Jack Rabbit

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What’s The Hype

The jack Rabbit vibrator was unanimously chosen as the “best vibrator” out of 40 different vibrators on Playboy TV’s “Sexcetera” Charlotte was addicted to it on HBO’s “Sex and the City”.Was selected as the “best vibrator” on a radio station in New York City when pitted against the Hitachi Magic Wand.

How’s It Supposed to be Used

Besides trying to hold up a convenience store with it, you stick it in your vagina and turn on all the extras.

The Best Parts

I need a powerful vibrator to satisfy me and the rabbit ears were so powerful I didn’t even need to turn them all the way up. I knew that the penis rotated but I did not expect it to tease and tantalize my g-spot the way it did. I also didn’t think the moving pearls would do much, but they gave me this crazy sensation right on my pleasure hole that felt divine.

Jack rabbit headThe Most Useless Part

For some unknown reason the manufacturers put a small happy face on the underside of the penis. The only possible use of the happy face is to show your friends, and then point and laugh.

The Annoying Parts

I didn’t mind the buzzing of the Jack Rabbit vibrator, but the noise from the dancing pearls was an additional crinkling paper sound that I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t obnoxiously loud and it was muffled when it was in my vagina, but I can see it being surprisingly loud for someone that’s looking for an almost silent vibrator. I have heard that some women can’t stick the penis in as far as they want to because then the rabbit ears don’t line up with their clit. I’ve also heard that it’s so much stimulation at the same time, that some women can’t enjoy any of it at all.

What’s It All Add Up To (Is it the Best Vibrator?)

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with the Jack Rabbit Vibrator. All of its parts lined up with all my parts and gave me a really intense orgasm. At under $35.00, the Jack Rabbit Vibrator is not without its faults, but it’s definitely a lot better than most of the others on the market today. It’s a great sex toy when you want to treat yourself like a queen and don’t want to do any work for it.I can agree with Playboy when they declared it the “best vibrator.”

  • Size: The penis is 7″ long.
  • Power Supply: 3 “C” batteries, not included in package
  • Time to Orgasm: 2 heavenly minutes
  • Water Friendly? No

Where It's Available:

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