Art of Sex 2

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What makes Art of Sex 2 a standout title is not what it is but what it’s not. Rarely, do you find a “couples friendly porn” title that has no plot, no girl-girl, no crazy costumes, no artistic lighting

You ask, what’s left?

In the simplest sense, attractive couples having sensual tender sex in a series of comfortable looking surroundings. To top it off they’re actually having a good time and the girls and guys are enjoying themselves equally. There is a steady stream of hot chemistry here.

Heavy breathing and natural moans are what get during the sex scenes. I found this extremely hot. All the performers are actually making sounds as if it actually feels good. No over the top screaming and obligatory repetitive porn screaming.

Ivana Sugar and Matt Bird

These are sensual personal sex scenes  full of hot eye contact, deep kissing and tender touching. It feels more like “real Sex” not the acrobatic swing from the rafters and it’s also not mechanical porn paint-by-numbers sex.

Lexi Lowe introduces each of the five vignette with a short story or “sex tip” to set up the flimsy theme of the following scene. She slowly strips down over the course of the movie but does not end up in any of scenes. There is hinted at masturbation after the final scene.


Cathy Heaven and Renato

Cathy Heaven and Renato

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

This  is a solid straight sex couples title without all the usual cliches. You get 2.5 hours great looking girls and guys having hot sex.

For me the weakest element would have to be the ho hum camerawork and editing. I really enjoy a cinematic eye when it comes to shots and editing Like (Art of Masturbation or Wasteland)

However, this may not matter to you at all and for a lot of people the adequate camerawork could be a benefit to the movie.

This movie is really going to appeal to the folks who like tender, sensual sex. The Art of Sex 2 will give you a steady stream of steamy sex with performers that actually have chemistry.

I would recommend this title to couples, guys and girls that like natural-ish performers having sensual tender sex without all the trapping of traditional couples titles.


  • Starring: Cathy Heaven, Ivana Sugar, Lexi Lowe, Madlin Moon, Matt Bird, Steve Q.
  • Director: Viv Thomas

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