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The Hype

From website: For those interested in a smaller lighter craft, Zeppelin pillow takes the act of love to the stratosphere. Imagine a pillow of luscious “champagne” (polyurethane) foam about a foot high, as long as your bed covered in sensual microfiber. Now imagine making love in it. Then stand Zeppelin pillow on its side to form a rocking cocoon ready to straddle and ride your partner to climax.

What You Get

Velvety microfiber zipper cover, polyurethane foam filling, nylon-like zipper bag to hold foam, instructions on assembly

How It Arrives

As Liberator mentions on their site, they ship the Zeppelin Pillow compressed under vacuum to save on freight. It arrives in a discreet cube box that measures approximately 20″ on all sides. If you have the Liberator Cube Shape, it’s about that size. Inside the box, you’ll find the velvety cover folded flat in plastic bag, the nylon-like bad folded up in a plastic bag and the foam is compressed into a ball wrapped in plastic. No worries, the assembly is a piece of cake.

Some Simple Assembly Required

The step by step instructions are provided for you, but I’ll give you a brief a overview so you know what to expect. Basically, you need to open the nylon-like bag, open up the wrapping that the compressed foam is in and feed that foam into the bag. The foam will be chunky as it goes into the bag. So once all the foam is in the bag, you need to break it up with your fingers. At this point, we didn’t add the velvety cover, we kept the filled bag out and every time we were near it, we broke up any chunks we found. The foam settles as it sits out and the instructions say to allow 24 hours for it to totally settle and take form. I’d say it was pretty accurate. We filled the nylon bag up in the late afternoon, kept massaging the chunks out that evening, night and next day and by the next night, it had taken form and was comfy to lay on, so we put the cover on. We found small chunks here and there, but as we found them, we massaged them out and within a few days, it was perfect. You can put the cover on right away if you want, but looking back, I feel like leaving it bare allowed the air to seep in better and help it settle, but that’s just me. Assembly took my husband only, although after seeing him do it, I’m positive that I would have been able to do it myself as well. I believe Liberator has a video demonstrating the assembly on their site.


What I Like

First and foremost, Liberator’s velvety covers are very smooth. I enjoyed this material on their shapes and still have no complaints. It’s soft and smooth against the body, also providing a bit of heat and warmth. We keep ours downstairs in our livingroom with a vaulted ceiling where it doesn’t get that warm in the winter and I could swear that fabric warms up to my body temperature nicely, making me more apt to take my clothes off and get naughty downstairs.

Like all Liberator Shape covers, the Zeppelin Pillow cover comes off easily too for washing, so don’t be afriad to get your juices or lube on it. If you really want to keep it clean, lay the Fascinator Throe on top, then it’s totally protected. It doesn’t show any wear or tear after many washings, the velvety material doesn’t flake or get crusty or hard. I’ve washed mine probably 2 dozen times, maybe more over the last few months and it still looks good as new. It’s also very easy to reapply and only takes one person.

The Zeppelin Pillow can be used in various places. It fits nicely on our Queen size bed and beds of larger sizes. We mainly keep it on the floor in our living room. We also have a mini van and have folded down the seats and thrown it in the back for naughty trips and it fit perfectly. It’s big to travel with but if you have the space, go for it, it’s worth it.

It’s big enough to accommodate two, even three playmates. My husband is 6’4″ with average build and I’m 5’1″ petite and we fit on the pillow very comfortably. In fact, on several occasions we’ve played with our lady friends on it and they’ve fit very comfortably as well. So there’s no worries about someone falling off or hanging off the pillow.

The Zeppelin Pillow offers the utmost in discretion. It in no way looks like sex furniture. You can easily keep it in a public room like the den, living room, family room and no one will know. It actually reminds us of the bean bag type furniture you’d find in a dorm room. I had my family over and they had no idea that just the night before, we were rockin’ and rollin’ on it. Just make sure there’s no jizz stains, because those are what will give the true nature of your pillow away. It just looks like a comfy cushion to relax on.

