The Love Seat formerly My Buddy Vibrator Cushion

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What’s the hype?

From My Buddy’s website… Allows females to experience the intense repeatable orgasmic responses usually associated with mountable units costing over $1000. Great not only for individual masturbation, but also a fun addition to foreplay or sexual penetration. The best Doggy Style you’ve ever experienced! Compatible with a variety of corded and cordless massagers. Easy to clean, lightweight and easy to store.

Initial Thoughts

From the moment I found this toy, I was excited about trying it out. I’ve always heard such amazingly wonderful stories about the Sybian, a mountable unit that costs over $1000. With that kind of price tag, a toy like that is out of my reach, but it looked like the My Buddy can transform my favorite toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand, into this incredible experience. I was all in.

How My Buddy Vibrator Cushion Works

Turn the Hitachi Magic Wand on High. Insert the Wand into the My Buddy cushion. Plug the Wand into the My Buddy controller. Make sure the controller is off. Plug the controller into an electrical outlet. Turn the controller on and adjust the speed of the with the knob switch. That’s it.

What I Like

Finally an easy way to use the Hitachi Magic Wand totally hands free. Before the My Buddy, I was folding pillows and mounting the Wand or asking my husband to hold it for it, neither method was totally hands free. The My Buddy allows you to sit back and feel pleasure, a major plus.

foam vibrator cushionHitachi Magic Wand and My buddy

The foam cushion is very comfy to sit on, it didn’t feel too wide or too thin. Also the cushion has some firmness to it so you don’t immediately sink to the floor.

It’s easy to clean, even if you’re a squirter. The foam unit can be hand washed with a mild detergent. Let soak for a few minutes and then allow to air dry for 48 hours. I’m not a squirter and I haven’t had to wash it yet, because I simply throw the nylon cover in the wash and that makes it clean enough for my next use. Even better, you can always cover your foam with plastic, then no matter how many times you squirt, you’ll have clean foam.

My buddy cushion cover

Measuring in at 15″ long by 7″ high and 9″ at its widest point, the My Buddy is easy to store. I have mine under my bed. It also fits nicely in one of those tax storage boxes too, if you want to be real discreet.

Following the instructions, it’s easy to get the Wand in and out of the unit, making it quick and easy to set up.

The Awesome Part

The My Buddy controller gives you total control over how intense the vibrations are from the Hitachi Magic Wand. This is a big deal. Normally the Wand has a low and high setting and even the low setting can be too high at times. The My Buddy controller allows you to slow the Wand’s vibrations down to practically nothing and then turn them to full, insane power if that’s what you prefer.

The controller plugs into an electrical outlet and is very easy to use, a simple spin dial that you can keep close at hand or give to your partner for a more surprising kind of play.

My buddy controller

My Favorite Ways to Use

The My Buddy folks claim the unit is a great addition to doggy style intercourse and that’s one of my favorite positions. It takes a little maneuvering in the beginning to get it set right, but once you know what you like, you’re all set. I position the unit so the Wand head is facing away from my body. This allows me to get on all fours and lean back against the Wand as I desire.

I also LOVE using it while giving my husband a blow job. Position the unit so the Wand head is facing towards my body and sitting behind the wands head, I can rub up against the wand as much or back away as I need to. I’m one of those women that needs a lot of foreplay before intercourse and this unit helps me to get even more aroused than when just giving my husband a blow job alone.

While playing with our lady friend, my husband and I were able to have intercourse doggy style while she rode the My Buddy and I could lean over and kiss her knowing that she was receiving great pleasure while watching a hot show.

My buddy vibrator cushion DemoMy Buddy Doggy Style

In the photos on the web site the Hitachi is shown sticking out from the top of the unit quite a bit. When I use it, I stick the Wand way down in the unit where only the little head is sticking out. However, this does cause the wand handle to stick out the bottom of the unit, so make sure you keep it on a cushy surface, like a bed or couch or Liberator Shape, so you don’t damage the handle.

What I Didn’t Like

This is really hard to say. The only thing I didn’t really enjoy was using the G-Spotter attachment on the Wand while on the My Buddy. This is no fault of the product, I just couldn’t find a position that worked for me or that I really felt the attachment on my G-Spot.

Overall Thoughts

For $199.00, at the time of writing, the My Buddy Unit with the controller & Magic Wand turns the Hitachi Magic Wand into a Sybian type toy (that would cost over $1,000) allowing the Hitachi Magic Wand to become hands free and ultimately more versatile. If you already have a Magic Wand, you’ll only need to spend about $158.00, at the time of writing.

The My Buddy gives you the ultimate control over the Hitachi Magic Wands massively powerful vibrations so you get a better range of vibes equaling more pleasure. It’s perfect for masturbation and equally satisfying during intercourse, oral sex or just foreplay. It can be used by couples and even if with an additional playmate in the bedroom. It’s comfortable to lean on, easy to clean and easy to store. This could quite possibly be the perfect accessory to the Hitachi Magic Wand. If you have a Wand, you haven’t experienced it until you’ve added the My Buddy.

Vital Stats:

Size of cushion: 15″ long by 7″ high and 9″ at its widest point
Size of controller unit: 4 1/4″ long by 1 1/2″ high by 2 1/4″ wide, Cord measures approx. 6’5″ long
Power Supply: An electrical outlet to operate the Wand and controller if you get it.
Water Friendly: No, not during play. However, you can wash the foam cushion and the nylon cover.


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