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The Hype

You and your lover can expand your sexual repertoire by getting into more difficult positions with comfort and ease. With the Swing, you don’t have to be in the best shape or be the greatest athlete to get it on in wild positions! Since all these new positions take no effort at all, you can sit back and enjoy the sensations you’re feeling rather than trying to hold yourself in position. Also, making it helpful for those that experience back pain. The Love Swing can be easily installed in a doorway, ceiling beam or used with the swing stand and packs flat for storage.

It’s Famous This toy has been featured on Playboy TV’s “Nightcalls”, HBO’s “Sex and the City” and, most recently, on the E Channel’s “Anna Nicole Show.”

What I Liked about the “Love Swing”

First of all, it arrives fully assembled. All I had to do was screw the eyehook into a doorjam, hang the swing from the hook and I was ready to go. That was it!

The padded nylon straps made my sitting, lying and bending over experience in, on and around the love swing most comfortable, even for long periods of time.

Usually I have a fabulous time during my sexual encounters, but the Love Swing brought a refreshing child-like fun to the whole experience. The first time I sat in it, with my feet in the stirrups, all exposed, I started giggling and swinging away. My boyfriend came over and continued pushing the swing but every time, I swung back to him, my pussy received a delicious lapping. And that was just to get things started!

The instruction manual was a lifesaver. When we first set it up and was ready to use it, we were almost overwhelmed by the numerous amount of things we could do with it, so we opened the manual and started getting into the same positions as the couple pictured. That kept us focused and it also shed some light on how to vary regular positions like missionary and 69. I was like, “Duh, of course we can do that, why didn’t I think of it before looking in the manual?” So even for those that may not want to get too wild and crazy, there are some really comfortable, yet fun variations on what you may already be doing.

The straps are adjustable on it, so you can really get in any position you desire, also helping it work from woman to man or man to woman. The Love Swing comes with a metal, spring-open hook and a steel spring, so if you want to be lower to the ground, use the spring along with the hook and if you need to be higher, away from the floor, just use the metal hook. For example, in order for my boyfriend and I to have intercourse with me sitting in the Love Swing, it needed to be raised higher up. My boyfriend is 6’4″, so we put the spring aside and just used the metal hook. That put me at just the right height.

love swing positionsThe Love Swing is also very easy to clean with a damp cloth. I first used a damp soapy cloth and then just a damp cloth to wash away the soap and let it air dry and that seems to keep it nice and clean.

Most Rockin Part

The stirrups are terrific! You can use them for your feet, ankles, thighs or, if you’re bending over the swing, your hands or arms. When I put my feet in them and sat just on the edge of the butt padding, I felt so exposed. It felt naughty and was extremely exciting. There’s was no hiding place for my kitty, it was out there and available for the taking. Luckily, my boyfriend took away!

I was actually able to get myself into a backbend, with ease, during oral sex. I put my feet in the stirrups and put pressure on those, while I laid back on the back padding alone. I didn’t use the butt padding. I was totally exposed, butt and pussy, and with all the stimualtion that was going on, I just laid all the way back, holding onto the side straps, with my head hanging back and experienced a weightless orgasm. It was so cool! Normally, when I reach orgasm, my body tenses up. Since I felt so free, I was able to just let it all go. That was awesome!

It has a Torque Support Bar across the top of it. I found this to be extremely useful in the woman on top position. My boyfriend sat in the swing and I climbed up on top of him. Unfortunately, I’m not in as good of shape as I used to be, so being on top and bobbing up and down usually doesn’t last that long. But the bar was heaven sent. I straddled my boyfriend, put my feet in the stirrups, because I couldn’t reach the floor (remember he’s tall.) and grabbed onto the Support Bar. I used my arms to help lift me up and totally off his penis and then slowly and gracefully lower myself back onto it. When women are on top, they can get the deepest penetration when they’re sitting straight up. The more they angle their chest toward their man, the more shallow the penetration becomes. So if you’re out of shape, like me, and you have to eventually lean down on the bed with your hands, you can’t get that deep penetration. With the Torque Support Bar, I was able to sit straight up and take in my boyfriend’s penis as deep as it goes. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

