feel like you are trying to do biceps reps while using it.

The material is thick and creates a substantial cushion between your hand and penis.

It’s very stretchy material so death grip masturbators may find the tightness/stimulation lacking a bit. However this may  be the perfect toy to help wean yourself from death grip stimulation.

Most male masturbators work best with lube and I used this with my favorite water based lube and had excellent results in both use and easy clean up.

In addition, I wanted to see how the material performed just with good old saliva. Surprisingly, it did very well and did not dry out as soon as I imagined it would.

Many sex educators have pointed out how a male stroker can used to simulate a super deep throat blow job and this toy is perfect for this. Especially since it’s not sticky and doesn’t have the weird smell that many male sex toys have.


Easy to use and a snap to clean

The palm baller easily turns inside out for cleanup and compared to fleshlight when it dried it did not have that sticky consistency that the fleshlight has.

Final Thoughts

In performance, design, and sturdy construction,  this stroker performed as well as our favorite high-end male products.

At around $15, it’s price makes it an excellent choice. Its performance, design and sturdy construction make it worth every penny..

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I am Mister Man and since 1999 I have been Ann Andiani's resident masturbatory guinea pig for all the male sex toys.

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