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I had heard through the grapevine a lot of positive comments about Jimmyjane products. Plus, the Form 2 caught my eye with its wacky design, I call it the “Tooth Vibe.” Not very sexy, I know, but since I first saw it, it looks like a tooth to me. Jimmyjane refers to it as a rabbit head, which makes a lot more sense and refers to each separate part that sticks out as an ear so I will use their terminology in this review.

As soon as it arrived, all weird looking and pretty pink, I took it out of the box and immediately commented, “Okay, I’ve gotten some wacky looking toys in my day, but this one takes the cake…How the hell do you use it?”

I give Jimmyjane some major applause here because I didn’t have to wonder for long. You see, most toy companies don’t totally own up to the fact that they want you to stimulate your naughty bits with their products because in the instructions, they’ll only tell you how to operate the toy, not how to USE their toy for pleasure. Jimmyjane is not ashamed or afraid and I am super excited. Not only does the instruction booklet clearly tell you how to operate the Form 2, it also has a small, yet significant paragraph on how to USE the toy for pleasure. Yay Jimmyjane! With that lovely paragraph, I was clueless no more.

So what’s the Form 2 offer?

Well the Form 2 is a really quiet, discreet looking, totally waterproof, rechargeable vibrator that you use externally on your bits. It offers 4 vibration modes/programs, each with 4 levels of intensity/speed. The vibration modes are as follows:

  • Constant Vibration
  • Oscillation (like a wave of vibration going from one ear to the other)
  • Thrum (fast vibration that quickly & simultaneously travels from one ear to the other)
  • Pulse (rapid intense pulsing that moves very quickly from ear to ear. Each ear beats very quickly, almost at the same time, but just short of one another.)

I know, this sounds like a lot of vibrators already out there, so how’s the Form 2 different?

It’s all in its unique design. Sure it looked silly to me before I gave it a test drive. I had no idea what I was in for! I’ll try to explain how to use the Form 2 in the simplest terms. You hold most vibrators against your clit or naughty bits. You can do that with the Form 2 as well, but there is an additional use of pure genius that puts it above the rest. Basically put your clit between the ears. This causes the Form 2 to hug your clit and vibrate the sides, the hood (the top), plus the ears vibrate against your labia all at the same time. This is my favorite way to use it and OMG it’s absolutely amazing! It can be quite intense, so make sure make sure you’re a bit warmed up first, don’t just stick it there because you’ll go through the roof, at least I almost did. 😉

Now my clit is more of an Outey, meaning my bits hang out away from my body, but some ladies’ bits are Innys, they stay tucked in close to the body. Luckily a sexy lady friend of mine has those Inny bits are her thoughts are as follows:

“The best part about the Form 2 is that it sits alongside your clit, vibrating on both sides at once. I usually hold a vibrator to one side instead of directly on my clit. This is like having two vibes very close together…one on each side.”

Also, keep in mind that the tips of the ears are small surface areas, so if you were to hold the tips of the ears against any part of your naughty bits, the vibrations will feel even more intense because all that power is being distributed through a very small area. So give that go too, that’s sure to please.


Hell yeah! The folks at Jimmyjane aren’t messing around. Not only does the Form 2 offer a powerful punch, it also offers a good range of intensity. It’s not just low or high. There are 4 levels of intensity for each mode, and the lowest intensity is really quite low. In fact, unless I’ve had too much to drink and am experiencing whiskey clit, I have to start using the Form 2 on the lowest intensity because it gets so freakin’ powerful.  With the way that it’s being used, hugging the clit, it gives the Hitachi Magic Wand a run for its money. There are some serious vibrations not just on just on the clit, but all around it.

Now if you have a sensitive clit and find most vibrators to be too powerful, I’m not sure if this one isn’t going to be any easier to take. The design helps it to be a more effective, more powerful vibrator overall, even on the lowest setting. So if you’re a power queen, this is a good vibe to invest in.

With all this power is it really quiet?

I am amazed at how quiet the Form 2 is. It’s practically silent, even on highest intensity and if you have any other sound happening in the room: music, TV, even a fan, water running, it’s just about totally muted. Add that to the fact that it gets further muted when you hold it against your body…this baby’s pretty quiet. It’s great for those looking for something quiet.

Ease of Operation

I’ve found the Form 2 to be fairly easy to operate. There are only 3 buttons on it. The “+” button turns it on and pushing it or holding it down will raise the intensity/speed of the vibrations. Holding the “-“ button down will eventually turn it off, but first will lower intensity/speed. Unless you’re on the lowest intensity, then it will turn it off immediately. You don’t even have to turn it off with the “-” button, just putting it back in the recharging base will turn it off. The “~” button switches you between vibration modes/programs. One push will bring you to the next mode and once you scroll through all 4, you’ll go back to the beginning. Which is another plus…the vibe won’t turn off after you scroll through all the programs, it’s vibing as long as you need it to and as long as it’s charged.

