Senso Lips

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77out of 100Good

What the box promises

It fits like a glove.

How’s It Supposed To Be Used

Instead of throwing it up against the wall and seeing if it sticks, you’d find it more pleasurable to stroke yourself with it. It’s a masturbator.

The Best Parts

Because of the ribs in the canal, I experienced that feeling of initial pussy penetration with every stroke. There was also a nice sucking sensation too that made me shoot a powerful load.

The Silliest Parts

The whole thing really. It’s a bright green face with just a big nose and lips that look like they’re cracking. (Guess that’s supposed to add to the realism of it) Give it to your friends and see how they react. That’s entertaining.

The Annoying Parts

After a good amount of uses, and I mean a lot of uses, the jelly inside the canal starts to peel and wear away.

What’s It All Add Up To

This male masturbator rocks. Just lube it up and stroke yourself with it. It definitely enhances masturbation, giving you sensations that you won’t feel with your hand alone. The only down side to the Senso Lips sex toy is that the material starts to peel and wear away, but it’s definitely not as expensive as most pumps, dolls and cyberskin vaginas, so it’s easy to replace.

Size: 4 1/2″ long
Time to Orgasm: About 3 minutes
Extras: .25 oz. Water Based Lubricant Water Friendly? Yes

Where It's Available:

I am Mister Man and since 1999 I have been Ann Andiani's resident masturbatory guinea pig for all the male sex toys.

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