Sexploration Intense Games DVD

75out of 100

The Hype

(from website) An interactive adult party game that is loaded to the gills with sexy fun…Packed full of sexy challenges, animations and illustrations, this DVD goes the distance and promises to please. The game is completely interactive and delivers challenges, games and competitions to the players via their DVD player, television and remote control.

Initial Impressions

When I first heard about these games on DVD, they sounded like a hoot and a holler. Their site is very friendly and inviting and even when my DVD arrived, it looked playful. It’s something you can keep on your DVD shelf without anyone actually realizing that it’s a sex game, so it’s packaging is discreet. It comes in a DVD box like movies and has one, double sided score sheet to get you started that can be easily photocopied for future game play.

What You’re In For

This is a sexual challenge game for monogamous couples to play together. At no time is the couple asked to switch partners for sexual stimulation. The women can play together if you set the game for female bi-sensuality.

What I Liked about Sexplorations Intense Games

This game is extremely women friendly, giving the power to the females. They decide if points are awarded and the cards speak to them. The guys are in for a treat! Let’s face it, most men would be willing to play this game at the drop of a hat. In most cases, it’s the women who would be hesitant.

It’s an action packed DVD. The main game on this DVD is specifically designed for at least 2 couples. The game consists of 4 sets of cards with different point values e.g. 1 point, 5 points, 10 points and 15 points. It starts out light. 1 point cards have you mostly telling stories, giving massages, taking a drink. Things that can be easily and comfortably done with your clothes on.

What’s great about this game is the players have a lot of customization. The women decide if they want to set it to have some female bi-sexual play. If not, then the play is strictly hetero between monogamous couples.

Things get more sexual the higher the point group; as a group everyone decides if you’re going to go to a higher group. You will go through at least 8 challenges in total before getting access to the higher point challenges. There’s no need to worry about being asked to do something that you’re not comfortable with. A couple can reject any challenge given to them. Another card is given and the game moves on.

You can introduce this DVD to your friends with the added game of Sexploration Charades which is a charades game with a very sexual twist.

Another game is Sexploration Roulette. Spin the wheel and see what you have to do to your partner. This game is great for a couple playing alone, or you can invite as many other couples in as you want. Each takes turns spinning the wheel of sexual dares. The illustrations on the wheel for each action are amusing and clever.

So there’s a lot happening on this one DVD for couples, for sexual play or just for sexy, silly fun.

What I Didn’t Like about Sexploration Intense Games

This is a difficult one and honestly, in order to include things, I have to be really, really picky. You will come across the same challenges on each consecutive game play however within the same game you will not; at least it didn’t happen during my experience. So their bank of challenges is not infinitely deep.

This game in particular requires at least 2 couples. So after you’ve spent your $49.99, you better be sure to have another couple to play with. Don’t worry though, Great Sex Games also makes a game designed for a single couple to play alone.

Silly Bits

Some of the illustrations, especially the ones in the roulette section. They’re actually pretty clever. During the main game, there are times when you need to use a timer. The man that counts you down has, I believe, a Scottish accent and sounds pretty silly when he says…”GO!” All my friends giggled at him and it actually became a joke going through the DVD.

Who Is This Game For

I feel like college students would be the most interested. It has a real young feel to it and I can easily see a bunch of students getting together playing this. A great way for them to safely explore their sexuality. However, any adult couple can have fun with this game as well. Sexploration games

Overall Thoughts on Sexplorations Intense Games

Finally there’s a way to playfully explore a level of group sex play without being concerned about switching partners. It’s great for the exhibitionists that want to show their stuff without going to a sex club. It gives the players full control over how sexual things get and you can stop game play at any time.

The game has a feeling of playful sexiness without making the players feel like perverts. The challenges are fun, naughty and hot and is sure to have you all laughing, moaning and feeling good about yourselves when game play is over.

It’s filled with tons of useful extras, including extra games and full instructions so you all know exactly how to get the most out of your game play. I highly recommend this to any couple or group of people who want to make their nights a little naughtier with their good friends. A game like this could be the door to intense sexual play between couples if that’s what’s desired. It’s well put together and very easy to use.

Vital Stats:

Studio: Great Sex Games
Running Time: As long as you want

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