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I’m always on the hunt for unique porn

Hubby and I discovered Jack the Zipper movies from Violet Blue  a while ago and with so many other titles to watch, we finally got around to watching this one a couple of months ago. Needless to say, it was so hot, I didn’t get to see it in its totality, we got some serious sexin’ on. Since we enjoyed it so much, I finally made the time to sit back and watch it with pen and paper in hand for a review to share it with all of you.

Stuntgirl has been applauded and blasted online

I’ve seen great reviews and I’ve seen scathing reviews and for those that disliked it so much, I’m convinced they just don’t get it. I’m standing on the hill of those that appreciate the uniqueness that this movie has to offer.

So what’s so unique and wonderful

First off, Jack the Zipper is not afraid to play with lighting. Most porn has this bright, studio lighting that after awhile just looks bland and uninteresting. In Stuntgirl, Jack the Zipper, is not afraid to light a scene with this dark reddish/orange light. Think about how you’re bedroom looks with red light bulbs and candles lit. It’s got a super sexy ambiance!

Another plus is that without the super bright studio lighting, everyone has a slammin’ ass! No matter how close up the shots, you can’t see the razor bumps on the ladies’ asses or bikini lines. You can’t see those lovely little ingrown hair pimples or bruises. The lighting smoothes everything out.

He’s not afraid to use shadows and darkness, which also gives us, the viewers, a sense of peeping in on the hot  sexual activity that’s going on, which is exciting in itself. He’s not afraid to take chances and do something different. I have a lot of respect for that.

He takes artistic chances with even more visual aspects of the movie.

The best way to explain it is he plays with speed. It looks like moments in the scene are played in reverse, it’s not obvious and weird looking, but it adds a unique pacing to the scenes. Similar to how Andrew Blake shoots with a high speed camera and then when he plays everything back it looks like slow motion, but not slow motion. I’m not a film techy here so please forgive my kindergarten description of this. My main point is that it’s different, it’s makes Stuntgirl more interesting to watch.

There are no storylines to follow

I’ve seen in other reviews that people are confused by the storyline. Think about if David Lynch made a porn; there’s a storyline in his mind and by the time it all comes out on the screen, the viewers are confused. But that doesn’t bother Hubby and I because it’s hot vignettes, that connect in an alternative, peeping in on other people having sex way that’s enjoyable. Maybe we’re not getting the whole thing, but it works and was enjoyable for us. In fact, since you don’t need to follow a story to enjoy the movie, it’s a hot, sexy porn to have playing in the background during a sex party or even just a sexy night in for you and your partner. Hubby and I have used it several times for that purpose when we have sex and when we have our lady friends over. It’s just sexy, hot scene after scene. Most of the time, we don’t even have the volume up because we’ve got our own music playing.

What kind of sex will you encounter?

There’s heterosexual sex, lesbian sex, lady-lady-man threesome sex, lots of strap on sex, anal sex, rough blow jobs, fingering, vaginal sex, double penetration. There’s sex in hotel rooms and sex clubs. The sex feels and looks edgier which really got us off; a nice change from what we’ve been watching. If you’re looking for softcore, this is not the movie for you.

Hottest Scene

This is a tough one to call because the stars in the all the scenes had great chemistry. They all looked like they were genuinely into the sex they were having and genuinely into the people they were having it with. which rates extremely high for me and Hubby. Watching people fake it sucks. With that said, I still need to make a decision…and that is this…

Sex Scene at the Delmar Motel

After talking it out with Hubby, we agree that this first sex scene is the hottest for us. This is not surprising since it won the 2005 AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene. From start to finish, the sex feels real, like we’re really peeping in on Venus and Manuel Ferrera having sex. There are times when you’re having sex with your partner that things just get going and you don’t even get all your clothes off and that’s how this scene starts. Manuel pulls down Venus’ pants, pushes her panties to the side and starts licking her ass. While he’s doing that she’s getting off on watching everything in the mirror, there’s two on either side of the room. I realized that everytime she stares off during sex, she’s not looking at the camera, she’s watching them in one of the mirrors. That alone made the scene hot for us because she wasn’t conforming to what we’d expect her to do during her scene. It looked like she was doing what she wanted to get off. Genuinely pleasure and enjoyment is a big deal for us.

They both dirty talk to each other and you can’t always hear exactly what they’re saying, but we’re peeping in on them, so we’re not always going to and besides, that non-perfection of audio made it seem more real. Hot! And when they do speak up and yell out, it doesn’t have this echo sound to it like they’re in a big studio. It sounds like they’re in a small, sexy motel room. Consistency, we like that too.

At one point, he’s got his fingers and cock in her pussy at the same. Then he almost gets his whole fist in her ass too. He fucks her mercilessly in the ass while he fingers her vag at the same time. And I do believe you see Venus have an orgasm, yay! They’re really into each other. All the elements come together to make this a fucking hot scene!

Lady Lady, then Lady Man finally turns into Lady Lady Man Threesome, Thank You!

