Tenga Wavy Egg – Male Masturbator

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85out of 100Very Good

I was not sure of what to expect from the Tenga egg A disposable one time use male masturbator.  It’s position in the consumer market is an interesting one and because the disposable nature of the egg this shouldn’t be directly compared to something like the Fleshlight it would be a closer comparison in use to a Senso lips or my new favorite the palm baller.


Wonderful design outside

The packaging and design are slick and so well thought out. Enclosed in a plastic egg is an egg made of super stretchy material the interior of the eggs have six different textures:  Egg Wavy, Egg Clicker, Egg Spider, Egg Twister, Egg Stepper & Egg Silky. The egg I tried was called wavy.

Marvelous experience inside

The use of the egg is just plain simple remove the egg apply the enclosed lube to egg. Place the egg on the head of your penis and masturbate while stretching the the egg up and down your shaft. The stretchy material transfers great feeling from your hands and fingers. From what I could tell the the stretchy material did not hold any heat like a Fleshlight insert does it was more a soft velvety jelly.


With discretion at you convenience

Masturbating with the Tenga egg produces almost no sound and it compact and discreet. If you are carefully and clean and let the egg dry you may be able to 3 to 4 uses out of one egg. However remember they were designed for multiple use they were designed for one time disposable use and in that aspect they are perfect.

TENGAWAVY-7Overall thoughts and recommendation

If discretion and convenience are your top priorities then Tenga egg is a great product for you. At 7$ o pop it may be a long term cost effective toy but the price does not in any way diminish the value of the Tenga egg. It excels in discrete design and convenience. You can buy the Tenga eggs in a six pack and at the time of this review they are about $30 dollars for six eggs. That is $5 dollars an egg and if get two or three uses from an egg (which Tenga does not recommend) but from my experience is possible that averages out to about $1.75 per egg which is less than a fancy cup of coffee.

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I am Mister Man and since 1999 I have been Ann Andiani's resident masturbatory guinea pig for all the male sex toys.

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