Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men

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Anal sex is just not just for the ladies and homosexual men

Heterosexual men love it as well! I’ve been saying it for years, but there are still a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to men revealing that desire to their partner and how they can go about making this fantasy a reality. So I’m glad I’ve been sent this DVD for review from Tristan Taormino and Vivid Ed. I’ve wanted a good DVD resource to recommend and this one packs quite a punch.

A lot of information about pleasuring your man anally

The DVD starts out with Tristan giving one of her workshops and explaining the male anatomy. Her anatomy lessons are always helpful because you need to know how the general plumbing works down there in order to properly navigate it and stimulate it effectively.

Oh those wonderful lubes

Then she discusses, with great detail, the variety  of lubes available for anal stimulation. You learn the about the differences in consistency, condom and vagina compatibility, taste, texture, the good, the bad. This information will get a newbie thinking about what type of lube appeals to them and what they should be shopping for that will fit their specific needs. For example, if you’re a fan of silicone lubes, it’s good for anal sex. A little bit goes a long way and it makes things real slick, for some too slick. However, you can’t use silicone lubes with silicone toys, so you have to cover your toys with condoms; although you can use silicone lube with condoms and in the vagina. So much to know about lubes!

So what toys can we play with?

Tristan shows you a wide variety of quality toys that are safe and effective for male anal pleasure. She discusses each toy by name and shares the benefits that each one offers, who would enjoy this kind of toy. I appreciate the fact that she shares the toy’s name and company that makes it, because the viewer can then easily go out and find that exact toy instead of trying to hunt it down and get something that may not be it.

And now for the demonstrations

Our first couple is Penny and Devin. Tristan speaks with them briefly about their experiences with anal play. Penny shares that she rarely gets to use her fingers because they’re always really long for her movies and she’s afraid to injure her partners, but it’s something she wants to do.  If you have long nails, you need to watch this part carefully. With a combination of cotton balls and latex gloves, Tristan shows Penny how having long nails is never a concern. Most vids would show the solution and then when the sex starts that would be long gone, luckily, Penny keeps her gloves on and uses Tristan’s solution with success. So you see the problem, the solution and that it can actually work well for both partners.

Penny & Devin

Their scene starts slow with Tristan coaching them along about how to warm things up down there and get your partner ready for penetration. She explains while Penny demonstrates the proper way to insert your finger in your partner’s anus. There is a right and wrong here, kids. So I’m glad this important element was included. Then Tristan leaves them alone to take their play further. In this scene a variety of positions are demonstrated and Tristan’s voice-over explains why each one is beneficial to each partner. I appreciated is not just their use of a variety of toys, so you see what’s available, but they demonstrate how the act of removing one toy and applying a condom and lube to another toy doesn’t have to stop or pause any of the sexiness. They still talk to each other and stay connected while that’s happening and the viewer can see that it’s really no big deal. They also demonstrate the all important communication and the simple questions and comments that are necessary for successful anal sex. She asks him simple questions to check in and he makes simple requests to get what he needs and desires without making her feel like she’s doing anything wrong or something not pleasurable. She also uses the fun strap-on dildo to kick things up a notch, something many women want to know about. You see her put the dildo in the harness and put the harness on, lube it up and penetrate.

Issues with Penny & Devin’s scene

Hubby and I watched this DVD together, so I could get a man’s input on the information presented as well. One thing that bothered us was that in the beginning Tristan explains that curved dildos always need to be inserted with the curve towards the front of the man’s body to comfortably fit and properly stimulate, however, when Penny first penetrates with her strap-on dildo, it’s curving up, technically, that wouldn’t be correct. It should be curving down so that it curves toward the front of his body. While Devin doesn’t experience a problem with this, it’s inconsistent with the information given and could be confusing to viewers.

In the interview segment before this scene, Devin expressed with some enthusiasm that whenever someone sticks something in his ass he immediately gets hard. He didn’t look like he got hard the entire scene. I’m not judging his excitement on whether or not his penis was erect, however, he stressed this in the interview and then it was a silly inconsistency.

Nomad and Annie

This couple provides more demonstrations of different positions possible for anally pleasuring your man. You see a different variety of toys and Nomad actually requests that Annie penetrate him with 4 fingers! Way to go Nomad. So there are things to learn from in this scene, however, Hubby and I decided this was scene that could have been left out and the DVD would not have suffered at all.

