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The Fleshlight is probably the most popular and widely known Male sex toy in the world.

The Fleshlight claim: “This smooth insert is the most realistic feeling recreation of a young woman’s vagina.”

I received the Original pink lady Fleshlight and was definitely curious about the claim that this feels as good as the real thing. The first thing I did was watch a small video on the Fleshlight site about the preparation of this toy. I can hear the grumbles now. Preparation! Ugh, What do mean preparation I want simple stuff.  In total the Fleshlight had a 10 minute, set it and forget it, prep that is absolutely worth it. This small preparation step will make all the difference in your Fleshlight experience.


First experience

The first time I tried the Fleshlight was without any prep just some lube and the “Original Pink Lady” sleeve. It was okay but honestly if that was my only experience with the Fleshlight I probably would have just preferred my hand and some good lube. It would be unfair to judge the toy at this point because as we already mentioned for the best experience  there is a small preparation.

The full experience – A pleasant surprise and a gem!

The next step was to try the Fleshlight with a full prep for the complete experience. I filled a small metal bowl with warm water and put the sleeve in . I put a bottle of Sliquid lube in the bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes. During the ten minutes the sleeve was supposed to absorb the heat from the water and the water would nicely warmed the lube.


I did not have  huge expectations after my first unprepared experience so when I put the sleeve back in the case and applied the warm lube I was flabbergasted by how good it felt. The sleeve holds the warmth extremely well and for a long time. The combination of the warm lube and warm silicone sleeve was absolutely amazing and far exceeds just your hand and some lube.

The suction feature

Once I acclimated to great feeling I wanted to play with vacuum aspects of the Fleshlight  On the end of the case is a small cap and if you close it completely it creates a vacuum feeling and as you release the suction decreases. My cap was never quite able to close all the way to create strong suction the way screws on maybe it doesn’t quit sit exactly to create complete suction however it was not really an issue as my preference would be for just enough air release to have a nice even stoke.


Then it was clean up time. I pulled the sleeve out run warm water through it and then I let it dry completely before I reassembled the Fleshlight  This is a fairly humid area so it took a full 24 hours for the sleeve to dry completely. Depending on your area drying times would probably vary.

It’s Not Perfect

The Fleshlight does have some drawbacks. Not drawbacks in the experience or how it works just some drawbacks that come with the nature of the toy. The Fleshlight case is well designed with caps on top and bottom however because the nature of the material the sleeve is made from it is not a good idea to store the sleeve closed in the case. So keep in mind that for best care you will need to be able to store the sleeve outside the case so it has good air flow and won’t mold from trapped moisture.

To get the best experience you really need the prep time. So, for some a 10 minute prep time might  just be too much hoopla to go through.  Unfortunately because of the prep this toy doesn’t really fall into the secret stealthy kind of toy. You need space to place it in warm water for 10 minutes and then you will need to leave the sleeve out to dry overnight. So being discreet is not one of it’s strengths.

The Wonder Wave sleeve

I also got to try the Wonder Wave sleeve this Just like the original except it has bands of texture going along the inside of the sleeve. My recommendation would be to get the wonder wave as you first sleeve instead of the “original”. The Wonder wave texture will increase stimulation and can be used to increase your stamina.

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