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Digital Playground’s Pirates movies are very popular

It’s not surprising that they’re now putting out an entire toy line. When the folks at Digital Playground contacted me about reviewing their items, I was definitely interested. Their toys look very pretty, some stuff is pretty clever, so I was hoping the quality would be there.

Initial impressions

When the box arrived, hubby and I took it out together. We kind of chuckled because the package that it comes in reminded us of a Happy Meal box and this would hopefully be a VERY happy meal. 🙂



First thing I noticed was the lovely decorative pirate treasure chest storage box that it comes with. It looks like it could be a little jewelry box and Digital Playground’s name and logo is printed oh so small and discreetly on the back of it. This is the kind of storage box that you should have absolutely no problem keeping on your dresser or night stand. Not only is it attractive to look at and have out in the open; it looks completely innocent.

Vibe is small

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Because it’s small, it can travel easily by tossing it in your travel bag or purse. I like to take various vibes out to clubs and parties with me and if they’re not part of my wardrobe, then they need to be small enough to stick in a clutch or small handbag and even though it’s a little bit bigger than most pocket rocket style vibrators that I’ve taken out with me, it still fits in a small purse.

Vibrator is versatile

This is one of those vibrators that you can experiment with because it offers multiple ways to use it. It can be inserted for penetrative play. However, since it’s not a very long or curvy vibe, you can’t use it for g-spot stimulation or deep penetration. If you’re not interested or into deep penetration or g-spot stimulation, than this should be a good match for you.

It has a wider girth at the end, approx. 1 1/8” thick, that will be vibing against your vaginal hole , which feels quite nice. It’s important that vibes and dildos are thickest at the end, that’s where you feel and benefit from that thickness the most.

It can also be used as an external only vibrator. Holding the very top tip against your clit or other sensitive parts of your vulva will provide the most intense vibrations on any of its settings. All those vibrations coming from that tiny surface area can be quite intense.

My preferred method is hold the vibe long ways, with top tip pointing down toward my taint, against my vulva so that the whole thing vibrates from the bottom of my clit, down my lips, with the most intense vibes hitting my taint. So you’ve got some options.

Powerful, but also not too powerful

Yep, on the High setting this vibe does provide some power. Not as much as the Hitachi Magic Wand of course, but for using 1 AA battery, it’s pretty strong. If you’re a fan of less intense vibrations, the Low setting provides much more subtle vibrations.  The medium setting is significantly more powerful and intense than the low setting, but I found a more subtle difference from the Medium setting to the High setting.

Only 3 Settings

Having only 3 settings is not a bad thing…at least not in my book. I’m a fan of the classic constant, consistent vibrations. I don’t need all the variety that the newer, high tech toys have. I have to really be in the mood for pulsate and escalate and surge. Most of the time, I’m a low, medium, high kind of gal. So if you’re looking for something way high tech, this is not it, only classic vibrations here.

Easiest use for this kind of vibrator

Probably my favorite thing for this kind of vibrator is the ease of use. Many similar vibrators to this one, have a twist base to turn it on and increase the speed/intensity. Not this one though and that’s awesome! The Pirates Hidden Pleasure Vibe has a button on the bottom that you push like a Click Pen.

Click once for the Low setting, click again for the Medium setting, click again for the High setting and click one more time turn it off.  Total one hand operation that’s really, really easy. Plus I didn’t feel like I was going to break it.

I usually take a small vibe like this with me to clubs and parties and discreetly vibe other ladies. This vibe is very easy to use on the dance floor or just standing at the bar because of its easy 1 hand operation.

Safe to Use

The folks at Digital Playground have made this a Phthalate Free vibrator, basically meaning that it’s made of medical grade materials that are safe to use in, on and around your body. There are no toxins in the materials used in this vibrator. So you can play with piece of mind.

Since this toy is made of 100% ABS, it is non-porous so it can be completely cleaned and disinfected if you share it with a playmate. However, to be ultra safe, it’s always best to cover your toys with a condom between partners if you’re unsure of their sexual history or health status.


The vibrator’s battery compartment is sealed with a plastic o’ring making it safe to use in wet places. So feel free to use it in the shower, bath or hot tub. It also makes it easy to clean too because you can submerge the whole thing in the faucet and wash with soap and warm water.


While the packaging touts that it’s ultra quiet, I feel a more accurate description is just quiet. Ultra quiet makes it sound as though it’s almost silent and I’ve definitely played with vibrators that have a quieter operation than this one. It’s not loud, any ambient noise in the background like a TV, music or running water will be fine to cover up any sound this vibrator makes. Plus holding it against body or inserting it in your body will muffle the sound even more. So while I would not categorize this vibe as Ultra Quiet, I would definitely say it’s not a loud vibrator, it’s just quiet.

It’s pretty

I usually comment on the appearance and design of a toy right up front, but I feel that this toy had other more important qualities to talk about first. Although I do want to confirm that I found not only the storage box to be pretty; the actual toy is pretty too. I have the Sasha Grey White one, that has a subtle, yet pretty silver tattoo design on it. While the bottom isn’t actual jewels, it does have a pretty sparkle to it. Overall it’s a very attractive toy to have.

Feels sturdy

Some vibes like this can feel very cheap and fragile. The Pirates Hidden Pleasure Vibe has some weight to it and feels quite sturdy when you hold it and operate it and that I like; makes me feel as though I could get some mileage out of this vibrator.

All in all

The Pirates Hidden Pleasure Vibe is a pretty vibrator that provides simplicity in pleasure setting and ease of use. It comes in a very attractive and very discreet storage case that you can leave out on your night stand or dresser without worry that anyone will know your secret. It’s a small vibe that travels easily for a trip or night out on the town. It provides you with a variety of ways to pleasure yourself and can be used by those that hate strong vibrations and those desire them. You can use it in your home, on the go, in the bath, shower, pool or hot tub. While its operation is not completely silent, its sound is easily covered up by any ambient noise. Made of medical grade 100% ABS, it’s safe to use in and on your body and is also non-porous making it able to be totally cleaned and disinfected after use.

At first I thought the price tag of $39.99 was a little high. There are discreet “hide-a-vibe” toys that fall in the $16-$29 range, but after doing some research, ABS material is not cheap to use, so you’re paying for that. There has also been a lot of thought and design put into this toy. From the attractive décor of the storage box and vibe and the easy 1 hand click operation and the fact that it feels real sturdy, I now feel like this item is worth the higher price tag because it offers more and different from other similar “hide-a-vibe” toys. I think you’ll be happy with your purchase.

  • Size of Vibrator: 4 3/4″ L x 1 1/8″ W
  • Size of Box: 2 1/8″H x 5 1/2″W x 2 1/4″D
  • Company: Digital Playground
  • Water-Friendly? Yes
  • Power: 1 “AA” Battery (not included)

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