Ultimately, this is an instructional DVD about how “real” anal sex with your man can be and these two, especially Annie, tries to porn it up and she’s not really that good at it. It also took her forever to lube up toys because she would stretch across his body to the toy on the nightstand and with one hand, grab the container of lube and try to pour it over the toy to lube it up, then put the bottle down and grab the toy with the same hand. Ugh, we ended up yelling at the screen, “Use two hands sweety!” It was annoying. She just wasn’t very enjoyable to watch, but there’s still useful information within.

Christian and Jandi

This is the last scene of the DVD and the best because they brought a new perspective to male anal pleasure than the other couples. Doggy-style seems to be a popular position for anal penetration, especially when women use strap-ons, however, it can be difficult for them to reach around and stimulate the penis at the same time. I understand that in this position the guy can do it himself, but women stimulating the guys penis at the same time was somewhat absent from the other footage and this is an important element for some guys. Plus, not all couples are going to go as far as to use a strap-on and I’ve received an absolute ton of questions about how to do it properly when giving a blow job. If that’s your question, then this is the scene for you!  Plus, Christian & Jandi give you a variety on that theme. They demonstrate with him standing, with him lying back on the couch, so ladies you have options. You can use a butt plug on him while giving him a blow job or finger his ass while blowing him. They even demonstrate the 69 position so the lady can get some pleasure too.

Christian spends most of the scene on his back, which I appreciate, because it’s a very good position that from my experience, doesn’t sound like one that couples consider too often for this type of play. They use different toys as well and have great chemistry. They laugh and giggle together; they tease each other and communicate well. It feels genuine and that the scene moves along naturally and you can learn so much from it.

Most Valuable Part, Worth the Price

The Bonus Scene, Anal Hygiene and Enemas, gives information I’ve not seen anywhere else. Two actresses graphically demonstrate how to prepare a warm water enema and how to insert the nozzle while Tristan’s voice-over explains the process. You get to see how to prepare both a bottle and bag. The important info here is what positions would make giving yourself an enema comfortable and successful. Plus you see how you should hang the enema bag and how far you should be from it.

Silly Bit

The ladies giving themselves enemas are all dolled up with the sexy lingerie and they’re even wearing their “fuck me” pumps while giving themselves the enema. Silly.

How to Choose and Wear a Strap-on

This is another valuable bonus scene in which women demonstrate the different harnesses available, how to attach the dildo on different ones and how to put them on securely and comfortably. It’s like having a personal shopper helping you select the perfect harness & dildo. At the same time, Tristan’s voice-over is explaining these different types, their benefits and how you can prepare them ahead of time for getting into them quickly. Seeing how they fit on an actual woman’s body is important, if you’re thinking about getting a strap-on.

Solo Prostate Stimulation

This is a quick bonus scene with Christian showing how a man can easily insert a butt plug and masturbate on his own. It’s a quick one, but I think it’s really helpful for men interested in using anal toys by themselves by maybe a little shy to actually do it.

Instruction or No Instruction?

Each sex scene can be viewed with or without instruction. So after you’ve learned all about how to anally pleasure your man, you can re-watch your favorite scenes in all their glory, making it a customizable DVD.

Overall Thoughts

For all the issues Hubby and I had with this DVD, what matters is the body of information as a whole. Is the information provided useful, effective and ultimately solid? Yes, yes, yes! There is a plethora of valuable information on this DVD for couples that are seriously interested in exploring male anal play. You’ll learn about the male anatomy, the wide variety of toys and lubes available, different positions, the all important, simple communication necessary for successful anal play and different play styles and how to clean and prepare yourself for anal sex.

I absolutely think this a DVD that a couple should watch together so they can discuss the things they see and share their thoughts and ideas, communication is vitally important when embarking on a new sexual endeavor and by sharing with one another, you’re both bound to have a successful experience. Plus you’ll be working from the same body of information which also aids in a successful experience.

  • Starring: Tristan Taormino, Penny Flame, Annie Cruz, Jandi Lin, Devin, Nomad & Christian
  • Director: Tristan Taormino
  • Studio: Vivid Entertainment, Vivid Ed and Smart Ass Productions
  • Running Time: Approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes

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