Passion Throw – Adult Game

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How would one play this adult board game?

You and your lover spread out the cloth game board on your bed, floor, dining room table or wherever you’d like and place the playing pieces on the first space. You take turns rolling the die and moving your playing pieces. Every space you land on has fun instructions for you to follow. The first player to reach the final space wins and selects the first lovemaking position. Examples spaces are: nuzzle back of neck, wrestle, playfully, passionate kiss, gratify orally, lick inner thigh

How big is it?

The Passion Throw throw is 4 ft. wide by 5 ft. long. The die is 1 1/2″ square and the two mini pillow game pieces are 3″ wide by 5″ long.

Who is this game for?

The Passion Throw is a perfect game for couples, especially couples that don’t know how to incorporate new activities into their lovemaking. It takes the responsibility away from you. You have to perform the act because it’s you that landed on the space. You’re just playing the game.

Overall Thoughts

My boyfriend and I love this game for couple. You can take it anywhere. Once you lay it out and start the game it really takes you from foreplay right into intercourse. And it doesn’t go quickly either because you or your partner may land on a space like “Discipline needed, back 2” or “Eager to please, advance 4”. So you may have to repeat some things over again. When my boyfriend and I played, he kept landing on “Cold hands, start over”. So it’s not a quick thing. And it’s so much fun!

Like I said earlier, it’s a great game for couple who have lost that ability to engage in long periods of foreplay. And it doesn’t make you do anything crazy or something that your partner may feel is offensive or beyond his/her boundaries. It’s a great way to start play and it’s machine washable so it’s really easy to clean up. I wish I could give the Passion Throw more than just 1 thumb up because it’s terrific!


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