Nina Hartley’s Guide to Alternative Sex

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The Hype

Nina is waiting to escort you on a journey into eroticism. Explore your deepest desires as Nina provides informative & frank information as she guides you to the world of alternative sex. The Queen of Swing also introduces you to the joys of a multi-partner lifestyle. This erotic tape is designed to help you achieve a higher level of sexual pleasure.

What to Expect

It starts out with a couple that’s interested in bringing a third person, a woman, into their sex life. All aspects of this situation are shown. Anger, Jealousy, Insecurity, Curiosity, and Willingness are explored and worked through. They show how a first time encounter can be a little uncomfortable and hard to start, concern among one of the partners during the encounter and how to keep all persons involved in the encounter so no one feels left out. Even after, all three discuss how the couple felt during it and the wife brought up how she felt left out at a certain point and how she got herself back involved and at a comfortable point in the experience. It turns out that the couple get invited to a swingers party and they go. It shows how a house party may go. The couple just begins by watching the action first and then slowly get involved together with the other members and then separately with the others.  

New Swinging CoupleFirst Threesome

Overall Thoughts on Nina Hartley’s Guide to Alternative Sex

This video is a MUST HAVE for all those couples interested in swinging. It’s definitely a good look into a first time at the lifestyle. It should be watched by couples together. It can be used as an example of an actual night. As you’re watching it, both of you can ask yourselves how would you feel if your lover kissed the new person, had intercourse with the new person, or do you just want to put on a show with the new person for your lover. It will give both of you a starting point in discussing the possibilities. It is a very valuable video for those just contemplating. It’s even a great watch for those of you that are preparing for your first experience!

Even though professional stars are obviously involved, men and women can both view it. All the couples are attractive, but do have a somewhat average appearance.

Nina Hartley's Orgy with Friends

  • Starring: Anna Malle, Luc Wylder, Shannon Rush, Dallas, Dic Tracy, Hank Armstrong, Christi Lake, Sahara Sands, Duane, Nina Hartley, Ariana, Bob Magnum
  • Studio: Adam & Eve
  • Director: Nina Hartley

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