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The Hype:

From back cover.”Have you ever felt the delicious thrill of lying across a lover’s lap and getting spanked good and hard? Or been the one doing the spanking, enjoying the sting as your hand collides with your lover’s ass? Or have you simply dreamed about the gorgeous heat generated by a truly perfect spanking? If so, this book’s for you! Naughty Spanking Stories From A to Z has it ALL, from disobedient students and stern mistresses to kinky cops and naughty captives, to men and women who simply love getting spanked.this book will have you itching to bend over and bare your bottom!”

What to Expect:

These stories are not for the faint of heart. I wouldn’t say that the kinky topics are scary, hardcore like cutting and things like that, but bottom line, they’re spanking stories, so no story is without the spanking. You also encounter anal sex, vaginal sex, lesbian sex, threesomes, gay male sex, swinging, mistresses, masters, slaves, female submissives, male submissives.

Most Exciting Stories:

The following stories got me so hot that my kitty was literally throbbing, so I just had to masturbate! Now the following are very brief summaries of each story as to not ruin any of the naughty details. I could never do the story justice if I went any further than that since I’m not an erotic writer.

Her Beautiful Long Black Overcoat
Deirdre and her Master, Caryl, take Deirdre’s husband to an S/M club with them so he could experience what it is that they do together there. Deirdre’s husband turns out to be very surprised at his reaction to witnessing his wife’s total submission to another man.

Quiet Evening at Home
After meeting for the first time in the elevator of a high rise apartment building, Alexandra and Lucia realize that they are both the girlfriends of Mike. After each having their fits, they decide to come up with an idea to punish Mike for the lies he has told the two of them.

More Please Sir
It’s Gina’s birthday and her treat is to get spanked by everyone at her party. Her first spanker is the woman she’s lusted after for some time, Monica.

A very sexy tale about a woman who’s lucky enough to play with another couple. The really exciting part is that they BOTH submit to her at the same time.

Most Surprisingly Exciting Stories

These two are stories that, in the beginning of reading, I didn’t expect to get me wet, but surprisingly by the end, my panties were soaked! Again, the following are very brief summaries of each story as to not ruin any of the naughty details.

The Krankeit Treatment
Terry (male college student), who has always hated doctor visits, is going for his annual check-up. He finds that he’s extremely attracted to the nurse that he deals with in the waiting room, but when he goes in to see his male doctor, Dr. Krankeit, the surprise of his sexual life is waiting for him.

Naughty Boys Report Here
Chris gets invited to an all male sex party, in which the invitation instructs to leave your clothes at the door. Now, I’ve never really been into watching gay porn; however after reading this, I’m realizing that I do enjoy erotica about them.

Stories I Just Couldn’t Get Through

The following are stories that I couldn’t read all the way through. I read the first couple of pages of each and skimmed through the rest. However, I’d like to make note that this is a totally personal preference here, not an editor mistake. Even though I wasn’t excited about the kink or the characters, the author still stayed within the theme of spanking. So, the following are brief summaries of those stories.

“Gifts from Santa” is a woman’s naughty fantasy about Santa Claus. “The Recession Spankologist” is a clever title which ties itself into the story about a man that goes to see a professional dominatrix. Even though he’s surprised and little disturbed at how old she is, he stays for a full session in which she instructs him wear women’s panties while he gets spanked. “See Dick Deconstruct” consists of two rough, gay guys getting involved in some rather dangerous, kinky play.

Overall Thoughts

The book contains 28 stories, 26 stories from A to Z plus 2 bonus stories. Out of 28 stories, I couldn’t read all the way through 3 of them, that’s not bad at all! I’ve read other Best of Erotica books and compilations like that where I couldn’t read a lot of the stories because the subject matter covered so much that it started to embark on territory I wasn’t interested in or comfortable with. So in comparison, this book was great and totally lives up to the hype! It was also a quick read and an easy read. Most stories were about 10 pages, give or take a page or two and I believe most stories were under that.

I commend Rachel for her wonderful job of editing. I wasn’t sure if every story was going to just have spanking or if the book would contain all kinds of SM play and that concerned me. I’m not into the real hardcore stuff, so if it was, I was going to have a difficult time reviewing it. Thankfully, it was not. She said it was a spanking book and she damn well stuck to stories highlighting that.

Even though this book was total fiction, it still gave my mind some naughty ideas to incorporate into my own sex life. It also really got me in the mindset of getting back into SM play. My boyfriend and I always had a great time spanking and tying each other up, but we haven’t done it in years. Thanks to this book, I’m feeling extremely inspired!

I know that in most porn movies, if there’s any kind of bondage, there usually isn’t intercourse. Since this is isn’t actual people on screen the authors were able to do whatever they wanted and many blended the two. I really enjoyed that. For some stories after reading all about the spanking sessions, the intercourse actually gave me closure, and then, of course, I had to masturbate. Speaking of.

No matter what time of day I read this book, it was an enjoyable read. However, I did figure out quickly that it was a book for reading at home only because it got me so tremendously excited. I probably read about 4 or 5 stories at a clip and most of the time when I was finished, I was dizzy with excitement. If you’re looking for a book full of spanking stories with incredibly hot sex, I highly recommend Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z!

Vital Stats:

Authors: Michelle Houston, Tenille Brown, Kate Dominic, Catherine Lundoff, L. Elise Bland, Barbara Pizio, Tsaurah Litzky, Bill Noble, Sage Vivant, Thomas Roche, Simon Sheppard, Elle McCaul, N.T. Morley, Christopher Pierce, Debra Hyde, Michele Zipp, Lisabet Sarai, Jonathan Ames, Ian Philips, Tanya Turner, Xavier Acton, Sean Evans, Sacchi Green, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Darklady, Marcelle Perks
Editor: Rachel Kramer Bussel
Publisher: Pretty Things Press
# of pages: 242
Erotic or Self-Help: Erotic
Easy or Difficult Read: Very Easy

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