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I’m a huge fan of the Liberator Shapes Sex Cushions

I received the whole set from them many years ago and still use the same ones today. And, I still proudly rave about them and recommend them. So when Adam & Eve sent me this inflatable cushion for review, I wondered if it would the give the expensive and posh Liberator Shapes some competition. Now I know I shouldn’t outright compare items in reviews, each item is looked at for what it is and how it’s marketed and ultimately, I will do that. But in this case the Inflatable Position Master gives the ole Liberators a run for their money in a few important categories. Let’s discuss…

Ease of storage…and travel

This was the first thing I thought about. I took the flattened cushion out of the package and thought, “This is genius.” When the UPS man was filling my small apartment with all the large boxes that contained Liberator Shapes, I thought, “Holy Shit, where am I going to store all this?” So right away I was impressed and pleased with the idea of the inflatable cushion. Since it packs flat, you can also easily throw it in an overnight bag or suitcase for a trip. So it doesn’t have to just stay at home.


It’s great that it packs flat, but you do have to get this bad boy inflated. The box mentions an air seal valve which makes inflating a snap. It’s not a lot to blow it up with your mouth, but it’s definitely more comfortable to use an electric air pump if you have one. That really makes it a breeze.

Since you inflate the cushion, you can customize it for your comfort and activity, which is a big point for the inflatable cushion. The Liberator Shapes are done that’s it, while they’re comfortable you can’t make them any more firm or soft, you get what you get. Here, you can inflate it as little or as much as you’d like. I prefer to keep it a bit cushy. It gives me support while also caressing me.

Keeping you in position

That’s one place where the Liberator really wins out. No matter what level of firmness or softness I had, I didn’t feel fully supported. I kept having to readjust myself and with some of the positions, I can’t comfortably hold on to the handles to keep me in place. It had a rocking motion that made it feel less secure.

Handles on side, good move

The handles are helpful. The person laying on or leaning against the cushion can hold for better support in some positions and as you’ll see on the box, the person not laying/leaning on the box can also hold on to the handles to keep the couple connected and together during said naughty activity. So the handles are a good addition to this.

Ideas a plenty

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how you’ll immediately incorporate this into your sex life. The plethora of photos on the box are a perfect place to start. So there’s no need to do tons of research, at least not right away, so I’m hoping they don’t change their boxes anytime soon.

Built for all kinds of people

According to the box the cushion can support up to 300 lbs. I guess that my hubby and I leaning/laying on it together weigh almost that much, but not quite and it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of breaking or falling apart.


You get a free mask which really feels like piece of paper with elastic attached to it. It’s a cheapy, but you’re not paying for the mask. It also comes with a repair kit, similar to what you’d get with an inflatable bed. We’ve had this for at least a year and have not had any need for it.

Is it soft

Yes, the fabric that it’s covered in is soft against the naked body. Only downside is that every piece of lint/dust sticks to it. However, you can easily get that off with a lint brush or roller.


I’ve never thrown it in the washing machine, I don’t believe the handles could survive the violent tossing and turning of the washing machine. What I have been doing is spot cleaning with soap and water and even after a year, it doesn’t stink or look stained. It seems to be holding up okay.

How does the Inflatable Position Master hold up to the expensive competition?

I was impressed with the various aspects of the cushion, mostly the ease of storage and the ability to customize it’s level of firmness/softness. Although, it’s main use is to support you in various sex positions, better than a standard pillow, does it do that? For the most part, yes. It’s definitely not as secure as the more expensive shapes, but I think by the very nature of it being a blow pillow is the reason why it’s stability would ultimately be in question.

So no, ultimately it’s job is to support and comfort you in various sex positions. Does it do it better than the expensive competition, no. BUT…let’s face it, those cushions start with a $60 price tag. If you really want to play with something like this and just can’t spend the 60 bucks,  for half that amount, $29.95, you get a cushion that is easy to store, travels easily, is easy to inflate and use and gives you basic support to try expand your sexual position repertoire. So if I had to recommend a 2nd best, I think the Inflatable Position Master fits the bill.

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