Ride ‘Em Cowgirl by Sadie Allison

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The Hype

From backcover:

  • Over 100 exciting point-n-play positions to spice up your lovemaking
  • Tastefully illustrated throughout to help you match the angle to the dangle
  • Strokes, squeezes & sensations your lover wants…but isn’t telling you
  • Secret touches to set off eye-popping G-spot and HE-spot climaxes
  • Arousing penis thrills to give her OMIGOD orgasms during intercourse
  • Beef-up fun with EVERY penis type!

What I Like About Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

This may sound silly, but the size of the book is very friendly at 7″ long and 5″ wide. It’s just a playful pocket book that you can easily fit in your purse or hide away in a drawer. Sadie’s books always have a light-hearted, fun appearance to them making them a more attractive read. Even though I’m one of those sex geeks that LOVES to read about sex, I still want good, solid, practical, fun and realistic information.

On that note, the information is solid. As always, Sadie has taken the bare bones information and has presented it in a very playful, straight-forward manner. The book’s title Ride ‘Em Cowgirl may have one thinking that it’s strictly a book for woman on top information and that’s not the case, as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. You’ll encounter illustrations to spice up missionary, doggy style, spooning, G-spot, anal for her and anal for him.

Sadie’s writing is also very friendly in a voice that can be enjoyed by both men and women. There are sections in each chapter directed to men to help them understand a woman’s body and mind during sex and sections directed at women to help them understand men better. So each partner benefits from reading.


I love the fact that each illustrated position contains extra information about what each person can and should do to make the position successful. She doesn’t leave you to decipher the position like many sex positions books do, she explains what you both can be doing once each position is obtained.

There’s lots of other juicy information on how the male and female body work further clarifying why the featured positions work. And speaking of, there’s LOTS of positions! Some of them are simple variations on the basics, however, from what people have asked me over at AllSexAdvice.com, these variations should be fully explained. So many couples get wrapped up in nervousness or get lost in the moment that they don’t try to alter their bodies at all for fear of ruining the moment. This book helps with that sort of thing because you can see the position and read the detailed info about how to make it pleasurable.

Favorite Chapters

Chapter 13, Voluptuous Lovin’, is great! It’s a chapter dedicated to achieving pleasurable positions if you’re an overweight man or woman or if you’re with someone who is overweight. I applaud Sadie here because I don’t believe there’s a lot of information about this out there. I’ve had many people ask about this topic at AllSexAdvice.com as well because they can’t find practical information anywhere else. If you’re a man with a belly, there’s a few illustrations for you. You can also view illustrations for ideas of sex between a heavy woman with a thinner man or if both partners are overweight. I wish there were a few more illustrations, but the information within is still helpful and practical.

Sadie also includes a chapter for pregnant women, Chapter 14, that not only gives position ideas and illustrations, but also explains the changes in sex drive and hormones that not just a woman, but a couple, will experience through the different stages of pregnancy. So it seems this one little book has information that will last a lifetime.


Awesome Chapter

I was most excited about Chapter 17 in which Sadie discusses the different sizes and shapes of penises and vaginas. Not only does she clearly define the differences, but explains how to give the best pleasure along with positions that would work best for each one and how both partners will benefit from them. This is not information I’ve seen so clearly spelled out anywhere.

Overall Thoughts of Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

Sadie has once again satisfied my need to find great information about sex. Ride ‘Em Cowgirl is not just for the ladies, it’s for men, it’s for couples, it’s for pregnant women, heavy couples, wild couples and timid couples. The very existence of this book means that no one has an excuse to not know what they’re doing during sex. It’s a sex-positive, playfully written pocket book that provides the basic information on how to please a woman and man that dives deeper, providing clearly draw illustrations with explanations, that would be useful for a large part of the population. And the chapter that focuses on different size and shape penises and vaginas is priceless. Whether you’re 18 or 60, this book has information that will help you and your lover(s) experience better sex. But don’t read it alone, a book like this works best if read and experienced together. It’s a great way to try these new positions! The information is honest, realistic and the advice is easy to apply and practical and it costs only $15.

Vital Stats:

Author: Sadie Allison
Publisher: Tickle Kitty, Inc.
Erotic or Self-Help: Self- Help
Format: Soft Cover
# of Pages: 217
Easy or Difficult Read: Easy

Where It's Available:

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