What Didn’t Work For Me

Originally, I installed the Swing in the doorway of my bathroom/bedroom because my bathroom wall opposite the door is a huge mirror, so I figured, fun sex and a show…what could be better?! Anyway, I was only able to use the Swing a couple of times before the wood in my doorjam started to split. I live in an apartment that was apparently very quickly banged together, so instead of splitting any more wood in my doorways I found a great solution…The Portable Swing Tree Stand. Now, before I moved into my new, quickly assembled apartment home, I had it hanging from the closet doorjam in the bedroom of my other apartment and that wood never split, so I guess it really depends on your particular house. Although the hole, that is made in the wood, is easy to close up with some wood filler and then just paint over it and ta-daaaaaa, you’re good as new!

more love swing positions

Other Places to Install the Love Swing

I’ve also heard that instead of a doorway, you can install it in a ceiling beam. But I don’t have any of those, so I used the Portable Swing Tree Stand. The Stand is a sturdy, free-standing support for sex swings, and is made to hold up to 800lbs, from its center point. That’s more than any other swing on the market and more than the Love Swing is orginally meant to hold. From a ceiling or doorway, the Love Swing can hold up to 200 lbs with the spring and up to 400 lbs without the spring. So really, anyone can use the Love Swing, that has a sense of adventure.

love swing with universal standNow this really isn’t a review of the Portable Swing Tree Stand, but it is a great addition to your Love Swing. It can be easily taken apart into its 11 individual pieces and assembled just as easily within minutes, making it very portable. In fact I will be taking it on my weekend getaway in a few weeks. Woo Hoo! It also comes with upper loops on all 4 legs for additional tie points for mild bondage. It’s only downside is that, for sturdiness and safety, it takes up approximately 5 1/2 feet squared on the floor. So you have to make sure you have enough floor space for it, once it’s set up. Otherwise, it’s a hoot to have. My boyfriend and I use it all the time and we when we’re not using it, we store it under our bed.

The Funniest Part

This really has nothing to do with the actual function of the Love Swing itself, but I’ll share. When I obtained the Portable Swing Tree Stand, I set it up in my living room and just left it all set up. When my buddies would come over, (they know I’m a freak) they would sit in the swing and watch TV. Soon after, I started doing the same thing, it’s that comfortable and it’s a swing in my living room. How much fun is that?

Overall Thoughts

The Swing has been a wonderful addition to my sex life. When I want to add some adventure and fun, my boyfriend and I put on some music, assemble the stand, hang the swing, light some candles and we’re ready for an extremely playful experience. It has allowed us to get in positions we didn’t think we could do and never really thought about trying, which has made sex even more exciting. It’s the most FUN I’ve ever had during sex. It’s like having a jungle gym in our house that’s just for adult playtime.

The ease of setting up, taking down and cleaning, doesn’t make it a chore to use. I’ve never thought, “Oh man…we have to set up the swing first.” It hasn’t made sex any less spontaneous, it’s actually caused a lot more wonderful antificipation because as we’re setting it all up, I start to wonder what we’ll be doing with it. Although I’m not in the best of shape, I’m also not overweight either, but I can see how the Love Swing would be helpful to those that may be a little heavier and a little more out of shape than they’d like to be.

I really was able to just sit back and put forth no effort when I was in the swing. It held me in position and the straps weren’t digging into my skin and cutting off my circulation, which can happen if they aren’t padded enough. So, all in all, I found the Love Swing to be a very pleasureable addition to sexual play.

To preview the fun that you can have with the Love Swing, I highy recommend “Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Sex Toys,” in which she highlights how to use this toy. Feel free to view it in our online theater or purchase the DVD to watch anytime you’d like.

  • Comes with: love swing, high strength steel spring, 2 easy spring-open connecting hooks, standard link chain and eyelet bolt
  • Weight it can hold: up to 200 lbs using spring, 400 lbs. without using spring

Where It's Available:

  • Order Love Swing – Adjustable Sex Swing from Sugar Toys
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