Tickle Your Fancy A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure

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The Hype

“We will ALL be better lovers if we read this book.” – Barbara Leigh, Playboy “Tickle Your Fancy contains what every woman should know, and what every man should learn and practice!” – Laura Corn, Author, 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

Initial Thoughts

I had heard a lot of hype about this book when it first came out. Sadie Allison was a feature on Playboy.com and they couldn’t say enough good things about it. When I first picked up the book it felt a little slim to me, so I was wondering just how juicy the information was inside. And you know what they say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” So, I quickly opened it and got started.

What I liked Most About This Book

It is an actual how-to-masturbate book. When it comes to masterbating, there are a surprising number of women, of all ages, that don’t even know where to begin. When these women are searching for information, they want the details, not all the fluff about how masturbating is a wonderful thing. At this point, these women are ready to do it, they just want to know how. That’s where this book shines. It doesn’t spend time on hundreds of pages going through why you should masturbate. It’s very straight forward summing that up in a few short paragraphs. Then, Sadie gives you very short, but detailed information about the woman’s sexual anatomy, which is important in understanding how and where pleasure can be received and given. Then she gets rights to the heart of the topic, by giving you actual instructions on how to masturbate.

The detailed illustrations she provides are extremely helpful. There are so many books that just quickly tell you to rub your clit, but the reader is still left with a lot of questions like, “How do I rub it?” “How many fingers do I use?” “Do I need a vibrator?” “How fast do I go?” And those questions are answered here. If the very short, one paragraph long, detailed instructions aren’t enough, there are actual illustrations of the vagina with a hand rubbing the clit with arrows showing you which direction to rub in. A total of nine techinques are shared to stimulate the clit with your fingers and hands alone!

Sadie Allison shares with the readers how to shave and groom their genitals, a topic that I did not realize was such a big deal. Many woman are nervous about shaving their genitals, either that or they don’t know how to go about it and Sadie gives you the details you need to shave safely, happily and successfully. I am a true believer that the more intimate you get with your vagina, by grooming it, the more you’ll get to know it, understand it and learn how to satisfy it, so this information is priceless.

Ms. Allision breaks each type of stimulation (clitoral, dildos and vaginal penetration, vibrators, g-spot and anal play) down into its own chapter, making it very easy to understand. But after each of those chapters, there’s another quick one that takes you through an actual masturbation session from start to finish, focusing on stimulating that part of the genitals. So you’re not overloaded with information all at once.

I love the fact that she gives detailed information on how to use vibrators, especially the wand type vibrators. Many women hear how wonderful those vibrators are, but don’t really know how to use them or think there’s only one way. Sadie shows you that there’s many different options available to give yourself pleasure using these kinds of toys.

This book is nice small size, measuring only 7 inches long and 5 inches wide, and is beautifully laid out. It has a very fun, very friendly look to it, making it extremely quick and easy to read. All illustrations are playful not graphic in the least. I read this book in an hour from cover to cover and loved every minute of it.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book

I don’t think there’s anything I really didn’t like about this book. I started to disagree with Sadie when she was explaining the different types of orgasms women can have (vaginal, clitoral and g-spot). I am of the opinion that all orgasms originate in clitoris, so just when I was about to disagree with her, she then said just that!

There is one illustrated woman that is used throughout the book that’s got a Barbie doll type figure with the smallest waist in the world, full, beautiful breasts and she’s thin as a rail, so illustrations with women of more realistic body types would have been better. Otherwise, I can’t think of another thing that I didn’t like.

Overall Thoughts

“Tickle Your Fancy” by Sadie Allison is everything I could want in an instructional book. It’s small. It’s pretty. It’s only 85 short pages and most importantly, it gets right to the point without leaving out any important information! There’s so many how to books out there that have so much fluff to get through and read like stereo instructions that it’s difficult to find that detailed information that you want. I think this book would be enjoyable even for those who would not consider themselves avid book readers.

Tickle Your Fancy is chock full of information with step-by-step techniques and actual masturbation scenarios, to help women who have never masturbated, who have never experienced orgasm or who want to expand their masturbation technique to experience better sexual pleasure. It’s also a great book for men to read that want to improve their techniques or that don’t even know where to begin. My boyfriend read this book and tried some of the techniques out on me and almost put me through the roof! So, it also helps men to understand women’s bodies without having to read a long, boring book. All the information you need is right there in 85 short pages.

  • Author: Sadie Allison
  • Publisher: Tickle Kitty Press
  • Format: Softbound # of pages: 85
  • Erotic or Self-Help: Self-Help
  • Easy or Difficult Read: Extremely Easy

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