Naughty Stories from A to Z Vol. 1 Edited by Alison Tyler

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The Hype

(From the back cover) Renowned erotica authors including Ann Blakely, M. Christian, Dante David son, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, N.T. Morley, and Thomas Roche explore their naughty sides in this exciting collection. From A to Z, these stories are S-E-X-Y. It takes a naughty mind like Alison Tyler’s to put together a book this provocative!

What to Expect

This book contains 26 stories from a variety of authors and 1 bonus chapter from ‘ Naughty Stories from A to Z Vol. 2’, written by Alison Tyler. In this volume you’ll encounter a variety of sexual acts, a little taste of everything…anal sex, vaginal sex, lesbian sex, lesbian threesomes, mfm threesomes, oral sex, spanking, latex fetish, bondage, sex in public places, swinging and group sex.

My Favorite Stories

The following stories got me so aroused that I swear by the time I was finished reading, I was lightheaded and soaking wet with excitement.and I normally don’t get that wet! The following are very brief summaries of each story as to not ruin any of the naughty details. I could never do the story justice if I went any further than that since I’m not an erotic writer.

Lonesome Highway by Christy Michaels This story was sexy from the moment it started. Casey, a stripper, had the hots for a female cop that came to the club regularly. On this particular night, Casey tried seducing the cop in the club during a lap dance but the cop was rather unresponsive. Feeling overwhelmed with excitement, Casey got dressed and jumped into her sports car and sped down the highway, only to be pulled over by the same cop who she danced for in the club. The story gets even juicier here because the cop reveals her true desires for Casey as well and she’s not the only female cop to join the roadside party.this story was the best of the got me wet from the first page and kept me wet till the last.

The Sex Test by Alison Tyler This one had a great build-up to the end. Roxanne lends her friend, Jodie, some magazines that she’s finished reading. By the end of the evening, Jodie stumbles upon the sex quiz that Roxanne took. She finds the answers so hot that she starts to pleasure herself and just when she starts to feel guilty about what she’s doing, she gets a very exciting awakening.

Focus of Attention by Shane Fowler A couple, Daniel and Katrina, venture out to a private sex club looking for a little sexy voyeurism, but when Katrina spots Claudia, the night soon turns from simple voyeurism to full on couple on couple participation. This story got hotter and hotter and just when I thought all the excitement was over, there was still a sexy tidbit for me at the end.

Roger’s Fault by Eric Williams Chet is late getting home for Elena because once again his friend Roger kept him out. Roger takes Chet to an adult shop to pick out an apology gift for Elena. When they get home Chet learns of the surprise that Roger and Elena have planned out for the three of them.

Most Surprisingly Exciting Stories

These two are stories that, in the beginning of reading, I didn’t expect to get me all that aroused, but surprisingly by the end, my kitty was throbbing! Again, the following are very brief summaries of each story as to not ruin any of the naughty details.

Killing the Marabou Slippers by Molly Laster This is an interesting little tale that focuses on the main character’s husband Lucas.and how deliciously excited he gets by her newest purchase of fluffy marabou slippers. It’s very short, but very surprisingly sweet.

Zachary’s Needle by Alison Tyler As Zachary gives his girlfriend a tattoo, her mind wanders away into an amazing fantasy starring her and Zachary. Normally, just the thought and description of tattooing makes me nauseous.I’m not against it, but I’ve seen a few friends get it done and it makes my skin crawl.Owie. However, that element combined with Gina’s dirty thoughts really got me excited.

Story that was Difficult to Get Through

‘The House of the Rising Sun,’ by M. Christian, was a little difficult to get through. My intention in reading this book was to get off fast. Read lots of short hot stories and get off. This story had some more drama in it to get through than the others. Compared to the other stories, this one was heavy on story while the sex was on the lighter side.

Most Disappointly, Anti-Climactic Story

‘Your Wish is My Command,’ N.T. Morley, was a hot story about two friends who decide to perform a dominatrix and school girl act at an AIDS benefit at their college. The act they performed in which the schoolgirl got spanked and disciplined in front of an entire audience of college students and the thoughts that were racing through her mind at the time, was all very hot.however, the story just didn’t come to a close the way I needed it to. It felt like the author, got me all worked up and then left me hanging there. A juicy story, that I wish had a different ending.

Overall Thoughts

This is the second book that I’ve read from Pretty Things Press and I can say without hesitation.I’m hooked! When I’m looking for erotica, I’m going to search out titles from Pretty Things Press first. This is yet another book that was put together well. The majority of the stories got me completely excited, every time I sat down to read it, I knew it was going to end in orgasmic pleasure. So far I can say that when a book is published by Pretty Things Press, sexual pleasure for my mind and body is a sure thing. Even the stories that I felt wouldn’t really get me hot, pushed my buttons. Just like Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, I had to make sure that I planned to read this when I had a good amount of time available. Once I started reading it was difficult to put the book down.and.I had to allow time for self-pleasure because the book got me that aroused, each and every time. Even as I write this review I’ve had to look back at some of the stories.just looking back at them has got my kitty purring with excitement. If you’re looking for erotica that will really get you off, this is one title you won’t want to pass up.

  • Authors: Mistress A., Ann Blakely, M. Christian, Becky Chapel, Sarah Clark, Dante David son, Lucia Dixon, Shane Fowler, Molly Laster, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Elle McCaul, Samantha Mallery, Christy Michaels, Beau Morgan, Julia Moore, N.T. Morley, Isabelle Nathe, Lisa Pacheco, Emilie Paris, J. Richards, Thomas Roche, Alison Tyler, Mary Jo Vaughan, Craig T. Vaughn, Eric Williams and Gabriella Wise
  • Editor: Alison Tyler
  • Publisher: Pretty Things Press
  • Format: Softbound # of pages: 211
  • Erotic or Self-Help: Erotic
  • Easy or Difficult Read: Very Easy

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