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Hubby and I had some serious bondage days.

We used to go one of the most popular BDSM clubs in NYC back in the day. It was a great time and while we don’t get our serious bondage on anymore, I am still very familiar with the equipment available. I can still spot a crappy, cheap or overly hyped item. I’ve said it before, usually when I receive an item that’s focused around a pornstar or endorsed by a pornstar, I don’t expect too much from it. But I think the times, they are a changing.

It’s pretty and non-threatening looking

This is not just your cheapy beginner’s bondage set. There was some thought put into the design of this. Both the blindfold and handle of the whip look like a pretty pink corset with black lace detail, secured with black laces. This is perfect for the shy beginner because it doesn’t look like this menacing and theatening piece of equipment. Plus when you wear it, it looks good too.

Well made

There’s double elastic on the blindfold, from the packaging it’s supposed to keep the blindfold in place when things get really rough. That’s true and it fits me real snugly, it’s not going anywhere. I think it gives you a little security too, if one elastic happens to break you still have another one. But I don’t see that happening, the elastic appears to be very securely sewn in.

The flogger has a strap sewn on the top; which serves a dual purpose. Putting it around your wrist, like you do your Wii remote, you’ll be sure to keep the flogger from becoming a projectile in the middle of rough play. Hanging the flogger by the strap is the best way to keep the tails from getting all bent and screwed up. The flogger works the best if you don’t have kinks in your tails.

Blindfold feels good

The satin inside the blindfold is really soft against your delicate eyes. I had no issue with the design on the front of the blindfold. It fit very snugly, while still being comfortable. I even had hubby wear the blindfold because he’s got a big head and he wasn’t bothered by it either. So you’ve got a good fit, although I think the ladies would enjoy wearing this more than the guys, simply for the delicate design.

Whip’s got some power

While this whip looks really pretty and adds a very feminine touch to any form of bdsm play, it can pack quite a punch. The tails are made of a leather-like material, similar to naugahyde, maybe even pvc. A little force can deliver a strong sting with this flogger, so be careful. Always practice with it, with your partner out of sexual play first. That way everyone is aware of the sting it can deliver and the receiver is okay with it. It can also feel quite soft too by dragging it across your lover’s body.

Good size

In a lot of beginner kits, the flogger is usually an itty bitty thing, but not here. This is a full size flogger, measuring 16 inches in length.

Can’t use right away

I’d say the only real downside to this item is the packaging. The flogger has to be folded to fit into the box so when you initially take it out, the tails have a serious bend in them. It just means you can’t use it right away. Lay the flogger flat on a table, floor, hard surface. Make sure you get the all tails flattened out and put a book or two on top of them. Leave it overnight and the tails should be straightened out about a day later. Then make sure you hang it up to store it and they’ll stay fine.

Depending on materials & level of craftsmanship, a good flogger can cost up to $240!

The Bree Olson Corset Whip Set is $24.95, a great price for what you get. There’s a level of design and craftsmanship in both the whip and the flogger that I’ve not seen in many other bondage kits. It’s pretty, it can deliver pain and pleasure. It’s great for beginners because it doesn’t look too menacing. It adds a romantic and feminine look to bondage play. To review an item like this, I look for design, quality, creativity, craftsmanship and does it deliver on what the sales hype says about it? For $24.95, I think it does. Pick it up with your partner or suprise your partner with a pretty, sexy and kinky gift.

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