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I like porn, all kinds of porn.

I enjoy the Porn Valley titles, independent porn, alt porn, erotic porn and even real lesbian porn. I also enjoy documentaries and documentary style movies. I especially enjoy when an adult movie company takes a leap and courageously tries something different. I’m genuinely excited when I discover it and anticipate my first viewing of it. Unfortunately, the docu-style porn, “Matt & Khym,” fell flat for me.

One would think that 30 minutes of a couple deeply in love, exposing their deepest sexual secrets would be arousing. I know I was excited to experience it. So hubby and I poured a couple of glasses of wine, cozied up together on our couch half-naked under a fur blanket ready for to hear their arousing tales of love. Unfortunately, I felt bored and unaroused; those 30 minutes feeling like an eternity. The recurring theme of the interview was Matt and Khym’s “tendency for saving others”. Since this is touted on the boxcover, I believe this was done to make them sympathetic characters. Because Matt came across as this creepy mentor guy and Khym came across as innocent and naive, even calling herself naive, we did not feel sympathetic towards them and were ultimately not attracted to them. While there were a few tales of love and desire, there was also a lot of discussion about problems and difficulties and this caused us to see them more as “wanna-be martyrs” which we do not find sexy. So the documentary style interview didn’t titillate.

Matt and Khym Couple Porn

I understand that Comstock isn’t necessarily marketing this film as porn. However, I think most people would classify it as porn. So we poured ourselves another glass of wine for the big “hot” sex scene. I applaud Matt & Khym for giving us 16 minutes of sex. That’s a good chunk of time for a real life couple to have sex on camera. Unfortunately, after going through what felt like 30 minutes of non-sexual, tedium for 16 minutes of “average” sex, felt anti-climactic.

Real Couples and Real Sex

I realize that “hot” is subjective, it’s the same as having a taste for anything. For instance, some people like the hot spice on their food. They enjoy the burning in their mouth and resulting sweating and cleared sinuses they get from it. Others find that burning and sweating unpleasant. I like my porn to be hot and spicy, meaning, I enjoy the overdone fantasy of it all. I love the dirty talk, the dirtier and trashier the better. I love it when an actor shocks me. I love outrageous scenery and settings and costumes and even overly dingy and average, if it fits the film. If an actress wants to stand on her head while the actor plows her in both orifices, I’m all for it, as long as there’s chemistry, as long as everyone involved appears to be having fun and are genuinely enjoying what they’re doing. I love all kinds of women in porn. The glamorous, drop dead gorgeous models that Andrew Blake is known for totally get me off. The slightly siliconed up gals are fun too. I even enjoy the tatooed & pierced lovelies of the alt porn along with the butchier lesbian of that ever growing genre. My taste in porn is expansive and always growing, but one thing is true, I like a porn that is complex, that is fun and that has interesting characters and I would not classify “Matt & Khym” as hot under my definition.

  • Starring: Matt & Khym
  • Director: Tony Comstock
  • Studio: Comstock Films
  • Running Time: 53 minutes

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