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The Hype

(From the package) Take a couple with a troubled past, including an ugly break up, and throw in a strange attempt at reconciliation. Ask each where they think things went wrong and you have one very real and very funny account of a relationship in flux. Meet Dan and Lisa, they’re an unmarried couple.

Winner Audience Choice Indiani U. Independent Film Festival Best Film Nominee Swansea Bay International Film Festival Indie Force Nominee Charlotte Fim Festival Official Selection Melbourne Underground Comedy Festival

A Little History

This movie review is a little different for this website because it’s not a pornographic movie. This is a mainstream movie that contains strong sexual language and some adult content. Confusions of an Unmarried Couple is an independent movie. The main character Dan, caught his girlfriend, Lisa, having sex with another woman and walked out on her. The movie focuses on Dan’s attempt to visit Lisa and get some of his possessions back or get back together with her since he’s still pining over her. The movie focuses on relationships and is sexual in tone and nature, so I thought it would be a unique fit for this site.


My Comments

This documentary style film has an interesting and strong premise. We’ve all experienced it, the bad break up. Each of us having our own opinion as to why the relationship ended or why it would have never worked in the first place. Directors Brett and Jason Butler put that reality right in our faces in this movie. I thought it was interesting to see how this played out. Most of the movie focuses on Dan’s visit to Lisa’s apartment and their debate about what happened and where to go from here. These scenes are broken up by individual interview segments where Dan and Lisa reflect on the relationship.

While I enjoyed the premise and watching how it played out, I felt the script was a little overwritten. I’m a big Kevin Smith fan and I feel that detailed conversational style here, but there were points where it just felt like too much, too overdone. Brett Butler plays Dan and does a convincing job as the slacker, hippie that deep down wants to get his girl back. He’s torn, he’s angry and he’s still in love. All these emotions mixed together can wreak some serious havoc and his confusion is real and natural. Naomi Johnson as Lisa was very difficult for me and actually ruined my enjoyment. I understand that her character was supposed to be upset and irrational at times, but Naomi put Lisa’s emotions on overdrive from the moment Dan arrived at the apartment. There was unfortunately no range of emotion. No matter what Dan said, Lisa was pitching a fit in her response. It got old and tired. Lisa was a little more natural in the interview segments, which helped a little.

Dan - COnfusions of an unmarried couple

The film had some very funny moments in it as well. Some of Dan’s lines, like “I don’t even feel like jerking off any more; every time I jerk off I end up crying.” And the scene with him trying to masturbate in the kitchen while watching himself in the mirror over the sink while Lisa is in the bathroom is damn memorable.

There’s a slight surprise in the plot (no spoilers here) that I felt was a good addition. It changed the dynamic of the back and forth arguing around the apartment. However, Lisa’s emotions were already so overdone, that she had no where to really go with the news she acquires.

The acting style felt very much like a play and to me, didn’t feel natural. Brett says his line, then Naomi says hers, no one interrupts the other. It just didn’t feel right in the film medium for me.

All in all, I wanted to enjoy this movie more than I did. The biggest question I asked myself is would I recommend it to others? I’m not thinking so. I spoke to several friends later that night and the only thing I felt the need to mention was how overdone Naomi’s acting was and how that really ruined the movie for me. I think Brett and Jason had a great idea. I think for the most part, the script was good, it needed a little editing and it definitely needed a different actress in the role of Lisa.

Vital Stats:

Starring: Brett Butler, Naomi Johnson
Director: Brett Butler and Jason Butler
Studio: Substance Production
Run Time: 73 minutes


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