Bush 2

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93out of 100Excellent

Studio: Elegant Angel
Director: Mason
Cast: Jessie Andrews, Mick Blue, Katie St. Ives, Manuel Ferrara, Francesca Le, Alex Gonz, Dana DeArmond, James Deen, Dani Jensen

From the moment I saw Jessie Andrews on the cover only wearing a tube top, thigh high socks and roller skates, I was sold. Plus, it’s directed by Mason  who also directed the recently reviewed “Teach Me 2”  being so pleasing, I had to give this flick a watch.

So What Worked?

Pretty much everything. First, this movie delivers exactly what it promises, sexy women having dirty, non-stop sex that’s filled with fun twists while your eyes get some delicious bush candy.

Mason is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. There are so many hot, sexy, clever shots during this movie, I was in awe. Her ability to get close-up shots that are super sexy and not gross is fascinating.  It’s well edited, the shooting is beautiful and the pacing is great.

Just about every star brings their ‘A’ game so there’s not a weak scene in the bunch. Each scene had something delightfully surprising or unexpected, whether it was something someone said or an interesting position, making this a really fun ride.

The chemistry feels genuine and the sex scenes range from playful with the stars giggling and laughing with each other to fairly dirty with a hint of the weird (I’m looking at you Dana Dearmond).  All the scenes are packed with lady orgasms. While many flicks would end with the guy’s pop shot on her bush, Mason gives the viewer another yummy lady orgasm before moving to the next scene.

Each scene opens with Elegant Angel’s signature tease. I loved these so much, they were all in some way hypnotizing, making my panties moist and left me wanting more.

Jessie Andrews opening this movie with a bang!

Jessie Andrews opening this movie with a bang!

Jessie Andrews & Mick Blue

Jessie is powerhouse of an adult performer and she totally brought up, opening this movie with a bang. She was her signature blend of playfulness and dirty all mixed in with high intensity that took off like supersonic jet. I felt she really carried the scene and Mick’s performance just fell into the background for me. However, she did seem really into him and what he was doing, and it’s rare that Jessie delivers a bad performance, so this scene was still hot as hell.

 Little spoiler, the sex in front of the mirror…Ahhhhmazing!

Little spoiler, the sex in front of the mirror…Ahhhhmazing!

Katie St. Ives & Manuel Ferrara

While all the scenes are solid, this is my favorite scene. I dig Manuel’s style. I’m convinced he can dirty talk himself through anything. He always seems so into whoever he’s with and not afraid to ask for what he wants. He’s the winner of this flick. Whenever he starts his dirty chatter, my panties get moist. And big credit is given to the hottie, Katie, as she has no trouble keeping up with Manuel and all his requests. He’s throws her quite a bang and she gives it right back. Not only did Manuel make this my favorite scene, but their chemistry was popping and I felt they had the most variety in the scene. Little spoiler, the sex in front of the mirror…Ahhhhmazing!

Francesca Le oils her bush up pool side.

Francesca Le oils her bush up pool side.

Francesca Le & Alex Gonz

Compared to the two scenes prior, this one felt a little manufactured in the beginning, but Francesca and Alex quickly found their groove and the sex was hardcore, visceral and dirty. Francesca brought a tamed version of her filthy talk, but it was still there and hot as hell. Alex was super into her, there were a few times that I thought he was going to cum all over himself, I don’t know how he lasted as long as he did.

As always brings a healthy dose of the kink.

As always brings a healthy dose of the kink.

Dana DeArmond & James Deen

You could see a fuck ton of chemistry as soon as Dana & James appeared on the screen together. Dana brought her own blend of dirty & weird to this flick that I know all her fans would be proud of and James Deen had no problem giving it back to her. This moves like a freight train with the growling, fish hooking and hard banging, I didn’t get the chance to take a breath.

Dani Jensen combing her precious mound.

Dani Jensen combing her precious mound.

Dani Jensen & Manuel Ferrara

Holy shit can Dani orgasm. Wow! I’m amazed and impressed. She had several of them and you can feel it through the screen. Her chest and neck turning bright red and her legs shaking, even Manuel has to take a moment to sit back and appreciate it. I felt like Dani wasn’t quite in sync with Manuel to start, but they quickly found their way and the scene was pretty sexcellent.

What didn’t work?

Not a whole lot that’s for sure. If I had to nitpick, I came out of this thinking that Mick Blue’s performance fell a little flat with me. I feel he was a little less of a personality in this scene and while Jessie is a powerhouse, I feel she was the reason that scene really succeeded. Other than that, I really can’t come up with anything. This is a solid flick.

My Recommendation

Bush 2 is a great flick, packing some serious punches with some big names in the business. Fans will be their element. If you like a particular star within, their scene is not to be missed.

This movie will be enticing for those that are into bush. There’s certainly enough to play with and tug and rub your fingers through. Those folks that don’tcare either way, the bush is a well trimmed topiary sitting upon each ladies precious pubic mound,  it’s not distracting from the hot sex.

Definitely drop some cash on this one because I think you’ll want to dive into this goodness more than once. I’m going to check out the others in the series that’s for damn sure.

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