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The Hype

(from Swing Set card box) From the premier producer of sex games and adult party games comes the newly updated release to the original smash hit Swing Set. Completely redesigned as a card game, this new version goes the distance, challenging players to fulfill titillating sexual adventures with each other in a fast paced and competitive arena that is unlike anything you have ever played before.

What You Get

A deck of 51 playing cards and 1 instructional card.

What To Expect

Challenges go from simply the women giving men massages together, kissing all players, spanking each other, telling sexy stories to stripping off your clothes, finger fucking yourself in front of everyone with extra points for licking your fingers! There are cards that request everyone to get in on the challenge, cards in which one player does something to someone he/she chooses or is directed to play with and cards where the women play together.

Back PatternVoyeur Card

What I Like about the Swing Set Card Game

My favorite thing about Great Sex Games’ products is that they’re never all pornoed up. They’re always cute, fun and non-threatening looking. This deck follows that. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all and I’m a real fan of that.

The rules are simple to follow. Game play is easy, just follow the instructions on the cards, no other thought is necessary.

It’s a versatile game that can last as long as you’d like. You have the option to go through the whole deck or get freaky with each other just a few cards in. It’s up to the excitement, arousal and feeling among the group. You can also take out cards that don’t offer what you’re looking for, (i.e. the women don’t want to play with each other). Just remove those cards and the deck is customized for your group.

Swing Set is an easy game to carry around being the size of a traditional playing card deck. So you can take them anywhere and many swingers do.

The hardest part for many couples is getting play started with another couple. Swing Set helps you to get better acquainted with another and get the touchy, feely, sexy stuff started in a fun and playful way.

What I Love

Bottom line, Swing Set is a fun and exciting game, there is no challenge too boring to do and when things get hot, they get REALLY hot!

Not Necessarily Negatives, but Should be Noted

My husband and I, on one occasion, attempted to play this game with 1 lady friend, 3 players in total. We had heard about others pulling it off, but it just didn’t work for us. For some challenges you have to stay involved with a person until your next turn, but it doesn’t work well, because many times the person you’re with is the next person to go. It just didn’t flow the way it would with 2 couples. Also, there were many cards that we had to toss to the side because we didn’t have another man. So you need at least 2 couples for play.

While you can pass any card, at any time and the ultimate goal of this game and any items from Great Sex Games is to have fun, you do need a dose of courage to play, so make sure this is something you want to do.

Erection Racing Dually Blow

Who Is This Game For

Swingers, couples that are secure and happy in their relationship and want to enrich that relationship by playing with other couples.

Overall Thoughts on the Swing Set Card Game

The Swing Set Card Game is a game frequently brought to swinger events and meetings and one round with this deck showed me why. It’s a hoot and a holler and damn sexy! It’s an easy and discreet game to travel with, fitting easily into a pocket or purse. It’s a versatile game that lasts as long as all the players want. It’s customizable for the way your group wants to play. You can include as few as 1 extra couple or as many as eight couples and I’ve heard of even more getting involved in the fun. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself to seriously, it’s a game you’ll all have fun with, laugh over and getting totally hot and bothered from. And most importantly, it’s a game that gets you all feeling sexy, acting sexy and getting busy with one another. For $39.99 at the time of writing, this is a game that you’re going to get years and years of use from. You can play it over and over with the same group of people or break numerous new groups into it. If you’re a swinger, I highly recommend keeping this game on you whenever you travel to an event or party.

Vital Stats:

Size of Cards: 3.5″ long by 2.5″ wide
Great Sex Games
Running Time: As long as you want

Where It's Available:

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