Gov Love – The Eliot Splitz-her Story

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The Hype

(From Press Release) When it comes to sex and politics, Hustler continues to be at the forefront. Ripped from the headlines, Gov Love offers social commentary with an adult twist. The recent sex scandal involving the former N.Y. governor needed to be addressed, and Hustler Video was eager to take on the challenge.

Initial Thoughts

I’m a New Yorker and was in town when this story broke wide open, so when I heard that Hustler was coming out with a parody porno of it, my curiousity got the best of me and I had to see what it was all about.

What You’re In For

Gov Love is a parody of the Governor Spitzer scandal. It contains 5 heterosexual scenes with intercourse, blow jobs, pussy eating, squirting and 1 lesbian scene with lots of oral and the use, or I should say abuse, of a double dildo.

What I Liked

The writing in this movie was clever, silly and most enjoyable. I thought most of the actors were well cast too. The opening scene alone sets the tone with a chock full of funny lines and I enjoy some funny dialouge with my porno, so I knew I was in for a treat. Mike Horner was perfect playing the middle aged, horny “Client 69” that can’t get to his luscious call girl quick enough. He had most of the funny lines and bits, however, each scene had a taste of something outrageous or silly. So the non-fucking scenes were quite enjoyable and that’s a plus in my book.

Hottest / Favorite Scene

The second sex scene with Angela Stone as the Lobbyist and Marcus London as the Governor’s male assistant was crazy hot. There was some good chemistry between them and the sex was down, dirty and raw. Marcus bangs her hard, fast and makes her squirt at least 3 times on the governor’s desk. Angela is a fine squirter, each climax was soaking wet, a pleasant surprise! Angela offers up her fair shair of loud moaning and some dirty talk: “Don’t stop fucking me!” “Pull my hair” and “Stick it hard!” Those were some of the great gems thrown in at just the right moment. There’s a moment where she grabs her own throat and squeezes a little, so Angela’s hardcore. At one point, the desk was getting so wet from Angela squirting that she started sliding around as Marcus was trying to fuck her. It’s a great scene, made me stick my hands in my pants.

2nd Favorite Sex Scene

As the FBI agents, played by Van Damage and Veronica Jett, are waiting for Splitzer to arrive and listen in his illegal actions, they get all hot and bothered about what will be happening and, of course, have to have sex. This, the third sex scene, was well paced after the crazy sex between Angela and Marcus. Van and Veronica took things a little slower and made things a little more sensual. Veronica sucked Van’s cock for a good long while and it’s pretty hot, made me want to find my boyfriend. They do some slow sensous doggy style on the bed and she really sticks her ass in the air while she spreads her cheeks so we get some good visuals of him fucking her deep.

3rd Favorite Sex Scene

Mike Horner, as the dirty governor, was great in this scene. His undressing for his call girl’s (Cassandra Cruz) arrival was pretty comical. He couldn’t get his clothes off quick enough and he was totally naked by time he answered the door. He was like a kid in a candy store when he could finally give her oral. With some of the close up shots, it looks like Mike’s got some good technique with his tongue, made me all tingly. Cassandra Cruz has some great bj skills too. She takes his cock in really deep and without those annoying chocking sounds that usually follow so that was really hot. The sex is pretty standard, but the fact that the Governor is so excited and is such a horndog really makes this scene work. Plus, Cassandra plays it like a prostitute just doing her job and at some points looks a little bored, like she’s going through the motions. There’s just a naughtiness that made this standard, vanilla sex arousing for me.

Scene I Had to Fast Forward Through

Unfortunately there was one. The first sex scene with Kayla Page and Dino Bravo was not the most exciting. It was very standard vanilla sex and lasted quite a while. Due to the fact that it wasn’t getting me hot and bothered and that I was interested in what the rest of the flick had to offer, I did it, I fast forwarded through it. Dino did some dirty talking but unfortunately, I couldn’t hear it, it was like he wasn’t mic’d well.

Funny Bits

Being a parody movie, there’s some gems I’d like to point out. When you see the movie they’ll make more sense of course.

Cassandra, call girl, tells Mike, the Governor, during sex, “You’re a nasty governor!”

The Governor is on the phone with the Madame about his appointment and she tells him he needs to make a deposit and he says slyly, “Isn’t that the point.” Lots of play on words in the this scene.

While the FBI agents are fucking in the room next door, the Governor is easedropping on them by holding a glass up to the wall and rubbing himself.

Hustler MovieGov Love

Disappointing Moment

After the last scene with the Governor and his call girl, there’s a quick shot of the FBI agents in the room next door and Veronica is masturbating on the bed to what she just heard. It’s a very quick shot and then it’s over. I wanted to see more of that, it looked really hot. I was like, “Damnit! What happened?!”


There aren’t really any extras. There’s the standard slide show, links to Hustler websites and phone sex and a Behind the Scenes that wasn’t very exciting. Most of the stars were shy and didn’t know what to talk about, so it was slow moving. I say skip that part.

Overall Thoughts on Gov Love

I enjoyed this movie! It had enough silliness, fun, sexiness and hardcore sex in it that it kept me entertained and aroused. I was worried when I had to fast forward through the first sex scene, but then the 2nd one hit like a freight train and made me touch my naughty bits and from then on, Gov Love was a hit. Even though most of the sex scenes were pretty standard, the writing, the framework and the casting helped to make this a successful sexy parody. It was well written with enough of funny scenes and bits and silly puns and lines that I had to see it through to the end. For only about $19.95, Gov Love is so topical it shouldn’t be missed.

Vital Stats:

Starring: Cassadra Cruz, Mike Horner, Kayla Paige, Emma Heart, Angela Stone, Veronica Jett, Kissy Kapri, Marcus London, Dino Bravo and Van Damage
Studio: Hustler
Director: Stuart Canterbury
Movie Run Time: approx. 92 minutes

Where It's Available:

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