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The Hype

Egg vibrators have been around for a long time acquiring a huge following for several reasons. They are the most versatile available. For example, Use them alone for internal vaginal stimulation by inserting them like a tampon. Hold them against your clitoris for direct clitoral stimulation. Insert them into a hollowed out dildo for occasional penetration with vibration. Use in conjunction with a butt plug by holding up against the base of the plug. Also, Egg Vibrators have been known to deliver very powerful vibrations. Being delivered from a much smaller area than most vibes, the egg’s vibrations are extremely focused, hence more powerful. They come in a variety of colors and have been the most discreet vibrator for a very long time. So, the vibrating egg has obtained some very loyal users over the years.

What I Liked

This egg vibrator packs some serious power when used on the high setting, which is very important factor for me. But it also has a variable speed controller that really does offer subtle vibrations. There’s a lot of vibrators out there that say they’re variable speed but the controller or switch is so sensitive that as soon as you touch it, it switches it to highest speed. That’s most annoying, but I didn’t find that here.

My first beef with most egg vibrators is that my hands usually go numb in the process of using it. That’s why I never really use egg vibrators. However, the jelly material on this vibrator allowed my use of it to be a little more comfortable. Although, by the time I had my orgasm, my hand was still kind of numb, so I guess that’s unavoidable. It’s the nature of the beast, as they saying goes.

I like the fact that it’s an egg vibrator that’s available in a variety of colors, instead of the boring ole white or cream color and not as sterile looking as the silver bullet vibrator with black plastic controller. This egg has some personality, especially with the jelly cover on it.

It’s touted as being a quiet vibrator and I was rather shocked by the muffled sound. I’m not sure if it’s the jelly cover that’s the reason, but who cares really. If you’re looking for something quiet, this should fit the bill.

It’s only, at the time of publishing, $10.95. A versatile vibe like this under $20.00 is rockin good for me! Even it’s normal price of $14.95 is still falls well below that $20.00 mark, so even when it’s not on sale, you still win.

The Lamest Part

The packaging is really very lame, but don’t let that stop you from buying a very pleasurable sex toy. I don’t know why they make such unattractive packages. However, I believe the packaging has been updated, it’s just that this particular egg has been around for a while. It has stood the test of time, that says a lot to me.

What I Didn’t Like

This vibrator was not as quiet as I thought it would be. That powerful motor can get on the noisy side when you put it on its higest speed. I does get quiet when inserted into the vagina and gets a little muffled when held against the body, but it was still much louder than I expected it to be.

My Favorite Way to Use It

Surprisingly, I found a favorite way to use this vibrator, which is by inserting it into my vagina and turning it all the way up! The vibrations are deliciously spread throughout my vagina and I can even feel the vibrations in my clitoral legs which then work their way up to my clit. I lube up my fingers and rub my clit in a circular motion to complete the perfect masturbation experience. Sometimes when I use a vibrator directly on my clit, my orgasms can almost be too fast and too intense. But with this vibrator, my orgasm lasted a little longer and wasn’t cut off as quickly because, my clit experienced both vibrational and non-vibrational stimulation at the same time. As I reached orgasm I just let myself fall into it. I kept rubbing my clit in the same soft, gentle circular motion that I had been enjoying and let the subdued internal vibrations take me over the edge. So far, no other egg has been powerful enough to do that.

An Important Tip

Since the egg is made of a jelly material, it’s important that you use a lubricant. Adding some lubricant, will keep it from staying sticky and allow you to easily move it around your vulva and insert it into your vagina. Any water-based or even silicone-based lube will be fine.

Overall Thoughts

This vibrator has been around, what seems like forever, and I’m glad that I have had to chance to test it out and share my experience with you. It was a surprisingly enjoyable vibrator for me. I’m not normally a fan of egg vibrators. Sticking them in my vagina was never anything to get real excited over and holding them against my clit was annoying because my hand that was holding the egg would go numb. That wasn’t as true with this particular egg. It’s a rather quiet vibrator. That’s not something that I can say often…just by a vibrators very nature, they tend to be loud. But as I stated above, maybe it’s the jelly material that’s muffling the sound a bit. It’s easy to operate and rather powerful…powerful enough for my needs. Is this $15.00 vibe going to last you forever? Probably not. However, for the life span that you do get out of it, it offers you a lot.

So how do I feel about eggs now? After my experience with the Jelly Vibrating Egg, my thoughts have changed some. I think the power, the attractive look, the quiet operation and the price make this a very good vibrator. And I’m not ashamed to admit, since my first experience, I seem to be using it more often. It’s a great small, very affordable vibrator that gets the job done.

  • Size: Egg measures approximately 2 1/2 ” long and approximately 3/4 ” wide. Cord measures 31″ long. Controller measures 3 3/4″ long, approximately 1 3/4″ wide and 3/4″ deep.
  • Power Supply: 2 “AA” batteries, not included.
  • Time to Orgasm: Internal Vaginal Stimulation: 10 minutes, External Clitoral Use: 3 minutes
  • Water Friendly: No

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