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I recently had the opportunity to meet the founder of the company, Metis Black, at a conference and learned that the folks over at Tantus are out to do some great things for us when it comes to making quality sex toys. I consistently heard great things about Tantus and their toys.  When I returned from my trip, I remembered the great folks at Babeland.com had sent me The Touch Little Secret Vibrator from Tantus for review, so I was excited to see if this cute little vibe lived up to the hype.

Attractive, Discreet Looking Vibrator

It’s a shiny stylish silver bullet vibrator covered with an attractive light blue 100% ultra premium silicone cover.

Simple operation makes it super easy to use

The Touch has to be one of the simplest vibrators to use. It has one button on the bottom of the bullet vibrator that you push, like a click pen. One click turns it on, the next turns it off and you can do it all with one hand so it’s also a great vibrator to use during intercourse and oral sex. There aren’t tons of programs and vibrations to confuse things, just on and off. And it only offers constant vibrations which is always my preference.

Silicone cover subdues strong vibrations

The bullet vibrator offers some serious power; however, the silicone cover subdues a lot of those vibrations so it wasn’t as powerful as I was hoping when using it with the cover. It’s a great vibrator to get things started and is a great addition to intercourse and oral sex, but I was hanging off of the orgasmic cliff for a while and needed to take the silicone cover off, which is fairly easy to do, in order to reach orgasm. While it didn’t bring me to orgasm with the cover, if you have a sensitive clit or find you’re sensitive to vibrations, this is a good vibrator to try because of the subdued vibrations with the sleeve.

The Tantus Touch is super quiet

There is hardly any sound coming from this vibrator. It’s just a low hum that can be covered with any music, TV or any or other sound in the room. I didn’t have anything on and I could barely hear it, and it was without the silicone cover on it. It’s almost silent with the cover on. Ahhhmazing!

Super easy to clean

Silicone is a non-porous material which means there are no little microscopic cracks and crevices that allow germs and bacteria to hide in and build up in after multiple uses. Since there are no pores, when you clean the cover with soap and warm water, it’s really clean. Just leave it out to air dry and keep it stored in its box or lint free cloth to keep lint and dust from sticking to it. I’ve cleaned the bullet vibe with spray toy cleaner and it seems to be fine.

Well Designed

The cover is has a flat surface at the top that’s great for holding against your clit. Hubby found the push button to be very easy to use while giving me oral sex and it was small enough that it didn’t get in the way of his head or mouth while he was holding it against my clit. He just held the flat surface against my clit and did his thing and it all worked out really well for him and felt really good for me. He commented after that this is a “really cool little vibrator”.

For masturbation, I too found holding the flat surface against my clit to be enjoyable. Plus its small size makes it easy to use with a dildo as it doesn’t get in the way. I also played around with penetration before I got myself too heated up and it was quite pleasurable to get things started. As I got more excited, I slipped the cover off and used just the bullet. I held it long ways against my vulva, between my lips, which felt really nice and when I was ready to orgasm, I held the tip of the bullet against my clit. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

While this toy has not been designed for anal insertion, there’s no flared base, it was quite nice to hold the flat surface against my anus. It vibrated things quite nicely.

Battery Included

It uses 1 N battery that comes in the package so you can play with it as soon as it arrives.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

The Tantus Touch Little Secret Vibrator is a great vibrator if you’re on the hunt for something quiet and discreet that won’t buzz your bits off. It’s a pretty vibrator that’s amazingly quiet whether the silicone cover is on or off. The clickable on/off button makes it super easy to use with one hand and its small size makes it easy to incorporate into intercourse, oral sex or masturbation with a dildo.

Since it’s made of silicone, it’s easy to clean with soap and warm water and once it’s clean, it’s really clean. You can also share this vibrator with playmates if you have them.

It’s only got one level of constant vibration, which I’m a huge fan of. The numerous settings can be annoying to use, making the vibrator more annoying to operate, so if you like to kick it old school like me with simple constant vibrations, then this is a vibe you should consider.

While the vibrations are not the most intense I’ve experienced, taking the cover off, will create stronger vibrations. If you’re not a fan of intense vibrations, then this is a great vibrator to consider as the silicone sleeve subdues the vibrations. So if you’re looking for a small, discreet looking, quiet vibrator, I highly and enthusiastically recommend the Tantus Touch.

  • Size: From top to bottom is about 4 ¼” long and a little under and inch wide at its thickest point. Flat top measures approx. 1” long x ¾” wide
  • Company: Tantus
  • Material: Cover 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
  • Water friendly? Yes
  • Power: 1 N battery that’s included.
  • Extras: 1 N battery

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