Speaking of comfy, I know you’re wondering and yes, it is! I love having sex on the Zeppelin Pillow almost as much as I like having it in my way-too-comfortable bed! It’s very cushiony and kinds of hugs you as you lay it while providing some support. It makes for a great alternative place to have sex. If you have it laying next to another piece of furniture, i.e. couch, bed, chair, etc. you can lean against other pieces of furniture too while the pillow provides cushion for your legs, knees or whatever acrobatic position you’d like to get into.

It can be reshaped with a little effort. It doesn’t have to just lie flat, it does that best, but you can fold it and shape it like a chair. It’s a little unwielding to do with 1 person alone, but it can be done.

Not Necessarily a Negative but Should be Noted

Unlike the Liberator Shapes, specifically the Wedge and the Ramp, the Pillow doesn’t give the same support to stay in various positions, i.e. the Wedge can help to raise the lady’s pelvis for comfortable oral or intercourse. This is a pillow and thus acts like a pillow. So as you lay in it, your body kind of sinks into it. I don’t consider this a negative because Liberator doesn’t ever claim that it provides the same support as the Shapes. However, Liberator is known for the support that the Shapes give, so I thought it would only be fair to make it clear that this isn’t a support item, but a cushiony item.


The cover couldn’t be any easier to clean: Put it in the washer on gentle cycle in cold water. When done, throw in the dryer on the low setting. No ironing is needed. Take it out of the dryer and put it back on the pillow. Reapplying it is a one person job, although I do find it goes much faster with 2 people, but 2 people aren’t necessary. Some more tips: I like to keep the cover zippered up so it doesn’t twist in and around itself. I find it comes out of the dryer with no wrinkles when I do that.


What I Don’t Like

While it’s important for this item to be big to comfortably support two people having sex, it doesn’t pack flat for storage. Once you put this baby together, it’s together, period. You can probably go through the hassle of emptying the foam out into another container to compress it and then fill everything back up again, but it takes that initial 24 hours to really take shape and get comfy, so you can’t assemble this last minute. Plus, it seems like too much of a hassle to do that. We enjoy ours and because it’s discreet, it’s become a permanent part of our living room arrangement in our small townhouse. However, if you’re in a small apartment, are short on closet space, don’t have any place to stow it and don’t want to keep it out all the time, then you may want to pass on this item because it doesn’t go away.

Silly Bit

As you use the Zeppelin Pillow and lay on it, it compresses a bit, not enough to become uncomfortable, but still compresses. Every time I take the cover off to wash, air must get back into nylon bag and the foam because it starts to expand like a cake baking in the oven. It’s funny and I always comment on how our Zeppelin monster is coming to life. Once I put the cover back on and lay on it, it starts to compress again.

Overall Thoughts

Once again, Liberator has provided us with a sexy, comfy accessory making sex fun, exciting and hassle free. It’s my 2nd favorite place to have sex. When you lay down it kind of hugs your body and you just relax into it. It doesn’t look like sex furniture, so whatever room you keep it in, it’s naughty side is always a secret, making it also just a comfy place to relax for the evening. You can use the Pillow in various places: bed, floor, back of van, hotel (if it fits in your vehicle for travel). It’s a large item, about the size of a Queen mattress and comfortably fits 2 people, even three or four, so it’s great for swinger play parties! Just make sure you have room for it because it doesn’t pack flat to stow away. Once you put it together, it’s together.

It arrives discreetly and is very easy to assemble by 1 person. The microfiber cover has a soft velvety feel to it that warms up to your body nicely. The cover is easy to clean in the washer and dryer. No extra maintenance is necessary and it can be reapplied by 1 person as well.The Liberator Zeppelin Pillow provides a couple with a very comfortable alternative location for sexual play. The times of trying to navigate sex on your couch or dining table are over, sex can now be comfortable even when it’s not happening in your bed. Truly another great addition to sex!

Where It's Available:

  • Order Liberator Shapes Zeppelin Pillow from Sex Toy Fun
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