The only mistake I kept making in the beginning was trying to turn it on with the “~” button, instead of the “+” button. Intuitively, it seems like that should be the on button, but it’s not.


The Form 2 has a memory in that whatever mode you’re using it on when you turn it off, that’s the mode that it will start at when you turn it on again. So if you have a favorite program, just turn it off at that program and when you turn it on, it’ll be doing that thing for ya right away.

 How is it during Partner Sex?

The only position I find vibes to be challenging in is missionary because you’ve got one body on top of another and since this is the most popular intercourse position, I will be focusing on this position when I talk about partner sex. Its small size makes the Form 2 easy to fit in during intercourse. The ears aren’t that long so they don’t get in the way of thrusting and it makes everything in the area vibrate nicely for everyone involved. You do need to keep a hand on it to keep it in place, it doesn’t stay on its own in my experience, but we incorporate so many vibrators into sex, it’s just part of sex for us. Actually, it’s weird if there isn’t a vibrator involved. 😉


Yes, it’s waterproof and we’re not talking about that that silly splash-proof stuff. The Form 2 is water-proof so you can take it in the shower or bath. Unfortunately, I don’t have a swingy hot tub so I’ve not been able to test its durability in the very hot waters and/or chemicals of the hot tub. Regular bath, oh yeah…hot tub…I make no claims. Since it’s waterproof, it’s also very easy to clean…

Speaking of Cleaning

Cleaning is super easy! The Form 2 is made of silicone and stainless steele (both non-porous materials) which means that simply washing it with soap and warm water will clean it completely. Plus since the toy is waterproof, you can stick the whole thing under the faucet to rinse it off.  I let it air dry in the dish rack or wipe it dry with a lint free cloth. Just make sure it’s dry before sticking it back in the base to recharge.

And on that note, Recharging

I’m glad I’ve turned over a new leaf in reviewing power operated items. By using and charging for a few months, I’ve been able to see how it holds up and how it holds its charge. The Form 2 is holding up really well. The good news is that you can’t overcharge it. So I keep mine sitting in the base on my nightstand so it’s always ready to go. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t run out of charge on me during sex…even longer sessions with sexy lady friends that lasts for hours. The base is small with a thin cord coming out the back. You just sit the Form 2, ears up, in the base and it will stay charged for you. The light stays on when the vibe is set in the base correctly, I must admit that I do have to keep checking it because it’s just sitting in the base, if the nightstand gets bumped against or rattled in any way, the Form 2 will not be charging, however, it’s just a simple readjusting or re positioning of it and it will be charging again.


So I mentioned playing with some sexy lady friends…yep, the Form 2 is share friendly because it’s made out of non-porous materials so you can totally and easily clean it between sex partners. I love shareable toys.

Travel Friendly

The Form 2 is also a friendly travel vibe in that you can lock it so it doesn’t accidentally vibrate in your purse or luggage.

Overall Thoughts

While the Form 2 looks a little silly and wacky at first glance, this toy is a gem! It’s a really quiet, discreet looking, totally waterproof, rechargeable vibrator that you use externally on your bits. It offers 4 vibration modes/programs, each with 4 levels of intensity/speed. I love its wacky design because that’s where its genius is.

The Form 2 is not another vibe you hold against your clit (yawn); this vibe hugs your clit. It doesn’t just vibrate on top of your clit; it vibrates all around your clit (sides and top) and labia. It offers a kind of pleasure I’ve never experienced from any vibrator in all my 10+ years of playing with sex toys. And it’s not just the design but the power. And it has a great range of intensity; low intensity really is low and high is well…really high if that’s what you’re looking for.

Its easy operation makes it a cinch to use during sex, there’s nothing to over think and it’s pretty straightforward even though there is more than 1 button involved. Since it’s made of silicone and stainless steele, (non-porous materials) it’s super easy to clean and it can be shared in threesome and swingy adventures. It’s not just splash-proof, but totally waterproof so you can bring it in the shower or bath, a plus if that’s the only place you can get some peace and quiet.

And don’t worry about incorporating it into intercourse. Its small size allows it to fit between two bodies with ease and doesn’t get in the way of any thrusting action.

Being a rechargeable vibrator that you can’t overcharge allows you to keep the Form 2 sitting in its base so it’s always ready to go when you are.

The only thing you can’t do with this vibe is fuck yourself with it because there’s nothing to stick inside, but incorporating fingers, a toy, a cock and this vibe becomes even more divine. I’ve not just used this toy a couple of times, I’ve had it for 6 months and have been using it almost exclusively since then, so I can attest that there’s quality here. It still looks and works just as well as the first day I got it. So I’m going to say it’s totally worth the price of $145 (at the time of writing).

  • Company: Jimmyjane
  • Water-Friendly? Yes, whole thing.
  • Power: Rechargeable
  • Extras: Recharging base and cord and instruction manual in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian.

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