Match Your Snatch – Vagina Molding Kit

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The Hype

The makers of Clone Your Bone  have come up with a kit that allows you to make an exact copy of your lovely labia. The Match Your SnatchTM kit comes with everything you need to capture every detail of your one-of-a-kind kitty in wax. An optional magnet will let you create the most interesting note-holder that has ever graced your refrigerator.

Initial Thoughts

I was rather excited about receiving this kit. I’ve read several articles that express how much fun this is to do. Luckily, my boyfriend and I are into trying new things and we figured if we could add a little naughtiness into making sexy art then this should be a hoot and a holler.

When the package arrived and we opened it, we were impressed with how complete the kit was! It had just about everything we needed to make a mold of my vulva. After we read through all the instructions, which is the front and back side of one page, we realized that the only things we needed to buy were a spatula and a double boiler pan. The spatula was easy to obtain, however, the double boiler was not. So we decided to just use our set of pans and rest the smaller one in the larger one. A few nights later, we gave it shot. As an important side note, we ordered an extra bag of casting mix, just in case our first try didn’t come out too well. I would highly recommend that you do the same.

The Actual Molding Process

We reread through the well written, easy to understand instructions and decided that the best place to do this was in our kitchen, although you could also do it in your bathroom which is also recommended. Making the mold isn’t that hard, it’s just a matter of getting the right temperature to the water, which is easy if you have a thermometer and mixing the water and casting mix in a bowl. Then you pour mixture into the mold cup, which is supplied. Get yourself or your chick into squatting or one foot up on stool, bathtub or toilet position and hold the cup in place for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, gently pull the mold away from the body and, just like magic…the first part is finished!

Ease of Molding Process

To prepare, I removed all clothes from the waist down. Since, it’s very important that everyone remain motionless once the molding cup is held up against the vulva, we did a practice run with the empty molding cup to find positions that we thought we’d be comfortable with. My boyfriend squatted on the floor directly in front of me. I stood against my kitchen counter, which was to my left. My left foot was on the floor while my right foot was propped up on a small foot stool, making sure my legs were spread enough so that he could easily get the molding cup against my body. Leaning against the counter kept me comfortable and stopped me from moving or shifting my body for the 2 minutes. You wouldn’t think 2 minutes is a long time, but when you really can’t move, you feel the seconds pass. Taking a practice run, made the actual molding process very easy. Please keep in mind that this reads longer than it actually took.

Using our thermometer, we found the right water temperature, measured out the right amount and then poured it into the bowl with the casting mix. Setting our timer, we mixed for 60 seconds, poured the mixture into the mold, got into position, wet my kitty, set the timer for 2 minutes, made contact and waited.

Now, I’m the type of person who isn’t really into putting stuff all over my body. I’m okay with oils and lubes, but when it comes to food, whipped toppings and things like that, I usually shy away from that because I don’t like the way it feels. Well, when my boyfriend made contact with my vulva, it felt real squishy…At first I was like “Ewwww!” But then I started giggling and really tried to hold on to the counter as to not ruin the mold. Once the mold started to harden, it didn’t feel so yucky anymore. So, it really wasn’t that bad, it’s just kind of funny that I didn’t think about that beforehand. Oh well! Those of you that feel the way I do about stuff on your body…don’t worry, it’s really not so bad and the mold starts to harden after about a minute, so it’s just the initial squish.

Was it messy?

After you remove the mold, that’s about it! You’ve accomplished the most difficult part. I had concerns about my vulva being all dirty and the mixture getting up into my vagina. To my surprise, I was much cleaner than I expected to be once the molding cup was taken away. I think that worked really well because I was totally shaven down there and we made sure that my vulva was rather wet before making contact with the mix. Since we had a team effort going, I had my boyfriend take a towel and wipe away all the left over mix. I really made him give me a look over to make sure none of it had started to creep into my vagina and it was okay. After he wiped me down, I decided to jump into the shower and wash away any left over residue. All in all, it was a piece of cake, no huge mess to clean up.

It wasn’t difficult to clean off the kitchen floor or counter either. I was concerned it would really stick and take some serious chiselling to get off, but I just rubbed it and it came right off. Then I vacuumed up the loose pieces. No big deal!

Making Your Snatch

Another easy process which consists of boiling water in the bottom pan and melting the color wax, that’s provided for you, in the top pan. When it totally melted, we poured the wax into mold; let wax cool for about an hour and it was finished! We brought our glasses of wine upstairs for a little naughty playing to pass the time!

Some Helpful Tips

The instructions do discuss whether you should shave your vulva or not, I think I came out so clean because my vulva was shaved, but if you don’t want to shave make sure you follow the instructions and use plenty of water.

You may want to use old pans that you don’t care about for melting the wax because I found that the wax does not come off the pot completely. So, the smaller pot that we used, has been set aside for snatch matching only.

To be certain everything was cooled down enough, even though we were excited, we let it sit for several hours before we removed the matched snatch.

This is more a fun, naughty art project, not really a romantic evening, so make sure the room is lit well enough for you to see what you’re doing. We used the light shining in from our living room and the light above our stove. That was enough light to see what we were doing, but not too much light to kill the mood.

Part That Didn’t Work

The only part that didn’t work well for us was attaching the included magnet. The directions say to heat up the back of your matched snatch and stick in the magnet. Our magnet just wouldn’t stay stuck in it. We then tried Elmer’s Glue because that’s all that was readily available but it wasn’t strong enough either. Contact Cement did the job, which can be obtained at most craft stores.

Match Your Snatch MoldsOverall Thoughts of the Match Your Snatch Vagina Molding Kit

I think this is a great kit! Like I said above, it comes with everything you need. I would think the only difficult piece of apparatus to find would be the double boiler. Other than that, everything is either supplied or something you already have around the house. It wasn’t really a messy adventure. There is, of course, some clean up, but as long as you do it over a smooth floor surface, clean up is a breeze. Having an extra bag of casting mix took a lot of pressure off of us to do it perfectly the first time and because of that, we really had a lot of fun with it. To top it off, my boyfriend and I were very happy with our first matched snatch. In fact, I proudly display it on our refrigerator! If you do it on your own and give it to that special someone as a gift, I’m sure they would be delighted. I showed all my friends and they thought it was just awesome!!!

At the time of this review, the Match Your Snatch Kit is only $19.95. The extra bag of casting mix is only an extra $5.00, so for about $25.00 plus shipping, you have a night of naughty fun. How can you not give it try?

What you get in the kit:

  • 1 bag of casting mix
  • 1 mold cup
  • 1 cylinder sleeve
  • 1 cake wax
  • Instructions
  • 3 coloring chips
  • 1 magnet

What extra supplies you’ll need:

  • 12” mixing bowl
  • large spoon or spatula
  • measuring cup
  • two pans: one to boil water, one to hold wax
  • 1 ¼ cups of water at 90 degrees F
  • clock with a second hand for accurate timing or a timer


This item is no longer available.

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