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I love lesbian sex.

Even though I’ve been with the same man for 20 years now, my friends still tell me I’m a lesbian at heart. Not too long ago, I had a great experience with my first movie from Pink and White Productions, Superfreak, so I was excited to watch Crash Pad Series Volume 3 when it arrived in my mail box and dive even further into the ‘real lesbian’ genre. The cover features more butchier gals than I’m naturally drawn to, but there are a still a few pretties that caught my eye. Besides if the chemistry is there and the sex is hot, it could be yet another pleasant surprise in the broadening of my porn horizon. Besides the DVD back cover touts, “With so much focus placed on the authentic passion between two (or more) bodies, it’s no wonder why people can’t stop talking about Crash Pad” This is a very true statement, however, this review is going to be one of the more difficult ones for me to do because it visited territory that I am in no way shape or form aroused by.


The premise of the Crash Pad Series is provocative.

My husband and I poured ourselves a glass of wine and snuggled up on the couch to watch some real lesbians get it on, not like that fake lesbian sex that mainstream porn is infamous for. The premise of the Crash Pad Series is provocative. The Crash Pad is a secret apartment that only specific women are given the keys to and once they visit, they experience a sexual experience unlike they’ve ever had before. Calling it a booty call does not do the sex justice. There is some hard-core, serious gettin’ after it sex. In the five scenes, we get to see expert rope tying, teasing and fucking, a threesome strap-on romping with plenty of sucking, hard pounding, deep kissing, and gushes of squirting achieved with all kinds of dildos, vibrators, toys and most importantly genuine enthusiasm and chemistry. And the naughtiest part about the Crash Pad Series? While these gals are shedding all their inhibitions, they’re secretly being watched.


My husband and I became distracted

The first 3 scenes got me hot even though there were a few butchier gals. There was steamin’ hot chemistry, Dallas & Shawn couldn’t wait to get at each other. The elaborate rope tying, teasing and fucking was a great start. Then after spying on their naughty encounter, Dylan masturbates to a sexy and genuine orgasm while absorbing herself in the exact place where Dallas and Shawn just were. Another totally sexy and successful scene. While the third was a hot threesome, there was a lot of Donna and Lorelei Lee sucking on Jake’s strap-on cock. They appeared to be genuinely excited and their excitement was hot, however, my husband and I became distracted. We couldn’t understand what pleasure Jake was getting out of all this dildo sucking. It didn’t seem just like a power/mind fuck kind of thing. That I get and it’s hot for just a little while, but that was all the action Jake received. Donna and Lorelei fucked that strap-on cock to gloriously big O’s, but we couldn’t help but feel for Jake. We wanted Jake to get a good bangin’ too and that didn’t happen, we were also trying to understand the sexiness of that when it goes on for so long. So that scene was only half hot for me and it did start a huge discussion between my husband and I that’s worthy of an article on its own.


So the first three scenes were hot, enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help to be turned off for the last two scenes as the ladies became hairier, broader-chested and more muscular. Once the breasts officially turned into pecks and I was essentially watching men with with vaginas, my nether region seriously dried up. But I hung in there, because the sex was steamy, I mean these playmates go at each other like there’s no tomorrow, giving a fine performance. Besides, I couldn’t just turn it off. While I’ve experienced the chicks with dicks porn, I figured it would only be fair to give guys with vaginas a chance too.


There was some serious chemistry and the sex was totally bangin’

Crash Pad Series Volume 3 clearly went into some areas that were not sexy to us at all and it wasn’t because of the sex they were having, but the appearance of the players. I have nothing against transfolk, I want to make that clear, but that’s not the kind of thing that gets me hot and when I watch porn, I idea is…to get hot. I’m okay for the butchier, rougher looking gals but when the lines get too blurred and confused, I just can’t stay excited. Even though I found myself unattracted to some of the stars, I can’t in good conscious say this is a bad flick because it’s not. The concept of the Crash Pad Series alone is really hot. Plus, the stars were all genuinely interested in each other and excited by one another. There was some serious chemistry and the sex was totally bangin’, lots of passionate, deep kissing, hard core fucking, filthy, dirty and nasty talk, toys, a little bdsm. Crash Pad had all the elements of what I consider a hot porno. So if you’re into the butchier gals, the bois and the transfolk, then this is a flick you don’t want to miss.

  • Starring: Dallas, Shawn, Dylan Ryan, Donna, Jake, Lorelei Lee, Billy Jack, Paul, Red and Javier
  • Director: Shine Louise Houston
  • Studio: Pink & White Productions / Blowfish Video
  • Running Time: approx. 1 hour 20 minutes

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