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What’s the hype?

From Fun Factory’s website… This innovative lay-on vibrator stimulates through caressing, massaging and lying over those external erotic areas of the body. Thereby is the vibration mode adjustable so that each erotic zone can be gently, arousingly or intensively pampered. Three additional vibration modes provide for variety with different pulsating vibrations.

Special features:

  • comfortable, easy handling
  • innovative technology
  • powerful, quiet and durable motor
  • three vibration modes
  • water resistant

Detailed operating instructions are included and a sample of our lubricant Bodyfluid in ever package of LAYAspot.

What I Like

When I first received it, I was rather impressed. It was attractive, very discreet and could pass a just an innocent ‘massager.’ It’s also shaped to fit the contours of a woman’s body. Plus, it’s the first sex toy to come with instructions! The instructions were very helpful in learning how to use it. It’s a very quiet vibrator for those looking for total discreetness when using.

Confusing Part

I found it to be a little tricky to operate in the beginning. Similar to the i-Vibe Vibrators, it has 3 settings: regular vibration, pulse & a stronger vibration pulse. Seems like nothing to difficult and it’s not once you get the hang of it out of a play situation.

How It Works

On top there’s two buttons, a plus and a minus. Pressing and holding the plus button for a few seconds turns it on to the regular vibration setting. You can make the vibrations stronger by holding the plus button down or by continually pressing it. Here’s where the tricky part comes in…Once you’ve reached the maximum speed for that setting, it automatically switches to the next program and then you can do the same thing to increase speed, until it switches to the last program.

My Dilemma

When I was in the middle of sex with my partner and I wanted to increase the vibrations, I started pushing the plus button and in that state of mind, I’m not really able to pay attention to how many times I’ve pushed the button or how long I’ve been holding it. Anyway, it switched over to the next setting which is pulse…not a good setting when I’m getting close to orgasm and want, no need, that strong vibration to take me over the edge. So it clicked to the next setting and I was like, “Damnit! Now I have to work my way around either turning it off and starting again or going through all the settings.” It was a pain in the ass. For a while I wasn’t quick to use it during partner sex, just masturbation because I’m generally less distracted during masturbation.

What I Didn’t Like

I bought it several months ago, probably used it about a dozen times or so…actually maybe not…maybe just a handful of times. Then I used one night and when I was finished, I couldn’t turn it off, couldn’t change the speed or switch programs. I had to take the batteries out to turn it off. It’s as if the buttons on top don’t work anymore. I put the batteries back in a have tried it since…but it just doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t think it lasted long enough for the $46 including shipping I paid for it. I didn’t mistreat it. Cleaned it like it said. I’m not big at taking the batteries out, just when I clean it, because I like to have all vibes ready to go when I am, but it’s not like the batteries were old and had been it for years and were rusting. They’ve been in it a couple of months.

The other problem I had with it…The vibrations aren’t as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand or even the Pocket Rocket, even on its highest speed, so it would have been good for those that aren’t looking for extreme vibrations.

Overall Thoughts

The Layaspot Vibrator is attractive, quiet, discreet and offers the user a variety of options. One would think that’s a revolution in vibrators. I did and it was a somewhat enjoyable vibrator during masturbation…when I had time for a long session and could really take my time working myself over. However, a good revolution it was not.

During partner sex, the Layaspot was rather difficult to operate. If I didn’t pay absolute attention to pressing the buttons on my vibrator instead of on the sex I was having, the Layaspot wound up on another undesirable setting. It was aggravating and I gave a shot several times. I thought there would be a learning curve to it, but I was too busy concentrating on my partner that if I wanted stronger vibes, I wound up with pulse. Not good.

I paid $46 including shipping and it lasted a handful of times, that was really disappointing because I didn’t even get a chance to get used to the controls. It just stopped working, even though I treated it right. Maybe I got a dud, the lemon of the shipment to the retailer. But unfortunately, that’s all I have to go on.

I see where Fun Factory was attempting to go with this…trying to include a lot of options in a little, discreet massager type vibrator, but it’s just too complicated to work with during sexual play and for the money, it didn’t last that long. I don’t recommend it…Too much trouble for playtime.

Vital Stats:

Size: It measures approximately 5 ¾” from end to end. At it’s widest point it’s a little over 1 ½” wide and a little over 1” thick.
Power Supply: 2 “AAA” Batteries (not included)
Water Friendly: They say it’s water resistant, that I didn’t check on.
Extras: Instructions (yes, real ones) and a sample packet of lubricant.

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