101 Nights of Grrreat Sex – Laura Corn

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What does it promise?

It guarantees great sex twice a week, every week for one full year.


If you and your lover actually commit yourselves to following and going through with all the sealed seductions on a weekly basis, you will both have great sex twice a week, every week, for one full year.

Favorite Thing

This book contains well thought out ideas for an evening of great sex with your lover. If you’re experiencing a sex life that is fading or kind of fizzling out, this book has complete ideas to get you and your lover having more enjoyable and more satisfying sex again.

All the reader has to do is follow the instructions and/or get the supplies and/or make the plans that are contained within the sealed pages. Laura Corn gives you 50 for him to open, 50 for her to open and 1 for you both to open together when you’ve done all the other ones. All the sealed pages are labeled on the outside telling you if the idea is expensive, if you have to make reservations first, if it’s outdoors, if there’s a meal involved all before you even open the packet. So if you’re tight on cash or can’t go out, then you can skip that one and go to the next and not be disappointed about what you are unable to do at the time. That idea still remains a secret.

This book not only contains full thought out ideas, but gives you more information and tips on having a better sex life. And because it’s small blurbs of information at a time, it’s not overwhelming for the reader.

Sealed Page Sample

This was one of my favorite experiences with my boyfriend. It’s one of the simpler ones, but very effective for the both of us.

No. 74, “Body Tease”

“There’s nothing quite so sensuous as a good back rub. Mmm, it melts your troubles and frees your mind. A lot of couples will tell you that their friendship took an amorous turn when one started working the kinks out of the other’s neck!

This week you’ll be giving your playmate an ultra-massage. Prepare him for the experience by putting a large folded blanket on the floor of the living room or bedroom. Leave it for a day or two. The morning of your seduction, unfold it. If it hasn’t caught his attention yet, it certainly will when he comes home and finds it surrounded by candles and towels.

Let him think about it tonight through dinner. Move to the blanket for wine and dessert. Then ask him to undress for his massage while you carry in a large tray with your essentials. On it are two bottles, one sitting in a bowl of ice. Steam rises from a wet and very hot towel, which you gently drape across his shoulders. Straddle him and pull the warm cloth down his back, letting the moist heat soak into his skin and relax his muscles.

Pull the lotion bottle from the ice and, without saying a word, squirt it down his spine and rub it in. gasp! Make him shiver! Grab an ice cube and trail it down the cleft of his buttocks – ooh!

Let’s heat him up again. The other bottle contains warm, unscented almond oil. Apply it to his neck and work down, finally smearing the warm cream over his bottom. Lean forward and add your own body heat to the mixture. Grab his arms and pull yourself forward, gliding slowly over the slippery film of oil. He’ll love the weight of your breasts, the soft feel of your downy mons as you slide across his back.

Time to turn him over. More hot lotion is in order, but no need to repeat the entire process. His skin is already singing! Ask him to hold an ice cube between his teeth – lean over him and brush your breast against it. Let him feel your nipple rise and come alive against his lips. You’ve no doubt noticed something else rising as well. Friction is your friend as you squeeze him against your bosom or clmap him tightly between your well-lubricated thighs. The oil may be warm, but his explosion will be hot as he releases his passion all over your flushed skin.

Oooh, what a mess. But that’s okay. Cleaning up is half the fun!


  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Steamed Towel
  • Several Candles
  • 1 Bottle of Warm Oil
  • One Bottle of Cold Lotion / More Towels”

See? Laura Corn rocks! Even the way she writes her ideas up are exciting. After you read them, you can’t wait to try them.

Does it deliver what it promises?

Yes! Thanks to Laura Corn, I really believe that if, and only if, you and your lover make the commitment to tear out 1sealed seduction each per week, you will experience a much better sex life. But you have to be committed to doing it. Even if you don’t use it every week, as long as you both use it regularly, you will experience more enjoyable, more satisfying.

Overall Thoughts on 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

One thing that most men aren’t is romantic. What Laura has done in this book, is shown men ways that they can be romantic. You could wake up one morning and have lots of love notes left everywhere you look. Telling you how beautiful you are and how much your partner loves you and how you are the best thing in his life and how much he wants to make love to you. Stuff that really will get you really anticipating your upcoming night together. Ms. Corn shows men how it’s not just the sex, but the setting, surrounding atmosphere that gets us women all excited.

Women generally approach things from a romantic angle. What Laura shows women is how to maybe approach sex from a less romantic angle than we would normally. She also teaches us how men are more visual than women, instructing us to put on more of a show: sitting him in closet or just outside the door so he can peek in and watch you masturbate or driving out to a secluded area and having hot sex as soon as you park the car.

Laura Corn helps men to give women the kind of sexual experience they would enjoy and she helps women to give men the kind of sexual experience that they would enjoy. It’s very eye opening for those that are willing to take note and learn.

We are not taught how to have good sex when we are young, but when we get older, we’re just supposed to know. What Laura Corn does in “101 Nights of Great Sex” is teach us how to have more fulfilling, more satisfying sex while learning at the same time. It’s a great concept and I believe that even couples that have a great sex life right now, would experience an even better one if they got this book.

UPDATE 2-24-09:

This book stands the test of time. Years later, I am still recommending this book to others who have found their sex lives in a slump. Years later, my husband and I still use it to get our sex life back in order when we fall into a rut. We’re at an advanced point with the book where we can combine and add to the ideas as we wish. Truly a great book to get that sweet, sweet lovin’ in gear.

  • Author: Laura Corn Publisher: Park Avenue Publishers, Inc.
  • Format: Softbound # of pages: 101 sealed ideas
  • Erotic or Self-Help: Self-Help
  • Easy or Difficult Read: Easy
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