Tristan Taormino’s True Lust Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion

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What’s the hype?

“From Village Voice sex colomnist and award-winning adult film star comes Tristan Taormino’s personal vignettes of sex in the city – the real story, not the cleaned-up TV version!

Tristan Taormino has dished out sex advice to Howard Stern, Dick Clark, and the Playboy Advisor. Now the best-selling author of the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women blows the lid off sexual propriety with her behind-the-scenes, first-hand peek at America’s hot spots.”

Does it live up to the hype?

Absolutely! Tristan really tells all and holds nothing back. She hasn’t just read about these sexual acts, fantasies and fetishes, she lived them out and in “True Lust” she tells us everything we want to know.

Who is Tristan Taormino?

Tristan is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women”, which she then directed and appeared in both Videos/DVD’s that she made from the book, which got rave reviews. She’s been writing for the Village Voice Newspaper in New York City. She started “Pucker Up” a pansexual magazine in 1995. She’s written for the lesbian magazine, “On Our Backs.” She’s been featured on HBO’s Real Sex. She tours and lectures all over the country, giving anal sex worshops and most importantly, she’s experienced first-hand everything she talks about.

What kind of stuff does she talk about?

Tristan discusses everything from going to see strippers with her dyke friends to anally fucking her lover, to taking a private masturbation workshop with the Mother of Masturbation, Betty Dodson. She talks about going to kinky summer camp, Dyke Uniform Corps., participated in the Millenium March on Washington. Tristan visited and had a scene with a professional dominatrix, partipated in pony play, vaginally fisted a straight girl, gets strangers to volunteer at her anal sex workshops to be anally penetrated in front of the crowd. She’s researched bear love (big, mature, hairy gay men). She didn’t realize she’d even find interest in a Mommy fantasy. Whatever you can think of and even things you can’t even imagine have been experienced and explored by Tristan and luckily, revealed in this book for us.

Favorite Quotes

This is my favorite party, since I’ve read it I’ve been telling everyone about it. I just think it would be very surreal. She tells the story about going to Kinky Summer Camp and all the events that are going on and how it really is like summer camp but with a twist, such as the announcements:

“I want to remind everyone that there is no group sex in Heaven. If you’ve planned an orgy, go to hell.”

“If you put in an application to be kidnapped, your liaison or Top or Master must come to the kidnapping office to touch base with us and review your file as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the red hood is the official kidnapping hood, so if you see someone struggling with this on, please do not interrupt the scene. Not all kidnappings will use this hood; keep in mind there are also privately arranged ones.”

Overall Thoughts

I’ve followed Tristan’s career for a few years now. She’s taught me a whole lot about anal sex. In fact, her video is the only reason why my first anal sex experience was so enjoyable. So naturally, I was so excited to read all about what she’s done. I found “True Lust”, to be extremely enjoyable. She has a very open mind about sexuality that is quite refreshing. Whether she’s totally into a sexual act or not, she gives it a try 100% before prejudging it. When it gets to really taboo acts, that kind of openness is hard to find. She’s kind of a role model for us, showing us that whatever our fetish or kink is, we are not alone, there are others out there for us to experience these desires with. She’s tried so many things, showing us that you only live once so don’t be afraid to indulge. And yes, she has her limits and she’s also pushed the envelope a couple of times which has broadened her outlook on the way she has sex and what she likes to do.

The one aspect of this book that I love is her style of writing. She just tells it like it is. It almost feels like she’s talking to you. And she doesn’t write this book from the voice of “look at me and all the shit I’ve done.” She educates you on these different acts and then shares her experience with you. It’s a very enjoyable read. Once I started, I couldn’t put the book down. Each experience is it’s own chapter and each chapter is about 3 or 4 pages tops, so you really get through it quickly.

In a world where everyone seems to have become supersensitive and where any act that’s considered not normal sexual practice is shunned, Tristan is out there communicating to the massess that you shouldn’t be shunned, being different can be wonderfully fulfilling. All I have to say is Tristan girlfriend, you rock!

  • Author: Tristan Taormino
  • Publisher: Cleiss Press
  • Format: Softbound # of pages: 259
  • Erotic or Self-Help: Erotic
  • Easy or Difficult Read: Extremely Easy

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