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The Hype

The next movie by the award-winning director of The Crash Pad series is as deliriously smart and psychasexadelic as its predecessor. Real (as in, not porn star), hot alterna-chicks have balls-to-the-walls sex, only in this case the balls are all silicone. Blow jobs, kink, and lots of juicy, creative sex are made all the more entertaining by tongue-in-cheek (among other orifices) humor and a clever plot which brings the ghost of Rick James into the action.

A Little History First

I had heard a lot of good things about this movie and Pink and White Productions in general. They make real lesbian/dyke porn for lesbians. Normally I tend to stay away from those kinds of movies because, while I’m bi-sexual, I tend to prefer the pretty lipstick lesbians you find in mainstream porn. So I ignored this company because I didn’t want to encounter manly, dyke lesbians that don’t get me hot. Finally I decided that it was time. My taste is porn is starting to change, I’ve been watching more fuck flick type movies and enjoying them, so I figured why not give this a try.

What You’re In For

Superfreak Screen Shot 2To put it simply, Madison Young has some serious mojo and after she does herself in a steaming hot masturbation scene, she goes to a lesbian/dyke party in which couples that feel her mojo energy, run off to different rooms to have some serious sex. These gals pull no punches. They like their sex and they like it hardcore. You’ll be encountering 5 super hot lesbian sex scenes featuring 2 women, 3 women, masturbation, toys, squirting, fisting, anal, double penetration. There’s a bedroom scene, a kitchen scene, a bathroom scene and 2 scenes in the main room. Some of the women are hot, lipstick lesbians and others are more masculine, so there’s a good mix, especially for newbie real lesbian porn watchers like me.

What I Liked about Superfreak

Holy Crap, the passion and chemistry between the women in this movie was insane. They’re really hot for each other and the sex between them in ALL the scenes is scorching. Even the orgasms are real, not the overly done, fake sounding orgasms you see in mainstream porn. Granted there are a few women who get pretty loud and animated during their orgasm, but it’s genuine. The sex scenes are quite long, each woman makes sure the other is completely satisfied, which is greatly appreciated. There is a storyline, but it’s just framework really. I actually mentioned to my boyfriend that a party like this is quite a clever storyline because it frames the movie, allowing you to easily break away into hardcore, sex scenes which is what they did.

Lots of Orgasms

There’s not just one orgasm per woman in this movie, there’s multiple orgasms. It seems like even after they put their clothes back on and rejoin the party, they could have still gone on longer.

Favorite Scene from superfreak

Superfreak Screen Shot 5Hands down it’s the last scene…Just as the party’s come to a close Lorelei Lee enters, plops herself on the couch in between Dana DeArmond and Princess Donna asking if she missed the party. Wow…these two immediately jump on Lorelei Lee as if they’re starving for sex and she’s and the last woman on Earth. There’s no thought, no asking her…they violate this woman so much so that at one point it almost seems as though Lorelei can’t take anymore. One is eating her pussy while the other is kissing her and fondling her breasts. Then the scene gets more intense when they bend her over the couch as one finger fucks her pussy while the other finger fucks her ass. Things get insane when they just about fist both orifices. I swear Lorelei looked like she had drifted off onto a planet of ecstasy. I was so wet, the moment I put my hand in my panties I climaxed. It was one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen in a porn. This is the scene that won Best Dyke Sex Scene at the 2007 Feminist Porn Awards and there’s no disagreement from me.

Hottest Superfreak Scenes

Superfreak Screen Shot 3All of them…The opening scene with Madison Young masturbating on her bed with a dildo and Hitachi Magic Wand is really hot, that starting getting me wet, especially her orgasm. There was a lot of excitement there, she really worked herself over. The scene with Shawn and Vasa doing each other in the kitchen was great. The time that Shawn took to bring Vasa to fulll, squirting orgasm was hot in itself. They even got the sink hose involved. Shawn ate her pussy, then finger fucked her adding more fingers everytime Vasa would eagerly push into her to eventually using almost her entire fist and then adding her other hand as well. Then Vasa made Shawn get on all fours and did her with her fingers from behind. Even the scene with Rozen sucking Guy Handful’s strap on in the bathroom was hot. Even though it wasn’t her member, Guy was still really turned on by what was happening. A nice 69 in that scene.

What I Didn’t Like about Superfreak

While I noticed that others enjoyed the music in this movie, I had a problem with it. I liked the soundtrack, but the music during each sex scene went on a little too long. The tune would become quite annoying…it got to the point that I had to turn the volume down. Switching the music up would have been much better.

Silly Bit

The ghost of Rick James and his mojo moves from person to person at the party. It’s a silly visual.

Overall Thoughts on Superfreak

lesbiansSuperfreak is one sexy, freaky movie. I’m so glad that I took the leap and watched this film. It showed how hot porn can really be. Every sex scene in this movie was exciting and arousing…every scene. The movie was fun, it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither do the stars in it. The sex is explicit, but it’s also playful and genuine. While I’m not a lesbian, I do think that lesbians would LOVE this movie…but my purpose here is to introduce new things and my audience at this site is men and women, so do I think they should watch it? An enthusiastic Yes! Bi-sexual women will find this movie exciting. While these women are more realistic looking and even really tom boyish and not fake, siliconed porn stars as in mainstream porn films, I recommend that guys view it…it’s real chicks having real sex and that’s fucking hot. My boyfriend was excited by this movie just as much as I was. So my big lesson from this movie…and I hope I can persuade you as well…whether the women are lipstick or not, as long as they’re really into each other, it’s a movie I’m all for. Expect to see more reviews from Pink and White in the future.

Starring:  Dana DeArmond, Dylan Rion, Guy Handful, Lorelei Lee, Madison Young, Princess Donna, Rozen, Shawn,Vasa

Director:  Shine Louise Houston

Studio: Pink and White productions

Running Time: approx. 85 minutes
Extras: Behind the Scenes Footage and Audio Commentary


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