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When I hear about a movie starring two of my favorite performers, the legendary, Nina Hartley having sex with young “kickin’-some-serious-ass-in-this-business” Jessie Andrews, I am all on board.

So what worked?

Club 59/Elegant Angel’s “Teach Me 2”, directed by Mason, delivers exactly what it promises, a refreshing take on the cougar/kitten genre and there’s plenty of sex.

The young hotties bring some new moves to the table too and it’s fun to see legendary stars like Nina Hartley experience a first. Who thought that was even possible? It’s also admirable to see the younger stars taking the upper hand in some of the scenes.

For the most part, these scenes are oozing with genuine chemistry. We start with a good amount of passionate kissing and soft caressing of each other’s bodies before tearing each other’s clothes off and getting to the hard stuff.

All the ladies have what feels like real orgasms and there’s a steady stream of them throughout each of the scenes. In signature Mason style, the camera floats around the scene and rarely lingers in any one place for too long giving you that feeling that you’re there watching the hotness unfold before your eyes.

Francesca Le and Lily Carter with earth shattering orgasms.

Francesca and Lily take you on one hell of a ride

Francesca Le & Lily Carter

A great start to this flick, Francesca and Lily take you on one hell of a ride. The style is raw and animalistic with a relentless forward moving pace. Lily delivers her earth-shattering, body shaking, multiple orgasms that always make my panties moist. Nasty, dominant, anal hazing Francesca Le is surprisingly tame. She still brings the dominance with the occasional hair pulling, soft choking and light dirty talk. She left her humiliation bits at the door which was appropriate for the style of this movie. While I do thoroughly enjoy those moments, it was impressive to see the range that she can bring to her sex.

a solid performance was given by Veronica and Sensi

a solid performance was given by Veronica and Sensi

Veronica Avluv & Sensi Pearl

While a solid performance was given by Veronica and Sensi, their scene felt a little more like your standard self conscious porn fare. Too much muggin for the camera and over extending themselves. It does the job adequately, but it’s nothing special. I wasn’t crazy about this scene.

The chemistry is popping with Nina Hartley and Jessie Andrews

The chemistry is popping with Nina Hartley and Jessie Andrews

Nina Hartley &  Jessie Andrews

This was the hottest scene for me. I tend to love Jessie Andrews and Nina Hartley in just about everything and this is no exception. The chemistry is popping. The lingering looking into each other’s eyes was really hot, along with the occasional direction of how to please each other via finger gesture or hand sucking was brilliant and definitely gave me a lady boner. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Inari Vachs & Riley Reid, less fulfilling than I was expecting

Inari Vachs & Riley Reid, less fulfilling than I was expecting

Inari Vachs & Riley Reid

The star of this pairing is Riley who delivered a solid, very giving performance. Some could say she was taking the legendary Inari on a ride. Although Inari’s performance was enjoyable, it was more lightweight and less fulfilling than I was expecting.

What didn’t work?

Each scene begins with an interview of the ladies. Some of you may love these, but I’ve yet to find a movie where the stars don’t appear uncomfortable and awkward. This movie unfortunately is no different. If the interviews weren’t there, they wouldn’t be missed.

The main issue is that the scenes seem to meander back into territory already covered. Each scene, no matter how hot and sexy, had moments that felt redundant or that the action had become repetitive which ultimately made them feel long winded. For me, the scenes could have been shaved back a notch.

My Recommendation

Not a perfect 10 but definitely a solid sex flick filled with sexy, legendary stars and hot, young, well-established starlets sexing each other up in the purest, most natural way possible.

All the pairings felt believable, which lead to some raw, genuine chemistry that you feel from the very first kiss to the last make out session. While I’m sure this entire flick will make you tingle in your nether regions, I highly recommend you not miss Scene 1 with Francesca Le and Lily Carter and Scene 3 with Nina Hartley and Jessie Andrews. I’m certainly glad there are more volumes in this series as I’d love to experience more.

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