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The Hype

(From the package) Spontaneous sex is hot; laundry is not. The Liberator solution: Fascinator Throe is a sex surface featuring a nylon layer with a waterproof coating. Machine washable and most excellent for the female ejaculator, this special moisture barrier slurps up love juices, lubes and leftovers while it protects your bedding. No prep time. No wet spot. No clean up.

Intial Thoughts

I am one of those neat nicks so when I discovered this item, I was intrigued. Upon initial inspection of my red Shag Throe, I learned that this is a classy item. The Shag side is luxuriously soft, while the other side is super smooth Satin. What separates this Throe from any other blanket is the plastic middle layer which keeps any moisture from being absorbed totally through from one side to the other and onto your furniture. So it looked great, it felt great and seemed to be well constructed. It was time to put it through the tests of real life sex.

My Experience

Our first encounter with it was during a romantic bath. I like to the put the Stage Liberator Shape next to the tub to give us more room to play. I decided to put the Fascinator Throe over the Stage this time, instead of a pile of towels, with the Satin side up. Our Throe got soaked! Afterward we inspected everything and the only thing that was wet was the satiny side. No moisture got through to the Shape, it was absolutely dry. We were impressed. I’m not a squirter, but after that test I feel confident in saying that it will save your mattress if you are.

Next test was cleaning it. Liberator touts how easy it is to clean and my concern was after spending $85, is it going to survive that cleaning? Will it come apart, get misshapen, will the middle layer come unattached? I through it in the gentle cycle on cold as instructed and then in the dryer on low setting and it was fine. It kept its shape, the middle layer was still intact. Again, I was impressed.

The next test really played on my neat nick-ery. My husband and I started to get all cozy on our sofa downstairs and before our clothes came off, I darted upstairs to get the Throe. I tossed it over our couch, shaggy side up and we went at it. It was great! Our first floor is drafty in the winter and having the Throe Shaggy side up, not only kept our couch clean from bodily fluids and lube, but it also kept us nice and warm in that drafty environment. The next morning I came downstairs picked up the Throe, put it in the wash and everything was clean. Love it! I didn’t have to worry about getting any stains off the sofa, just lift away and things are as clean as before we started. I put it in the wash and it survived again and looks as good as new.

sex blanketthroe

Overall Thoughts on the Liberator Fascinator Throe

This is a quality item. Liberator has outdone themselves. I know many are saying, wait a minute, it’s $85 for a blanket, that’s crazy! No actually, it’s not. First, if you were to purchase a new shaggy or satiny blanket for your bed, you’d probably spend that much or more, if you wanted to get a quality item. Plus, I’ve used my regular blankets/comforters as covers for my furniture for years now and I can say that the middle plastic layer is one key to the Throe’s greatness. In my experience, fluids soak through a regular blanket. Plus the blanket gets wet and cold and becomes an uncomfortable surface to have contact with. With the shaggy side up, the moisture gets absorbed to the middle layer, and I didn’t really notice how wet it was. There are some plastic throws and sheets out there and I’ve recommended them to squirters and people that get real messy during sex, but they’re not as comfortable as the Fascinator Throe can be. Liberator has added the extra element of the cushy blanket which really adds richness and comfort.

The neat-nick in me loves the fact that this is “The Sex Blanket”. That’s it, I no longer have to worry about messing up my newly laundered sheets and comforter from a spontaneous sex session or hurrying up the next day to clean my blanket that I need to stay warm downstairs, that got messy during sex the night before. When sex is over, I throw the blanket in the laundry and just need to make sure it’s washed before the next time we have sex.

liberator blanket

It’s great for playing in bed because neither partner has to worry about sleeping in the wet spot. Let’s face it, even if you took the time to change the sheets, the mattress is still wet and you’re still going to feel that moisture when trying to sleep.

The Fascinator Throe has all the elements. It allows you to be spontaneous, you can bring it and use anywhere: in your car, on a picnic, at the beach, on your floor. It provides a comfortable, moisture absorbing surface that you can be confident you won’t leave traces of your naughtiness. And it’s so easy to clean.

I know this is something I will always use for sex. The 2 different surfaces give variety, so you don’t get tired of the same ole, same ole, it keeps things clean and it’s well made. I think it’s absolutely worth it. It’s something you’ll use over and over again and I’m betting you’ll have it for years.

UPDATE 1-25-12:If a product stands the test of time…and I’m talking years, I like to come back and give it applause. I got this Throe from Liberator back in 2008. That’s 4 years ago. Over the 4 years, we’ve put this same exact throw to a lot of use. And after we use it, we wash it. In 4 years, it shows at a couple of the corners, sign of use, but it’s nothing that a little needle and thread can’t fix. The velvety side still feels amazingly soft and keeps you warm and the satiny side is incredibly smooth and keeps you cool if that’s what you desire. The price has gone up a few bucks, it’s now $90 instead of $85, but this item is absolutely worth it because of the years it will last you.

UPDATE 7-8-2013: So it’s been over a year since my last update and this item is still in good shape. There’s very little wear and tear on it after 5 years of use. I’m so impressed and it’s so useful, no more worrying about stained furniture, bed linens or carpets. It’s still looks pretty and still feels really nice against the body.

Vital Stats:

Manufacturer: Liberator
Size: 77″ Long by 55″ wide


Where It's Available:

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