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85out of 100Very Good

Teachers from Digital Playground sounded like a fun porn romp starring Jesse Jane, who I’ve found to be very entertaining in most of what she does, so I thought this movie had a lot to offer

The plot is solid, simple and fun.

Not even a full 5 minutes into Teachers and Hubby and I were fully entertained and there hadn’t even been any sex yet.  The basic plot is that a group of hottie girl students’ secret sexual encounters notebook keeps falling into the wrong hands and they’re trying to get it back.

More sex than story.

In this three hour porn, there are 8 sex scenes each lasting anywhere from 20-25 minutes in length. The first sex scene happens about 9 minutes in and I think that’s the most non-sex time that’s spent on the story line between sex scenes.

Must See Scene: Katsuni, Riley Steele and James Deen Threesome.

Katsuni plays the sexy French teacher, she speaks some French too (OMG hot!), and just oozes sexiness in this scene. She keeps students, Riley and James, after class for “punishment.”

This scene had a lot of great elements for me. First, the chemistry among them all was insane. James Deen is a porn superstar. No matter what movie I’ve seen him in or who he’s having sex with, he usually looks like he’s totally into the lady/ladies he’s having sex with.

While Katsuni and Riley didn’t have full out sex with each other in this threesome, they looked like they were genuinely attracted to one another and as a result what they did do with and to and each other looked really hot, making the scene smokin’ hot.

There are moments when Katsuni is getting so excited in the standing positions they‘re in, that she can’t even hold herself up because she’s giving in to the pleasure. And Riley is a champ, James and Katsuni are throwing her a serious bang and she’s totally game.

James Deen, Riley Steele, Katsumi

James Deen is the winner in this scene.

I also really enjoy when all the stars stay involved with each other in a threesome and everybody’s getting some attention. Katsuni, James and Riley were connected in some way, most of the time and some of it was pretty clever and I give credit to James Deen.

He did a lot of talking and on the spot directing during this scene, but his style is not distracting, or annoying or unexciting. He speaks very softly, directing his partners to do what he wants, and it doesn’t feel false. It feels like he’s seeing the sexy opportunities that arise during a scene and takes advantage of them. I don’t think this scene would’ve had the same steam factor without him and that’s credit to good casting.

The Jenna Haze, Stoya and Evan Stone threesome is banging.

Students, Jenna and Stoya, seduce their sex ed teacher Mr. Stone and it’s another case of how the casting of who is having sex with who in this movie is very well done.

Evan Stone and Jenna Haze are both enthusiastic, energetic performers and by adding the more subdued hottie, Stoya, to the mix there was good balance in the scene. No one star was overpowering another which can happen.

Jenna Haze is also a great dirty talker.

The dirty talk Jenna comes up with is hot, clever and hysterical and it all fits so well into the mix without sounding cheesy or fake. She kept the filth coming which pleased me tremendously, making her the winner of this scene. It’s another lady, lady, man threesome where everyone stays actively involved with each other and the ladies look like they’re genuinely into one another so a lot of hot sex and even hotter anal sex happens.

Well Cast

All the stars, even Jesse Jane at 31 years old, look like they could be students. Ben English as the dean and Lisa Ann as the receptionist look appropriate for their roles especially since they’re having sex with the students and they don’t look like old creepy people having sex with young people. All in all, everyone is hot and attractive.

Holy Orgy

With all the threesomes in this movie, three scenes in succession, I didn’t know how the movie would top itself in the end. Where do you go for there? Well, you have a sexy threesome on a bus turn into a 9 person orgy!

Orgy scenes always have a lot going on and it’s difficult to focus on any one thing and capture it all, but there was a lot of chemistry and everyone looked like they were having a blast which made a great ending scene.

Camera work, lighting and editing were well done.

Some of the scenes happen in a dreamlike, flashback setting as people are reading the notebook and the look of those scenes with blurred out edges and softer light reflected that. What I really appreciated was the choice to keep it that way through the entire sex scene and that look is kept consistent throughout the movie.

The camera got some good shots and there was this slow panning and moving of the camera to catch all the action and it made everything feel very organic. Plus they were creative enough to move the story along with very short non-sex scenes and keep the hot sex front and center.

Only 2 scenes felt weak.

Lisa Ann is a hot MILF and her scene with Scott made my panties wet in the beginning with tons of chemistry between them and lots of making out. Lisa is very enthusiastic when she gives a blow job. Things went south for us when the sex started to feel repetitive and Lisa’s moans and groans and dirty talk seemed to be on repeat.

The Angelina Valentine, Mason Moore and Erik Everhard threesome scene didn’t work for us either because there’s a lot of sameness in it. First, Angelina and Mason look very similar, which could be hot to some, but not us. Between both of their very similar fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake nails and fake hair, we were overwhelmed. Their performances were very similar in style and repetitive and it all ultimately felt fake.

Jesse Jane, Stoya, Riley Steele

Overall Thoughts and Recommendation

Teachers is a fun movie with a strong storyline that moves along briskly. The sex scenes are hot, long and frequent. Hubby and I couldn’t make it through the whole flick without jumping each other’s bones.

It’s well cast in that all actors are appearance appropriate for their parts and most of them are well paired in their scenes to create steamy sex. They all are super-hot. The production values are top notch.

If you prefer your sex to contain only a man and a lady, you may want to skip this one or just rent it for the two couple scenes. However, if you’re a fan of group sex and especially the lady, lady, man threesomes framed with a fun and strong storyline, I highly recommend Teachers.

  • Starring:   Angelina Armani, Angelina Valentine, Ben English, Erik Everhard, Evan Stone, James Deen, Jenna Haze,  Jesse Jane, Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Mick Blue, Riley Steele, Scott Nails, Stoya, Tommy Gunn
  • Director: Robby D.
  • Studio: Digital Playground
  • Running Time: approx. 3 hours

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