This scene has a lot of cuts in it and almost feels like two totally different scenes, but all it comes together at the end and ranks up there as being really hot. Kimberly Kane is the one to thank for that. There isn’t anything even remotely fake looking about her enjoyment. She looks SOOOOO into the sex she’s having.

It first starts out with Deja fucking Kimberly Kane mercilessly bent over a chair with a strap-on. She has a big and hot orgasm. And Deja is looking like a serious bitch with her fingerless gloves on and leather outfit. Then Kurt Lockwood enters the hotel room and he and Kimberly Kane heavily makeout and then he starts to go down on her. He takes off his sunglasses which is much appreciated (when you see the movie, you’ll know what I mean.) Their sex is hot. Kimberly Kane gets into the sex and makes it feel good for herself. She doesn’t just lay there while he goes down on her, she grabs his head pulls it in and gyrates against his face.

Plus Kimberly has this moan/growl that’s really, really hot. It’s not over the top where it sounds fake. It sounds like it just feels so good and we don’t always sound our best when we’re feeling extreme pleasure. That’s how it felt to me, anyway.

The bj she gives him is intense, it’s a little rough, but as with other porn stars, she looks like she’s enjoying it. Eventually Deja appears and joins them for some Threesies. Kurt bangs Kimberly anally while she goes down Deja, but it feels so good that after awhile she can’t even concentrate on going down on Deja that she just lays her head in Deja’s crotch. Deja provides some sexy dirty talk. Kimberly has a fantastic orgasm and when the scene’s over, Kimberly looks like she needs a nap and I wouldn’t blame her. Those two banged the bejesus out of her.

Sex Club Scene

This scene features Jessica Jaymes and Holly Stevens sexing each other in a club. There’s lots of people around having sex and dancing, it feels real. They find a spot, Jessica bends over and Holly gives her some serious oral delights. There’s all kinds of people watching them, a couple is having sex next to them, a guy is watching them masturbating. It’s this whole sex show, voyeuristic thing going on that was really sexy. Again, the lighting was more of a club lighting, not bland and bright which added to the ambiance.

Then there’s a cut and it looks like Jessica and Holly found a more cozy spot on a big circular poof. This is where Holly bangs her with a dildo first and then a strap-on. I actually noted the position Holly was in with the strap-on that it’s one for me to try when banging my lady friends. Looks like I could get better thrusting, we’ll see.

Strange bit

The very first scene in the movie is a little strange, but I think this is where its Lynchianness comes from . It opens with a naked woman, who I believe is Jessica Jaymes, bound with hands behind her back wearing super high platform heels making her way through a NYC apartment building while being obviously filmed. She’s sweating, her makeup is all smeared and it looks like she’s had quite a night. It sets a unique tone for the movie at the beginning. Hubby and I thought it would get picked up at the end, but it did not. So if anyone’s got more info on that, let me know I’d love to hear it.

Little bit of Peep Show

Jack the Zipper creates these short sexy vignettes between scenes. There’s one that feels like you’re in an peep show booth and there’s a hot, naked lady dancing for you. There’s even a sexy alt vignette during the end credits too. No film is wasted on boring footage. It’s all hot ladies and sexiness all the time.

Approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes

That’s how long this flick is. I’ve seen reviewers complain about the length. Yes, it’s shorter than the almost 2 hour flicks that are released these days, however, I’d rather have a shorter hot movie with every scene being hot than a 2 hour movie with only 2 or 3 out of 5 scenes being hot. Length to me is not important. Besides, at the time of writing, this movie is only $19.29, not even 20 bucks, which is cheaper than most movies and it’s hot through and through.

Overall Thoughts

So if you’re still with me, you can tell I love this movie. I’m  also enjoying the fact that I love this movie when so many other reviewers hated it. I’ve received lots of parody movies for review, so many that I’ve watched and just haven’t written reviews of yet. I feel like my site is turning into xxx parody central because that’s what coming out these days. So I went on a hunt to find something different to offer and boy did I find it and I’m so glad I did. Stuntgirl is an edgy, alternative porn that creates a sexy, voyeuristic atmosphere for the viewer in which you watch hot people have what appears to be genuinely hot, enjoyable, edgy sex with each other. Jack the Zipper has an edgy, artistic eye for what he does and I love it. It’s the kind of movie that you can watch with full volume up in its entirety. It has an original soundtrack, some dirty talk, lady orgasms and moans and growls that are hot and not over the top. It doesn’t have a strong storyline to follow so it’s also a great movie to have playing in the background during sex with your partner(s) or during a sexy party. So you’ve got options with it too. I’m glad that I’m able to bring this movie to your attention and we’ll definitely be watching more titles from Jack the Zipper and don’t worry, I promise to share them with all of you.

  • Starring: Kimberly Kane, Venus, Deja, Manuel Ferrara, Hollie Stevens, Kurt Lockwood, Satine Diamond, Jessica Jaymes, Elizabeth Michelle, Tina Fatale
  • Studio: Pulse Pictures
  • Director: Jack the Zipper
  • Run Time: Approximately 1 hour
  • Extras: 30 minutes of deleted scenes and a photo slideshow

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